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    How far do you travel to your yard?

    At the time, I didn't mind. I was in bad health and couldn't do the work myself so needed full livery. I wasn't driving there everyday, probably only 3 times a week. If I was having to drive that far everyday, I would no doubt grow to resent it but, in fairness if it's an easy drive (quiet...
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    Mickey Gavin horse rider

    Several people on my yard have had him out to deal with different issues - loading, tacking up issues and standing at the mounting block to mention a few. He is stern but fair and makes everything black and white for the horse. Horses know exactly where they stand with him, even the sensitive...
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    How far do you travel to your yard?

    Current yard is a 10 minute drive away. I can walk there in 10 minutes too by using a public footpath (using an actual road takes longer!) Previous yards have been further away - around a 45-60 min drive, which has been ok because it was full livery but when on DIY, I don't like being more than...
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    What’s your most important thing for consideration when choosing a yard?

    Must have: Turnout everyday (doesn't have to be 24/7 but at least 7-8 hours) Sandy soil - cannot be doing with mud up to everyone's knees and beyond Decent, safe fencing Well proportioned stable that is watertight Good hacking with no roadwork Well maintained arena with lights that are fit for...
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    Anyone going to Your Horse Live?

    I was considering going - wanted to speak and get advice from the various feed companies but, looking at the list of exhibitors, there doesn't seem to be that many of them. The big ones - Dengie, Spillers, Allen and Page are not listed, nor is Simple System, Keyflow or even Feedmark - used to...
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    Best 50g Rug

    I have an Amigo 50g rug. Had it 12-13 years and it's one of my most used rugs. Never had it cleaned - just wash the inside of the rug when it looks grubby. It's just starting to leak slightly on the back but only in torrential rain. Fortunately, I bought two of these rugs 12-13 years ago (had...
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    Le Mieux Ears

    I also find they come up small. I get XL for my 15.2hh ISH. They also shrink after washing... and the acoustic ones seem to fall off at the shake of a head. They were lost out hacking a long time ago now :rolleyes::p
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    Do you hose down your yard?

    Generally speaking no, we don’t, it’s a waste of water - the exceptions being, if your horse pees on the yard, slosh it down with a bucket of water, sloppy poo stains also get sloshed but only if it’s dry and no rain expected. My horse gashed her leg a few weeks ago and created a pool of blood...
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    Winter mode?

    My girl comes in at night all year round but, she's had a fleece rug on in the stable this week because she's been cold. During the day she's had a 50g turnout rug on, she hates getting wet. Winter is definitely here, rain forecast virtually everyday and it's windy and feels decidedly cool. I...
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    What do YOU want in a livery yard?

    The facilities sound great. Option 3 would be my choice. I wouldn't mind hay being placed in the field if included in the price. The problems arise when you put your own, good quality hay out and your field buddy puts cheap, dusty hay out. My horse was lower down the pecking order so go left to...
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    Minor Irritations

    Low rise breeches. They just don’t stay up unless I put a belt on and fasten it really tight… then the belt becomes uncomfortable. Give me high rise belly covering breeches - or pull on riding tights. People who lunge or free school in the arena, plough it up then don’t try fixing it or report...
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    Rugs keep falling to one side

    I had a Bucas TO rug and it was a gorgeous rug - really well made and the click and go front fastening made the rug so snug and comfortable for my horse - no gaping front BUT, the rug ALWAYS slipped to one side. Shame really, I never use it now.
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    Minor Irritations

    Ah, it's good to hear everyone's minor irritations. And nobody has judged me for mine... I have finally found my tribe :)
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    Minor Irritations

    Had a rubbish week and I feel I need to vent about some minor things... 'It'. Why do people refer to their horses as 'it'? I love my horse, she's not always lovely but I NEVER refer to her as 'it'. I know, the horse has no idea how you refer to him/her but still. My YO refers to a lot of the...
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    Vet bills😳

    I get 10% discount if I settle the bill within one week of visit/treatment and before they send the invoice out. I get a receipt of payment of course - it is all legal and above board!
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    Topspec - what are your opinions

    I used it a few years ago and my horse did well and looked good on it. She’s a good doer so just had TopSpec Lite with a handful of Dengie HiFi. I tried her with TopSpec’s own chaff but, she wouldn’t touch it. Then I moved to full livery and balancers are not included in the livery feeds. She...
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    How far would you travel to view a horse?

    Furthest I’ve travelled is 2.5hrs each way but it was to a dealer and I tried 5 horses there. They were all nice but, I didn’t buy any - the horse I ended up buying was 45mins down the road 🙄
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    Are ex-racers as high maintenance as its claimed?

    My TB mare was trained but never raced (far too slow an no desire to be in front!) She was given time out then came to me and was the laziest horse I've ever ridden. She colicked a few times during our first winter - impaction colic but nothing too serious. This was easily sorted with some...
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    Yard or horse?

    I would also move - the yard is not providing the care and attention your horse needs and deserves. I also own a stress head of a mare. She loves people but, hates it when horses walk past her. I would be looking for a small livery yard where you can have a stable in a quiet position. Also...
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    Liveries does every yard have one of these?

    Ditto. We must have been on the same yards! Unfortunately, I'm still searching for that small and ideal yard - one day, eh?
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    Best 0g summer turnout rug when wet ?

    At this time of year I find even 0g turnout rugs seem to be too warm for my horse. I have the Rambo Summer Series Turnout and I can't fault it. More a fly sheet than a turnout but has kept my mare dry in some torrential downpours. It's also supplied with a liner which just covers the back area...
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    Bathing what do you use and how often?

    At the moment, depending on where the stables stains are, I seem to wash some part or her body everyday. I use equine shampoo, never human shampoo. I do use Pantene conditioner on her tail though.
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Awww... congratulations!! I mean who doesn't love a foal!! He looks gorgeous :)
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    Livery yard routines

    It’s a minefield isn’t it!? This one of the reasons I moved to full livery - all the comings and going’s at odd hours really unsettled my horse. if your mare is fine on her own and doesn’t mind being left then I’d grow a really thick skin, don your tin helmet and crack on with your own routine!! 👍😜
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    Potential yard move - opinions?

    The new yard sounds better and you obviously liked the look of it. The consideration for me would be what is the drive there like? 22 miles on straight and quiet roads will be an enjoyable drive. If the 22 miles involves lots of traffic, road works and built up areas, it won’t be as easy...
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    I can't wait to .....

    I can't wait for tomorrow morning because OH is off work and we're going out for breakfast... full English... Large Full English :p
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    A 'which yard?' thread

    I'm leaning towards A, but that's just what would work for me and my horse - I guess it's something you're going to have to decide! My horse is quite unsociable and seems to prefer individual t/o although atm, she is in paired t/o. I'm not keen on 24/7 turnout, especially in spring - it makes...
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    Am I being too fussy? (arena woes)

    The yard you're at doesn't sound fantastic - a school that's not fit for purpose and no decent hacking. Is the livery cost reflected in the price or is it expensive for what it is? How does it compare to other yards in your area? I seriously doubt the owners will do anything - it sounds like a...
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    What is the minimum amount of turnout you would accept on a yard?

    My current yard is full livery and my horse is turned out every day at 8am - brought in at 5pm, all year round although in winter she’s brought in around 4pm. If it’s raining heavily all day, they will be brought in early but there is always turnout every day come what may. When I did diy, we...
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    Paying for professional services

    Livery - standing order Farrier - cheque on the day Dentist - BACs Transfer on the day Vet - Their terms are 30 days after receipt of the invoice BUT, if you pay with card within 7 days of treatment, you get 10% discount so I usually do that. Physio - BACs on the day