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    Your Balou Babies?

    What is the damline Tinks? what did you find he added/improved on?
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    I have been thinking of using Painters Row

    i havent seen much by him here in ireland, he was the damsire for a holstein vice champion. beautiful animal. he was also damsire for a good young dressage horse in this years bundeschampionat.
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    Stallion for Cornet Obolensky mare?

    i used Indoctro last year on an older mare and she took first time. I have not heard of any problems with it at all.
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    Any Cruising sons looking good to replace Himself breeding?

    this site needs the like button
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    Getting Irish Breeders some recognition

    Hey guys If any there are any Irish breeders who would like to get some recognition for the hard work they put in breeding their horses, please sign this petition to get Showjumping Ireland to include breeder names on Showjumping Ireland tickets. If you could pass the word on via facebook...
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    Whitakers Catwalk

    Thats not likely, he was alive on Sept 4th anyway.
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    Updated Pics.

    Very very sorry to hear about your Lancelot filly Paul.
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    Chacco Blue

    congrats any photos?
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    Stallion suggestions for Animo mare

    The best offspring out of an animo mare that i can think of is Billy congo, he is by the Voltaire son Vechta out of an animo mare. I know that Ballyshanhorses have bred their Animo mare to another Voltaire son Lancelot and...
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    Anyone have a Royal Concorde youngster?

    Here is one of Royal Concorde's oldest progeny - annestown.
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    HSI Stallion Assessments

    no real point to this post just a couple of thoughts Not generally my sort of thing but isn't the approved pony Mr hale bob absolutely lovely. Beowulf surprised me, just how solid he looks, if you looked at the photos without names beside them, i would have guessed he was one of the...
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    Arkan there you go, the drumahowan brochure from last year has some good snaps of him. I dont know anything about his performance career.
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    Anyone have a Royal Concorde youngster?

    yeah, i got a sheet of paper stapled into my one with the amended details for royal concorde.
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    Anyone have a Royal Concorde youngster?

    The new stallion book and the Irish field say he is standing with Michael Hutchinson in Ballyquirke stud alongside Puissance.
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    Simsar Stallion. CC Please.

    Really badly over the knee, i think he is toed out but we don't have a shot from the front to confirm that. He looks quite upside down & needs to strengthen through the topline. geld him
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    HSI Stallion Assessments

    Still no sign of the results. Has anyone heard anything on the grapevine about when they might be published, its been a month since the inspections.
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    HSI Stallion Assessments

    I am very glad to hear he is doing well. My apologies for the confusion. I have asked the mod to remove my reference to clinton st. as i am unable to edit it myself.
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    HSI Stallion Assessments

    Cobana did. That is just what I can gather from their website. Does anyone have the full list of approved sport horses?
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    Supreme Leader Offspring?

    I LOVE Supreme Leader horses. Fabulous temperament, really well put together and they jump. If you put her out on her own, our girl used to jump out over a hanging 5 bar gate for fun and trot back to the yard for some company.
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    Stallion show online now

    I am a big fan of Cristallo I, he is top class, I have heard a rumour his semen is poor though. I wonder does his little brother cristallo II suffer the same ailment. cheers for the link
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    Help me find this ISH !!

    We once had a great mare by carrabawn view out of a Lord Gayle mare. She was absolutely brilliant, we sold her to Francis Connors as a 4 year old and she was sold later to england, I couldn't rate her highly enough. great temp, great jump, great conformation.
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    What makes a mare great & who are they?

    Mullawho??? Just joking Eothain, before you try lynch me!:D Another mare who slipped my mind but who definitely deserves being mention must be Famm One of her offspring goes by the name Shutterfly, but she isn't just a one trick pony...
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    What makes a mare great & who are they?

    If he is yours I have to offer congratulations, very nice mareline to have on your side!
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    What makes a mare great & who are they?

    I was just re-reading this thread when I noticed the lack of dutch/belgian marelines being mentioned, the majority have been French/German/Irish & English. I have read that Mermus R comes from a strong mareline that has also produced, odermus r, toyz r us and some others? does anyone know of...
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    Clover hill progeny, and the stallion himself!

    Yes I agree entirely, he is lovely!
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    Happy Days For ISH Breeders

    Carmena Z is now being offered by Zangersheide stud in 2011. That is a great compliment to the Ryans. Congratulations to them, I hope he goes on to be a top stallion aswell as a top horse.
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    Happy Days For ISH Breeders

    River Foyle is by Cavalier and out of a mare by Cruising. His half brother Lough Foyle is also jumping with the army and he is by Touchdown.
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    Happy Days For ISH Breeders

    Just read an interesting article: Master Imp may yet have a stallion son worth noticing. Full brother to Mandiba and High Kingdom. Out of a sucessful mare high dolly. The injury will probably...
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    How to offer a bargain stud fee without encouraging irresponsible breeding?

    I don't think a variation is such a bad thing. If you look at the offspring from a number of mares of differing types you can see what he throws, how he stamps all his stock and what he passes on irrespective of the mares. Maybe he is a refiner but if he is steered away from chunkier mares who...
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    List of stallions selected for 2nd round viewing by the KWPN

    Well they are certainly spoilt for choice! I'm really looking forward to seeing who they actually select