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    Winter training.

    Recommendations for flatwork training in indoor arenas. Either trainers with their own arena or who run clinics in indoor arenas.
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    Anyone else finding this site very slow ?
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    Somerset dealer

    I like the look of a pony Alysha Barnett has for sale but I am up north. Anyone know her or bought from her.
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    House & horse sitter.

    We are hoping to get away some time this year if we can find a trustworthy person to live in & look after our horses & barn cat. We have no house pets. Some years ago I used a “professional” company & would never use them again or recommend. We are in Lancashire. Anyone know a sitter they...
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    Stable rugs.

    My rescue small (14hh) Welsh D has filled out & matured. All my stable rugs are tight at the front around shoulders & chest. What do people recommend as best fit for ponies like him?
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    Cough medicine ?

    My 21 yr old Cushings gelding has a dry cough & at times coughs out some whitish phlegm. He has hay soaked or steamed & a mash feed. Are there any cough supplements / mixtures that would help him?
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    Wizard of Oz

    I’m looking for an instrumental cd of the Wizard of Oz. Tried Google & YouTube. I think I remember a Riding club doing this at BRC championships. Can anyone help ?
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    Feed for Cushings horse

    My 21 yr old gelding has Cushings. I know his feed should be less than 10% starch/sugar combined. I would ideally like a mix of some sort so that I can add supplements/medicine when needed. Any recommendations?
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    My pony was fine Saturday night, had warm puffy front leg Sunday morning but wasn’t lame. Cold hosed & bute for 2 days. Teatime tonight not warm or puffy but I felt a small lump, think he’s throwing a splint. What do people recommend these days?
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    Winter riding breeches

    Any recommendations for warm white competition breeches? (Not riding tights, too old for them) Comfort more important than fashion. I have some black Ariat Mikelli breeches & I love them.
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    Bit advice wanted.

    14 hh Welsh pony has small mouth, short smile, fat tongue & large grass muscle. Seems he doesn’t like tongue pressure. He constantly chomps on the Bit & is damaging his teeth. I have had Horse Bit Fit consultant out & tried a variety of tongue relief bits to no avail. Anyone else have /had...
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    Fly rugs

    Are there any which don’t rub their shoulders? I have 3 very different equines & all 3 get bald patches on the points of shoulders. Newest one, 14hh Welsh, has a big front, what do folk recommend is a generous fit across the chest?
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    P&P for saddle.

    I’ve just sold a saddle online. What do people recommend for packing? Who should I post it with? I know to take loads of photos before sending.
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    Saddle trees

    Which make / brand / type of saddle has:- 1) a fairly flat tree. 2). a curved tree ?
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    Lunge lines

    I’m not looking for a lunge line but am looking for the soft thick cotton cushioned (?) tape/line that lunge lines are made of. Anyone know what it is called / where I can buy it by the yard/meter ? Not the flat webbing.
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    Specialist vet

    Can anyone recommend a vet that specialises in sacroiliac issues?
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    Specialist vet.

    Can anyone recommend a vet that specialises in equines with sacroiliac problems? Preferably in the North West.
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    Cheapest fencing / barrier.

    I have good post & rail fencing to keep my horses in their field. I’m looking for the cheapest 2m high fence/barrier to keep neighbours dog out as they seem unable to keep dog in their garden & I’m fed up with it chasing my horses.
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    Vets prescription charges

    What does your vet charge fir a prescription? Does £27 sound about right?
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    Vets Prescription charges.

    Just wondering what I can expect to pay for a prescription.
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    Creeping buttercup

    My field is being over run with this! Plus a few docks. What weed killer could I use?
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    Which joint supplement?

    21 yr old gelding, slightly arthritic & was on Alpha Gold Turmeric. Slightly lame in October & diagnosed with Cushings before Christmas, now stable on 1.5 Prascend daily however now won’t eat Turmeric (tried all ways). I’ve started bringing him back into light work but he’s very stiff &...
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    Feed information grumble

    Why oh why can’t feed producers / manufacturers put the nsc on feeds they are recommending for equines with Cushings (PPID). They usually put the starch content but not the sugar content. I’m trying to find a feed with an nsc below 10% that my horse will eat.
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    Muck trailers

    I’m thinking of getting a small (?) muck trailer & having it emptied regularly rather than a large muck heap in the back yard. I have 3 ponies out all day & in at night. I know nothing about muck trailers or getting them emptied. Please tell me your experiences / what you know about them...
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    What size bit?

    My pony is in a 4.5” eggbutt snaffle. I’ve been advised to try him in the same comfort snaffle but a hanging cheek version. He constantly draws his tongue back but never puts it over the bit. Should I get the sane size, 4.5”, in a hanging cheek or should this style be bigger / smaller?
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    Annie Rose Chandler

    This lady, I’m told, is in Cheshire. She is a vet & mcTimony practitioner. Can anyone give me a link to her FB page, website, contact details.
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    Raised poles.

    Cheapest potties to use for raising poles? Where are the best bargains? I need 10. I’ve looked on line at pole pods but they are so expensive.
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    Genioglossus muscle

    My pony has a very large grass muscle which sits low down on his tongue. Every bit I have tried touches his grass muscle so he constantly draws his tongue back. He doesn’t try to put it over the bit or stick it out of his mouth & he doesn’t toss or shake his head. Anyone else have a horse...
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    Sylvia Loch

    A recent issue of H&H had an article about Sylvia Loch but I can’t remember which issue. Can anyone remind me ?
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    Low NSC feeds

    My 21 yr old horse has been diagnosed with Cushings (PPID). He had mild laminitis, the only symptom before testing. He is not a greedy horse & doesn’t have a good appetite so hard to keep weight on. When he started on Prascend he quickly lost weight & is now underweight. Unfortunately he’s...