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    Tired horses XC

    This seems to be a topic much discussed recently and I was wondering what people's views were on the reasons we seem to have seen more tired horses recently. In the days of long format I don't recall there being horses looking so tired towards the end of the course, but of course we didn't...
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    Houghton Hall EC

    Does anyone compete there? I have heard how nice it is, and they are running BD this weekend. However I have emailed them, text them on the advertised mobile number and tried calling the office several times and no one ever answers :( BD site says they take late entries but how the hell do...
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    Dentist recommendations please - Norfolk

    Can anyone recommend an EDT please in North/West Norfolk? Must be someone nice and quiet with the horses. Many thanks!
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    Thank you USEF

    For making the videos of Kentucky available so quickly to those of us outside the U.S. I managed to watch all the XC yesterday evening whilst competition was still underway, and the SJ today at almost realtime. Excellent competition and leads to a very exciting Badminton :D Well done to everyone...
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    Bringing back into work - views

    Wanted to gain some views about bringing a horse back into work following a period of box rest and some timescales..... Let me explain :) Horse was in full work and probably BE90 fit but short of a good canter or two. Let's start at Day 1 - XC schooling day where he scraped his knee. Not...
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    Knee boots

    Those of you that hunt in knee boots - can you recommend some? Need a pair that offer good protection and that are secure enough to jump in. thanks for your help :)
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    Does anyone xc school in knee boots?

    I've seen people hunt in knee boots particularly in country where they jump plenty of stone walls, but does anyone use them xc schooling? Young horse scuffed a knee today making a baby mistake at a ditch which had just been done with gravel - got me thinking that with more and more prepared...
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    Clinics with big names

    I know this topic has come up in the past but I wanted to gauge opinion regarding the popularity of clinics with big names. Personally I've done some in the past and some I have really enjoyed and taken a lot from, and others I've felt rather underwhelmed by. I've never had a bad experience...
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    Anyone know the stallion Ballyraggett Carnival?

    Or any horses by him? Many thanks :)
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    Best rechargeable trimmers?

    I need some small, quiet, cordless clippers/trimmers specifically for use on the head and ears. Does anyone have any recommendations and suggestions of places to buy online? I tried searching on here for trimmers but just found lots of barefoot threads :eek: Thank you :)
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    Clayton confirmed as new Canadian team coach

    Full story here: Guess it all ties in rather well with his move across the pond.....
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    Help! Prelim 18

    Is the 2002 test still in use or has it been updated? Riding it tomorrow and it's the only version I appear to have - it just seems very old! Thank you :)
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    Horse microchipped but....

    chip can't be found! This refers to a recently purchased horse who has a microchip barcode in his passport but the vet could not locate it during the vetting. He commented that sometimes they don't go in properly and fall out, or move around. The horse clearly matches the passport, but...
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    Burghley - bright idea needed please!

    I have a bit of a dilemma for tomorrow - can anyone help? Basically I have 2 tickets for tomorrow, the second ticket is for my friend who is driving up from Sussex. I am grabbing a lift with friends and travelling from the North. I am likely to arrive at least 2 hours before she does - how...
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    Ecogold Memory Foam Half Pad

    Has anyone got one of these? Are they any good? I know there is a Cavallo one on the market as well, but are there any others that might be worth a look? Thank you :)
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    Anyone at Cavan sales 26/27 June?

    Particularly interested in a 6yr old mare that went through - interested if anyone was there and may have seen her or saw how much she went for? Rather give the specifics by PM. Many thanks :)
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    Recommendations for dealers in the East Midlands please

    Does anyone have any recommendations for dealers in the East Midlands for a RC allrounder type? A friend of mine is having trouble finding something straightforward and as described so thinking that perhaps a reputable dealing yard might be a better bet and at least you get to try more than one...
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    Loan Agreements

    Hi there Has anyone written their own loan agreement or made changes to a standard one such as the BHS one? Any tips or clauses that you added? I'd be really interested to hear views on this and the things you added and your reasons why you did so - if you don't mind sharing that is...
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    Vet recommendations Coventry area please

    To do a 5 stage vetting. Recommendations would be great :):) Thank you!
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    BE Website - is it broken?

    Can't get onto it - just get random lines of code :eek: Does anyone else get this or is it just my dodgy laptop :confused:
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    21yr old for hunting/eventing/PC?

    I'm not a hysterical bunny cuddler honest :rolleyes: But I've just seen a 21yr old mare for sale on HQ for hunting/eventing or PC home. This is a horse (not a pony) that is apparently 'wasted' in current hacking home..... It made me feel very sad to be honest. I'm sure this lovely girl...
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    Vickie Dennis

    Has anyone bought from or know Vickie Dennis? She is based in N Yorkshire which is out my area and I don't know of her. Any info gratefully received - PM me if you would rather. Many thanks :)
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    Would anyone have such a thing as....

    An odd fetlock boot? When I say odd, I mean you only have one of a pair rather than any strange variety :p? I need something like this to put on my mare in the field - worn the wrong way - i.e protective part to the outside to stop her banging or treading on a lump she has on the outside of...
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    Thoughts on this please...

    Today was a well known local charity unaff dressage competition which is always well supported because the organisers are local and it's for a fab cause. They work hard to promote it and get decent prizes ... One of the novice classes was won by a pro on a 3* horse. There were no restrictions...
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    Sore feet

    I guess this should be in Vets but I was hoping that you lot would see it and have some ideas! My horse has had her back shoes off since the end of August and been absolutely fine. She hacks for up to 1.5hrs on quite stony tracks at times and has never shown any sign of soreness. We hunted...
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    Saddle check - thoughts on this please!

    This evening 2 ladies at the yard had a saddler coming to check the fit of their saddles. Booked weeks in advance, brief of both horses given (never been seen by this saddler before) and the arena booked for an hour. Horse#1 - was ready tied on the indoor yard with boots on ready Horse#2 -...
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    BD Eventers Membership

    Has anyone else done this and have you received your membership stuff yet? I sent my applications of a couple of weeks ago by email which I then had to resend as they had never received them.....I was then told that they couldn't process until after 1 October. I explained that the membership...
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    Tuffa Boots

    Does anyone know of a stockist in the East Midlands? Specifically want to try on the Country Rider boots. The Tuffa website doesn't appear to list stockists, I don't recall seeing them at any local saddlers and Burghley was useless!! Any ideas? Oh, and has anyone got a pair? What do you...
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    Dressage people - thoughts please...

    If you were looking to buy a horse to do dressage with would it put you off if it wasn't out doing BD? I'm not talking a flashy youngster, or anything to challenge Valegro ;), but a nice horse just starting Elementary (starting Medium work at home) that has done mostly unaffiliated dressage...
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    Wash boxes & Solariums

    Those of you that have these together - do you have a system for lowering your lights once the washing is finished? or are you lights fixed in place? Just want to ensure that what we are planning to do is safe! I know I have been on lots of yards where both water and lights were in the same...