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    Gelding this time of year?

    To risky re flies? Yearling needs gelding so he can go in with other horses..
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    Traveling infoal mares

    When is considered safe to travel in foal mares with a foal at foot? Ie, showing or moving them to different grazing?
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    Stud Books, preferences & benefits

    In the process of choosing studbooks. Who do you think are the better ones, for breeders, buyers etc? I'm talking, KWPN, Oldenburg, Hannovarian etc
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    Stallions to improve neck/head

    I have a mare who needs improvement in front. WB by Gribaldi, has a plain head.. any ideas? I have a few choices but interested to see any others. Needs to be a compact stallion under 16,3..
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    Owners of horses with OCD...?

    Hi there, just interested in anyone who has a horse or had one with OCD. Did the horse have it in ONE joint only or was it in more than one joint? I am asking for a friend really.... just want to put minds at rest... Thanks peeps
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    Cartrophen, how much?

    Just wondering how much your vets have charged, how much is in each syringe and if you thought it worked? Did you have the 4 doses, or 6? Has anyone bought it online, with a prescription?
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    barking dog.... getting right on my nerves!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nextdoor has a manky looking thing, that gets left every day from 8.30 till 4pm. It spends all this time barking. Having had to listen to it all over xmas, I now have the flu so stuck in bed. I am very close to kicking the door in and throttling it!!!! But really, what can be done? Not the...
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    Hi Fi with apple....

    Does anyone use it and is yours quite stuck together? Normal Hi Fi is nice and soft but I bought a bag of the apple stuff and its in big clumps. Smells ok though?
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    Loose horse on the roads... what to do???

    What should you do? I found one last night, I caught it and phoned the police. They said put it in a field. No fields around as crop fields with no fences. Luckily the owners came within about 20 mins looking for it. What would have happen if they hadn't? The police, even though I told them...
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    Vetrofen / Vetrflex anyone used either?

    Just wondered if anyone has used these products? If they have helped? What you have used it to treat?
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    Bute... Hiding it in feed so its eaten?

    My horse hates bute, how can I hide it in his feed without changing his feed. He cannot have sugar as he gets itchy so is on Cool Fibre, which doesn't hide the taste of the nasty bute. Any ideas?
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    Yes, I meant flies not fleas. As I leave the door open to the kitchen quite a lot, bottom of the stable door. The house is full of flies!!!:mad: Is it me or are there still lots about? Pesky blimmin things!
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    Paddy is now nutless

    :eek:Poor Paddy is now a gelding, he is feeling a little sorry for himself atm. He was very good at the vets, bless him. I did think he would need a lampshade?? But one wasn't supplied. Was rather expensive too, oh well, alll done now.
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    Possesive? Aggressive behaviour

    Double post
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    Possesive? Aggressive behaviour

    I have a yr old male GSD and a 3 mth GSD bitch. The male has shown aggressive behaviour today to another dog of a similar age to him who he used to play with. My two were both tied up in my hay and the other loose. Both the older ones are male with their 'bits' Do you think this is protecting...
  16. M much?

    Think it may be time for Paddy to have his nuts off. He is a year old now, so all growing up done, just need the filling out now. He is not showing that much interest in the girlies but as I have a bitch pup I don't want any naughties! How much have people paid recently, going to phone our vets...
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    whinging puppy???

    How can I stop my pup from whinging? She does it for what appears to be no reason. Can be eating her food, walking round with a toy, lay down, stood up? Its really annoying. She has had a smack for it but don't really want to have to react to her doing it. 9 weeks, GSD had her for nearly 2...
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    What to wear to Cartier Polo?

    Come on girls, what would you wear?
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    Does anyone think vets are 'running up' insurance claim bills?

    As title, just wondered if you think the question 'is it insured' should affect the amount charged. Would the bill/treatment be considerably different without insurance. Bearing in mind most of us would treat the horse anyway...
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    What to do with ashes?

    Collected my dog today, all in a nice box. Had to have a look, bag in a nice china pot in the cardboard box. I think we are taking her to 'the field' where I used to look after some horses years ago. That was the reason I bought her, as my jack russel used to bugger off looking for bunnies and...
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    How do we feel about rescueing Afgan dogs?

    I'm watching This Morning and someone from the army has rescued 50 odd dogs and brought them back here. Just wondering what people think, as we have hundreds of our own strays..... your thoughts please.
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    Would you pay for something that didn't work???

    I had the vet out to bandage my horse, he had arthroscopy and needed hocks bandaging. He had travelled from Newmarket in ones put on there and they stayed on fri till mon. Had my local vet out to bandage him on the monday. The bandages fell off, on one day had the vet am and pm as they...
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    Would you pay for something that didn't work???

    Just wondered if you would pay for repeat bandaging as the initial attempts kept falling off. This was to support hocks after arthroscopy. Had am and pm visit as they had fell off by the time I went back to yard to check at lunch. Eventually had robert jones splints put on and they stayed put.
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    I want to have a whinge!!! German Shepherds..

    Why do people think they are killers??? My GSD's have ALL been well behaved around other people, yet today I was asked what I would do if ever I got pregnent. As it wouldn't be 'safe' to have 2 GSD's around! FFS!!! I ever so slighty got a little pizzed off! I was brought up with them, just...
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    Going to see some GSD puppies tonight....

    Found some farm bred pups, not ready for a couple of weeks but going to see them and maybe choose one. Have emailed alsorts of people but some want a million pounds and some havn't any pups atm. I wondered if anyone had any questions they think I should ask??? ( this will be my 5th GSD)
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    GSD bitch pup wanted

    Unless I pay 'a lot' of money they seem to be like rocking horse poo! Anyone know of any pups, don't need 100 yrs of pedigree but also don't want 3 legs and a bent tail!! Just a nice pet for my other GSD to play with. Male. Didn't want 2 boys incase of fighting, always had a male and female...
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    Paddy- the lorry dog

    Paddy has had a very important day today, as a lorry dog! Went competing and he came too, has been such a good boy. Tied him to lorry when I went to do my test etc and read for a mate, not a peep! Just lay waiting for me, bless him. Had covered my breeches and white shirt in dirty nose smuts...
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    Would you get a???

    dog or bitch puppy, I have a dog, Paddy, 11 mths old GSD and want a playmate for him. Lost an old bitch last week, so have just been looking for another girlie, what have others got?
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    RIP Minnie

    Been such a good girl and still had a puppy face till the end
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    How long for vet sedation to wear off??

    My dog went in for xrays etc today, was done at 2 pm. She is still out of it, has been staggering about for all of 5 mins since we collected her at 5. Old dog with heart disease and v poorly as it is. Shouldn't she be up by now?