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    A cracking foal for someone...

    Here Wish she were closer to me.
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    Horse meat news and Romanian interview

    ...on Newsnight in a few minutes
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    Martin Clueless

    Just who is he aiming at? Does he not realise the cruelty involved in bronc riding. The broncing horse was bad enough, but the roping horse moving backward and dragging the calf caused my 9yr old son to burst into tears and become almost inconsolable after seeing the cowboys demonstrating...
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    Linneker's bright, isn't he...?

    Did anyone see him contradict his own opinion on honours, when interviewed on Channel 5 news? Good job he likes crisps, cos there's not much else going for him.
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    Where have I seen this before??

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    Good news?

    .I got this email a few moments ago... Petition to: rethink the Government’s plans to place an additional charge on horse owners in order to pay for a new animal health body. This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed. We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to...
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    FAO Draffin Re Rose Kelbie

    Hi there I've tried to send you a private message several times, but seem to have failed. I tried to contact Rose Kelbie personally, but missed her on a couple of occassions. However, I did get her email address. It's on her business card, so I see no harm in reproducing it here for you...