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    emily kenyon and anton majors

    hi all i,m looking for someone qualified to take a look at my competition horses back down here in cornwall , i,ve come across emily kenyon and anton majors of equine spinal therapy , does anyone know these two or have any other suggestions?
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    hickstead derby

    lunch eaten , kids banned , glass of wine on tap, ready to watch our friends daughter sammi jo coffin jump in her first derby live on sky sports at 130, anyone watching with me? also posted on competing and training
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    hickstead derby

    lunch eaten , kids banned , glass of wine on tap, ready to watch our friends daughter sammi jo coffin jump in her first derby live on sky sports at 130, anyone watching with me?
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    liverpool cream update 3

    dannys treatment with liverpool cream for a single large sarcoid on the side of his sheath is progressing well. the area around the sarcoid is sloughing off and looks horrible , theres still quite a lot of swelling and his inner thigh has lost some skin where it has come into contact with his...
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    liverpool cream update 2

    danny had his third and last treatment with liverpool cream on tuesday , hes been great throughout the vet complimented him on his stoic nature , not bad for a horse who raced for three years. his actual sarcoid has reduced in size by about a third , theres a patch around it making up about an...
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    liverpool treatment update

    well danny has had two treatments so far with liverpool cream for a single large nodular sarcoid on the side of his sheath. third and final treatment tomorrow.he has been more swollen and uncomfortable than i expected and is on danilon twice a day, as for the sarcoids appearence , well it has...
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    liverpool treatment how bad will it get

    hi, i,m having my tb gelding treated next week with the liverpool cream for a single largish sarcoid the size of a large grape on the side of his sheath , hes having 3 treatments over 5 days. my question is how sore will he get? , will he be able to be ridden? and how effective is this...
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    aldon in the mud

    Just arrived at Aldon for oh to do his first novice and it's very squishy under foot this time I've learned my lesson and have loads of spare clothes..... Whose bright idea was it to run a ode at the end of October!
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    they only went and won it!!!!

    My niece Louise on her own. 6yr old homebred gelding magic moments is the 2013 show Hunter of the year at hoys
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    please read

    I have a post in veterinary section about equine flu can you please read it I'm tearing my hair out as I'm being accused of being irresponsible taking my horse to shows and bringing back equine flu
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    equine flu

    Hi two horses next to mine have contracted equine flu both mine are in touching distance and are absolutely fine the two horses with flu haven't been off farm for months one of mine competes most weekends and I'm being blamed my question is can a horse bring in the flu virus but have no symptoms?
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    so there we were........

    So there we were hacking along the camel trail the other day oh in front on bobby me following on danny when we pass a group of school kids aged about 8 with thier kid says to another..the front ones a boy horse and the other is a girl horse ...i say no they are both boys...other kid...
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    cushings and other serious ailments

    been sitting here musing today while waiting in for BT again (if i have to ring them on my mobile again today i will definatly not be polite!!) any as the owner of a fit and healthy 18 yr old fully retired mare and chatting to two others about thier healthy oldies we got onto the subject of...
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    how sore is too sore ?

    A cob on the yard im at had his shoes removed two weeks ago at the farriers suggestion to allow him to grow a better hoof wall which was crumbling around the nail holes. Hes out 24/7 and comes in once a day to be fed .hes very very sore on all 4 feet .not too bad on grass but very unhappy on the...
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    lump on sheath

    i noticed a lump a few days ago on the side my 10 yr old tbs sheath , its round , firm to touch and doesnt seem to be attatched to muscle , it doesnt look like a fly bite or a sarcoid , i,ve spoken to my vet who has advised monitoring it for now , just wondered if anyone had experienced this...
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    bit miffed

    i,ve found a very good australian horse forum , and being originally from oz myself i thought i would register can do , they only register people from oz or new zealand , bit miffed , but hey ho i,ll have to stick with good old h&h
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    rambo sweetitch hoody sizing

    hi i,m thinking of buying one of these for my 17 hh warmblood , he normally takes a 6ft 6 rug but i,ve heard these rigs come up small around the shoulders , has anyone got any experience of this ?
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    overeach boots for manhole covers

    does anyone know where i can get some overeach boots to fit my big footed 17.2 warmblood i,ve just bought a pair of extra large rubber ones and they hardly meet round his pastern , the big lump
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    hes going to new home on thursday

    hi i posted last week about my 15.2 tb which we bred to event with my 6ft husband i listened to everyones opinion about leaving him another year in the hope he,d make 16.2 plus, i had decided to do this but in the end asked my yo daughter , a experienced equine vet for her opinion , she...
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    who says the market is dead or cornwall is too far to view

    advertised my rising 3 3/4 tb unbroken gelding on horsemart last tues , had loads of emails and facebook inquiries he was viewed yesterday by a very suitable family and sold for full asking price of £1700 only one prob , we bred him and i dont want him to go!!!!!
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    gutted hes just not big enough

    have just put my 3 yr old up for sale hes just not grown big enough , we put him to a 16.3 tb hes out of our own 16.2 id x tb mare and hes only 15.2, in every other way hes exactly what we hoped for , pointless post really just feeling fed up
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    i must be mad

    am off in a min to take our 18 yr old ex event mare to do an in hand local show , she has hardly been out of the field in 4 years except to go to stud , shes now bathed paited and standing in her stable quivering with excitement and i have a bad back , so trotting up the mad woman will be fun!!!!!
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    public liability insurance

    hi having given up my bsja membership i find i will need public liability insurance for my 3 horses , can anyone recomend the best and cheapest way to do this? homemade choccy cake for all who answer
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    vainquer can anyone translate for me?

    hi this is my horses sire its the only info i can find on him , is there anyone who could translate it for me? many thanks in advance , tVainqueurHolsteiner, Braun geb. 2002, Stockmaß 168 cm, Stamm 456 v. Lordanos a. d. Nossi Be v. Levantos - Carthago Züchter: Thomas...
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    abcess on cheek

    hi just wondering if anyone has encountered this before on new years day my friends 16.3 tb cross gelding burst an abcess out of the side of his cheek bone he was off his feed and running a temperature , they called the vet who prescribed him antibiotics and said it may be a tooth root...
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    dear hovis

    Dear Hovis i want to tell you about my friend mal , i met him 4 years ago and he was fasinated with my involvement with horses he,d always admired them but had never even touched one so i invited him and his wife to cornwall and he fell instantly in love with my old tb gelding harry...
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    whats the name of .......

    those silver plaster type thingys that hold the horses nostrils open we have a 17 hh warmblood gelding that we event and he makes quite a noise when cantering, vet has reassured us that its just his nostrils flapping and said we could get this thingy to hold them open but he couldnt remember...
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    oh bless his socks

    here i am sitting at table with laptop and theres hubby sat on stool with mega filthy turnout rug on his knees sewing a surcingle back on (should i feel at all guilty? it was my gelding that ripped it off ......hmm)
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    bit stumped

    hi a friends horse had to have vet this morning , large swelling in cheek which burst this morning and is very sore and hot to touch , horse is eating and drinking fine , no nasal discharge but does have a high temperarture and is slightly lethargic , vet though it might, any ideas possibly be a...
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    cold backed or sore backed?

    hi i was just reading another thread about a pony difficult to mount and the posters mc timothy practitioner had said to her theres nothing such as cold backed , only sore backed well i hate to disagree but let me tell you about poppy shes now 17 , id x tb chestnut mare , broken at 4 and...