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  1. RubysGold

    Can I get some feed recommendations please

    I have two horses. Both prone to being overweight. One has cushings and suffered laminitis badly a few years ago I need to feed them so that Roo can have her prascend and also they both have think fly supplement because my boy is sensitive to flies. my mare doesnt seem to like her feed at the...
  2. RubysGold

    Summer issues

    Im thinking ahead as I remember being told last year that the best thing to do was start before the symptoms do at the start of spring My boy really struggles in summer with itching. He is constantly scratching on anything he can and that even includes laying down and rubbing himself along the...
  3. RubysGold

    Just incase anyone hasn't seen this. We could all do with it ❤️

    Omg !!!! What a cutie ! ❤️
  4. RubysGold

    As you get older what is the most important thing you have learnt

    That,,, while it is true that someone will always have it worse then me, that doesn't mean I can't admit if I'm struggling or if something hurts.
  5. RubysGold

    They’ve arrived 😍

    They are beautiful. Really like the one with white on his face. Glad they are relaxed, good luck with them
  6. RubysGold

    supporting Prince Fluffy Kareem again. No money required!

    Done. Hope they get it
  7. RubysGold

    Anyone else have a yard full of unicorns?

    Lovely horses but I do hope no one ever has to look after them for you, they may all end up in the wrong stables lol! You must be a glutton for punishment having 3 to try keep clean!
  8. RubysGold

    Pictures Your life will be complete after seeing these...

    I love these pictures!!! I looked through on the link, they are adorable!
  9. RubysGold

    Uh oh!! Worried now

    That feeling when you ring the vet. Tell the receptionist the problem and she replies with a concerned... Ohhhh.... I am rather worried this could be a big problem. I lunged Jimmy this morning. When I asked for canter he struck off left rein fine. But then both back legs bounce together a...
  10. RubysGold

    First lesson - adult beginner rider!

    Sounds like your doing really well and most importantly your having fun! Well done.... And be warned, this sport is addictive and expensive ;)
  11. RubysGold

    Br careful going through gates (gory pic only open if you have a strong stomach!)

    Omg!!! That is nasty!! We've got gates to go through on our rides and I've had a few near misses over the years. Glad to hear you are now back to riding but I would definitely report that and see if the gates can be changed
  12. RubysGold

    Muzzle at night Yes or No ?

    My horse goes out at night with his muzzle on, he needs to lose weight so I can't leave it off him. It has quick release in case he gets caught, but he's always been ok day or night, so I don't worry
  13. RubysGold

    Muzzling overnight?

    My horse goes out from about 5pm to 9am with his muzzle on. And then he stands in his stable through the day. I just use the shires type, he tends to roll around on the floor trying to get it off but when that fails he just gets on with it
  14. RubysGold

    Enjoying the sunshine!

    Beautiful dogs, how old is your old boy
  15. RubysGold

    Home made hay cube

    That is really good, I bought a haycube but would be happy with what you've made
  16. RubysGold

    You CAN Overcome Fear...

    That is so lovely, well done!!!!
  17. RubysGold

    95% strike rate - how to gain last 5% (cuteness video)

    Oh he is a proper cutie!!!! No wonder he has such a high success rate!!!
  18. RubysGold

    Do you keep anything in the stable?

    I wish it were so simple. Think the tack rooms were added on later. The gutter runs along the back of the tack rooms and there is a building behind them. There are 5 tack rooms. If I mess with mine too much, it will make the others worse. I have tried adding gutter joints, using sealant. Using...
  19. RubysGold

    Do you keep anything in the stable?

    So I've always kept my stable empty of anything that didn't have to be in there. Several others on my yard have rug racks and tack boxes with their saddle and things in. I always preferred to keep as much space as possible for the horses. However my tack room is now not really usable. The...
  20. RubysGold

    My new pup

    Omg that is adorable!!!! Love her name as well
  21. RubysGold

    If you hate cute puppies don’t open this thread!

    He is so beautiful. And definitely poofy Glad he is settling in well :-D
  22. RubysGold

    You missed a bit...

    Oh wow!! That will take some cleaning ha ha
  23. RubysGold

    Pictures as well.....wasting valuable energy :D

    Lovely pictures �� That video still is really good quality, mine always turn blurry when I take them from a video. He looks like a lovely horse
  24. RubysGold

    Border collie experts/enthusiasts please

    I currently have 8 border collies, have had 11 before. They are a super breed to own as long as you do your homework �� There are a lot of young collies in rescue, often under a year so you could get a young rescue. The working collies and the pedigree showing type collies are...
  25. RubysGold

    Do you trim a bridle path?

    I do. I hate putting bridles on cobs with thick manes. One pony at my yard used to have this huge mane under the bridle and it must have been so uncomfortable It's interesting this post is almost 50/50
  26. RubysGold

    Out riding and leading suddenly realised he's a toddler!

    Haha I do love the description. I can just imagine it so clearly
  27. RubysGold

    Make sure to give your ponies

    Oh that is so awful ☹️ Thoughts with you and your friend, it can't have been easy for you either
  28. RubysGold

    What do you all do for jobs and how do they fit in with horses?

    I do dog walking Monday to Friday. Working roughly 10am-3pm though that's not exact. And then I work in a wetherspoons part time, if I do 6 till whatever time then I can do the horses myself. If I do weekend daytimes I get someone just to fetch the horses in or out for me 🙂
  29. RubysGold

    Happy bloody (literally) Christmas to you too, Alfred.

    Omg poor you!! I hope you are not too sore and it heals quickly x
  30. RubysGold

    End of Year Roundup *Pic heavy*

    Wow. What a lovely post. You have had one hell of a journey with her this year. She is very very photogenic. ��