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    Stables/Livery Yards in Bath

    I'm looking into moving to Bath from Cheltenham which means relocating 3 horses. I don't know much about the horsey activities in the area so was wondering if anyone can suggest anywhere worth looking for stables in the area? Ideally I'm looking for DIY or Part Livery for 3 horses. An arena...
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    What clippers?

    Sorry, I'm sure this question must have been asked dozens of times already but I broke my Lister Neon's this morning. Having sworn lots, had a minor temper tantrum & jumped up & down a few times I have now decided to buy some more - and quickly! My poor horse has 1 1/2 clipped legs...
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    Just done something very difficult

    After much heartache & deliberation I have just advertised 3 horses for share/loan I know I've got too many & now I've got a business to run I'm not getting time to enjoy my horses & think if I can share the responsibility/put them on loan it will be better for them. I am so bad...
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    Favourite type of bedding?

    I'm moving my tack shop to bigger premises end of this month so I can start doing feed & bedding but I will only have room to carry 1/2 different beddings to start off with. What brand of bedding do you prefer? Are there any that you wouldn't touch? Obviously what ever brand I go with...
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    Rambo Air Half Pad

    Has anyone ever used one? Are they any good? My two dressage horse both have Wow saddles but having had 4 months off work neither saddle is a particularly good fit on them & are sitting a bit low on their backs. I can't get a Wow fitter out to adjust the saddles until after Christmas...
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    Ex-racer with fractured pelvis

    I was given my ex-racer 3 years ago. He was a flat horse & last time he ran 4 years ago he won at Goodwood then slipped over in the winner enclosure fracturing his pelvis. He has never been the most supple or horses as you can imagine but I'm really concerned about him at the moment...
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    Following on from Eaglestones post about pocket contents....

    what is the most nasty thing you have put your hand on while at the yard? I will never forget putting my hand into a feedbin straight on to a warm & wriggly rat I think all of Cheltenham heard me scream! Can anyone beat this?
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    Suggestions for promoting my new tack shop

    My tack shop in Cheltenham has just opened & yes, I am getting customers but obviously I need to make the most of the pre-christmas season. I'm already distributing leaflets offering 10% discount if you spend over £50. Has anyone got any other bright ideas I can use to help get people into...
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    Which rug brands would you buy? A Poll

    Today I will be placing my stock order for my tack shop which is opening in Cheltenham next week & before I do so I'd like to ask other HHO users which rugs they would buy. To start off with (especially while there is a credit crunch on) I'm going to be stocking the middle of the road...
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    Transport costs - does this sound reasonable?

    I need to collect my mare from stud which is a round trip of 128 miles but as my horsebox looks like it needs to be scrapped (RIP lorry ) I've had to get a quote from the local horse transporter. I know they've got to pay insurance etc & that diesel isn't exactly cheap at the moment before...
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    What is essential in a good tack shop?

    I haven't been on here for a while as had lots of things going on on my life but as I'm in the middle of setting up a new tack shop I'd really appreciate any input HHO users can give me into what makes a tack shop special? What makes you keep going back to particular tack shops & makes you...
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    DIY'ers and holidays?

    I enlist the help of a trusted friend or failing that, put them in a yeard on graining livery for week - that way horsey gets a tune up by a better rider than me & I don't have to worry
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    Yippee!!! I'm so excited! (self-indulgant - sorry!)

    Beemer, the chestnut dressage horsey in my siggy strip fractured his splint bone at the start of October and tonight, I am finally going to ride him again. YAY! Fingers crossed he doesn't bronc all the way down the lane tho as he can be a bit 'sharp!' at the best of times So excited as now...
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    Opinions Please

    A bit pricey maybe for what it has done but it obviously has a huge jump and can go a lot further - people tend to add on whatever they fancy if they can say a horse has got 'potential'.
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    Why are rugs so addictive??!!!

    I am a compulsive rug buyer. Thankfully I have discovered a company on ebay which does fab turn out & stable rugs for about 20 quid so it makes my weird fetish more affordable!
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    Pics of Echo as promised...

    much cuteness!
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    ARRRGGGHHHH! Horsebox problems - now can't send my mare to stud

    Last year my beautiful grey arab mare was covered by Thethingaboutitis, scanned in foal and unfortunately lost the foal before she was two months gone but was too late in the season to recover. At the end of last year my horsebox failed it's plating really badly (cheapest quote to fix was 800)...
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    Mucking out - 20 minutes per bed?

    If it took me 20 minutes to do each of my 9 stables each day, I would never get anything else done! I can do a full 'proper' muck out and bed down with fresh straw in less than 10 minutes and that's doing a proper bed with banks. Why don't you try the manual of horsemanship as I suspect that...
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    Saxon Equileather Boots

    I've got a pair as a temporary measure. They don't support my leg as well as my posh Ariats or Mountain Horse ones but I guess this is to be expected with the difference in price. They are however, surprisingly comfortable and less breakable than my nice boots!
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    How is little Pancake doing today? I think I may have missed your updated yesterday, did she come home from K&R ok?
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    OMG! 19.1hh Irish hunter!

    i thought my 17.1 warmblood was big
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    4 year old TB mare growing unevenly

    I've got a 4 year old TB mare who was beautifully put together when I bought her in November last year but I sent her away to be broken over the winter and she came back looking rather poor. As a result she is now not in work while she fattens up again but I'm worried because since I got her...
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    Is it wrong that I find this strangely funny?

    Flying Preist Something about this story makes me start to giggle uncontrollably... Perhaps he wanted to get closer to God?!
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    Which hat?

    I find the H2000 looks more elegant and suits my head shape better than the showjumper.
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    My old loan horse has just been put to sleep

    RIP Max. At least he had a lovely, long life and his suffering was brought to a humane end. (((hugs)))
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    Following on from the post about horses doing stupid things...

    What stupid things have you as a horse owner/rider done? My two embarrasing moments stem from when I had my section A on working livery at a riding school. On one occasion we legged a kid up on to a pony we had just tacked up and only realised we had forgotten to put a girth on the saddle as...
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    Foster Mare Needed

    Good luck finding one, I hope the mare pulls through x
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    urgent: Nose bleeds

    Depends how much it is bleeding. Is it a proper nosebleed or has the horse just scratched the inside of its nostril making it bleed?
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    Vibes for friend please

    Vibes! Get well soon Tiny!
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    Lazy trainer scars my horses legs - can I sue? Big rant!

    I am so cross! I sent one of my horses off to my trainer for some schooling before Christmas. When I picked him up, I noticed at the time his cannon bones were a bit scabby but I stupidly believed my trainer when he said he had had a bit of mud fever - despite the fact that my horse has never...