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    Unusual Droppings

    I'm hoping you forumists might have some bright ideas about what is going on with my mare's digestive system. Her droppings have always been much bigger and looser than any of the other horses, they resemble cow pats, very loose and there is an unpleasant gassy smell to then rather than smelling...
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    Help with nervous traveller: recommend a good calmer?

    My youngster has sweated up travelling in a trailer/lorry since the first day I picked her up. 3 years on, there is no improvement. She has no hesitation to load, she walks straight into the trailer and stands there happily, but as soon as we set off she starts to sweat with...
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    Horsebox Auctions?

    I urgently need to sell my lorry. Does anyone know if there are auctions one can enter a horsebox in? Many thanks
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    Are lorries just NOT selling?

    A friend and I have both had our lorries up for sale for 6 months now. Both of us have only had 2/3 people to view and its always people who have never had lorries before, wasting time and asking stupid questions. I have been told that I have got a very accurate price on the lorry by an...
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    Somewhere for me and my horse to live: Mid Cotswolds Stow/Bourton/Northleach area.

    I need a fresh start and have decided I'm going to move house to the Stow-on-the-Wold, Bourton-on-the-Water, Northleach area. So firstly for my neddy I'm looking for a nice quiet yard with an airy stable (he has breathing issues), good grazing and nice hacking and preferably a school. DIY...
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    Blown his head on Top Spec

    My 18 year old TB/ID lost alot of weight in the Spring and I've been struggling to get condition back on him all summer....that said, he's incredibly fit. He's ridden 6 days a week and competes most weekend. He's in great health. He's getting a little stiff and needs a hoof supplement so I...
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    Clipper Help

    I am dusting off the Lister Star clippers I bought second hand at the end of the Spring ready for the dreaded hari fest in a few weeks time. At the end of the lead that goes into the clipper there are two metal flat prongs........are these an American style plug? So can I just put an...
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    Are lorries not selling ATM?

    I've had my lorry advertised everywhere for weeks now and not a single call.....its very realistically priced compared to comparative boxes. A friend is in exactly the same boat- not a single call. Has anyone actually sold a lorry recently or is no-one buying right now? I'm soooooo...
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    Which website did you sell your lorry on quickly?

    I have had my lorry advertised locally (in tack shops etc) for the past couple of weeks without a single phone call. I really need to hurry up and move it on now and was wondering which websites you had good responses from.
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    Canter Transition Exercises

    I've recently moved house (and yards!) and am feeling the pinch a bit, and dont have any spare money for any lessons this month. Does anyone have any simple exercises to try to improve up and downward canter transitions in the school? I always tense up coming into the corner, drop my...
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    Small Bale Haylage West Oxon/North Glocs/South Warks

    as per title: i'm desperate for some small bale haylage in the North Cotswold area (Chipping Norton/Shipston on Stour/ Burford/ Stow/ Chipping Campden area). Does anyone have a contact please? Many thanks
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    Using 'non branded' wormers

    My four horses were due their Ivermectin wormer this week. I went online to order and rather than buying Eqvalan I bought Noromectin as it was nearly half the price and has the exact same ingredients. Yesterday I had the wormers at the yard and some one started taking the piss saying, "could I...
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    Brilde that has to go showjumping and Working Hunter- clips or not?

    I'm after a new bridle for my horse. I aim to event him but just to get into the swing of things we have been competing in working hunter classes and show jumping and really enjoying ourselves. So, as I plan to do more WH this summer is a bridle with bit clips rather than old fashioned billets...
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    Disgusted at Horse For Sale Advert

    In our local paper last week there was an advert for a: 17hh Gelding 22 Years Old Good Home Only Tack and Rugs included- £500 only Am I wrong to have been really upset by this? I cant imagine why anyone would sell such an old horse....and want to make financial gain from the sale? I...
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    Mashing her tail up in trailer and making a real mess of it!

    I have had my mare for 3 years, in that time i've only taken her for short journey's in the trailer, say 15/30mins max. I always bandage her tail (not tight I promise!) and a tail guard as she has a tendency to mash her tail up. If we have been out for say 20 mins the trailer a few days...
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    Best Dust Free Bedding

    I got a wonderful horse on loan this summer but he has COPD (or what ever its called these days!)......he's been on 24/7 turnout since May and his snotty nose is all but gone. Unfortunately he is quite weedy so I am going to have to start stabling him soon and I'm dreading the recurrence of the...
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    Swerford Park X Country Course: Re Hethrop H Ts

    I'm sitting here sweating with the entry form for the Heythrop Hunter Trials in my has to be in Monday and I'm being a big wooss(sp?). Its 15 years since I have ridden competetivley x country and I am crapping myself about doing the 2'9-3' novice course! Has anyone ridden the track...
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    Giving Youngsters a Holiday

    Ok so I have a 17.1hh 6 y.o sports horse mare. She was broken late as a 5 y.o last August (2008), ridden for 6 weeks and then roughed off until March 2009. I started long reining her and lungeing and we were back on board since early July 2009. Since then i've been working my socks off...
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    Top Spec Senior or Bule Chip Dynamic?

    I need a bit of help: My boy's feet have gone really weak and flaky this summer thanks to the constant wet. He is also 17 now and he's just starting to get a bit stiff. So I would like to start giving him a hoof supplement and a joint supplement and was looking at Top Spec Senior or Blue Chip...
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    Making a Hay Steamer

    Can anyone tell me how to make a hay net steamer out of black feed bins (the round ones) please?
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    Tail bags for mucky greys

    I know its a tad depressing- but winter is looming and this summer I got a beautiful grey horse! He's bad enough to keep clean in the summer so I'm getting prepared for winter to keep the mud and muck to a minimum. I'm sure I've read on the forum before about special tail bags that people use...
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    Photosensitivity or Mud Fever?

    My horses drink from a stream running across the bottom of the field: with all this rain the slope down to it is a quagmire and for the past couple of weeks they have had really muddy legs. I try to brush the mud off at night. My old retired hunter gets the odd patch of mud fever in the...
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    Taking the bridle off a youngster

    I need a bit of help guys; My baby (just turned six.....broken last summer and is now 5 weeks back into work after 9 months off) is reluctant to open her mouth when I'm taking her bridle off.........I slide it out really slowly and try to guide it out with my hand but she ends up letting it...
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    KoolCoat Combo

    Has anyone got any feeback on the Weatherbeeta KoolCoat Combo? I need a new fly rug for my mare: she is bay and thin skinned, and has sarcoids so needs covering up from the flies. At the moment she's in a Premier Equine Bug Buster but the fit is not good on her and she's getting very hot in...
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    Prelim Test: Quick Question

    I'm doing a combined training conception on Sunday (only wee to get new boy back into the swing of things); I don't have a copy of the BD rules. At premium level can I use a grackle and spurs? Is there a website with such information? I have scoured the BD website but the only rules I could...
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    Make your own Rambo Fly Protector

    I was looking on the web to see if you can buy Pemethrin (the product that Rambo flybusters are coated in) on its own as an insect repellent. I found this NikWax product SkitoStop for tents; with an application it lasts for 6 months. So I might buy some: treat my normal fly rug and then it'll...
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    What happens when you leave an abcess?

    I'm doing some more investigating regarding my youngster. I have just found out that when she was turned away as a 3/4 Y.O she developed an abscess in one of her back feet which was not detected. It got so big that they had to xray her to find the end of the abscess. It blew out in her...
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    What does KWPN mean?

    Can we start a 'Things you'd like to know but are too embarrassed to ask section'? OK, look I know allot about horses but why on earth don't I know what KWPN means in terms of a horses description? Yours 'stupid and embarrassed' of Gloucestershire
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    Breaking Yards Warks/North Glocs/West Oxon/East Worcs

    Can anyone recommend to me a good yard specialising in breaking hunting horses in the areas in the title? I need some help with a lovely youngster who I'm having a few issues with!
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    Competition Breeches for tall girls

    I'm 5ft 9 and I'm having real trouble finding comfortable competition breeches. I find that I have to pull most pairs right up to the bottom of my hip...then the velcro round the bottom is just under my knee and digs into the top of my riding boots...then they spin round and I end up with rubs...