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  1. Nudibranch

    Weather and Hardy natives!

    I don't hay at all in winter unless we have proper snow. If I put it out they would stand stuffing it until spring arrives. However - I have two on 9 acres and the grass is a bit longer and thicker (although yellower) than yours OP. So I feel they're still filling up on lots of fibrous...
  2. Nudibranch

    Unsustainable, elitist sport... how have we made it here?

    I agree, horses have always been expensive, competing even more so. As land becomes ever more in shortage it will get worse. If I wasn't lucky enough to have mine at home I would definitely only have one. What I don't understand is the attitude which seems to have developed over the last 10...
  3. Nudibranch

    keeping only 2 horses together

    The only thing I'd say about getting 2 is it's double the farrier, double the potential vet bills, etc. I've had 2 horses all my life - not the same 2 obviously - and I have expected them to get on with it so they did. This is a range from natives to warmbloods and ex racers. All of mine have...
  4. Nudibranch

    Best bantam breeds?

    I mostly keep large breed chickens but I have one remaining silver laced Wyandotte bantam. She's an old girl but still sprightly and my little boy loves her, I suspect because she's so much smaller than the big fluffies! When we have moved house, and once we are out the other side of chicken...
  5. Nudibranch

    Trailer recommendations please?

    I'd also agree with a Bockmann. Mine's Dutch but shares parts. Wouldn't part with it.
  6. Nudibranch

    Driving Cobs vs Riding Cobs

    Of the two driving cob types I've had long term, one was sound until very old age. She did some competing, and lots of long distance driving. The other is 17 and starting to show signs of arthritis behind. Before I had her she was a logging pony, and apparently went through Appleby at some point...
  7. Nudibranch

    A question for those without horse insurance...

    Given horse insurance policies generally exclude the first 14 days, I don't see how a short term policy would work unless as above it had so many exclusions as to make it pointless.
  8. Nudibranch

    How do people cope without stables?

    As a kid we didn't have stables. I remember riding bareback in wet weather (not a good look afterwards 😳) and we just managed really. The last 10 years we've had an open barn with small yard and one loose box, which currently stores logs as the horses never use it. Even when we had to do box...
  9. Nudibranch

    Gyspy vanners

    I don't mind hair and feathers - I have a Dales and a Fell - but a gypsy cob, bargepole. Just not my thing at all but then neither are Arabs, or anything spotted or palomino. What I really don't like to see is very thick, heavy manes past the shoulder and tails dragging on the floor. A welfare...
  10. Nudibranch

    winter weight loss! managing expectation

    I have two on 9 acres so reasonably similar stocking density. Now I have natives, they get no hay at all in winter unless there's snow covering the ground. Even then it's limited as they do well grazing under trees and hedges where the snow is thinner. They come out of winter still covered, no...
  11. Nudibranch

    Have we gotten fussy?

    My first pony was a 3yo half wild, jet black Welsh x who was initially a nightmare but turned into a totally bombproof, go anywhere, do anything pony. When I outgrew her I broke her to harness. You can probably tell my parents weren't horsey, because if they had known the first thing they'd...
  12. Nudibranch

    Any truly waterproof jackets …

    Amazing! I've just ordered, thank you
  13. Nudibranch

    Any truly waterproof jackets …

    Probably L so I can get some layers underneath but M if they come up big I think.
  14. Nudibranch

    What size horse do you ride?

    I have a 15hh and I'm 5'10 but she's a chunkster (Dales) so takes up the leg just as well as my last horse who was 17.3hh. In fact she wears a lot of of his tack too. Imo build and bone are at least as important as height. I dropped the big horses after too many vet's bills.
  15. Nudibranch

    Any truly waterproof jackets …

    Ah that's a shame, the Equetech was my other option but in navy and they seem to have disappeared from everywhere.
  16. Nudibranch

    Any truly waterproof jackets …

    Red does this have any fill? I'm very tempted to order but it would be winter wear so I need some kind of warmth. Their description suggests possibly not...
  17. Nudibranch

    Thrush preventative

    Red Horse
  18. Nudibranch

    Everyday Riding Boots

    All my boots are Toggi now. Short, long, black, brown. I have super wide feet and they're so comfortable.
  19. Nudibranch

    Horse trailer insurance and recovery

    I used SEIB for both for years. Now I use them for the insurance and Equine Rescue for breakdown as it is significantly cheaper for mine to be separate. Haven't claimed (touch wood) so can't tell you what either are like to deal with past sales.
  20. Nudibranch

    How to pick out feet using one hand 🤔

    Having just done the same to my right hand, even using my legs wasn't an option. So I didn't. Horses are fine!
  21. Nudibranch

    Automatic pet feeder

    I've definitely seen them either on Amazon or doing a quick Google. I was looking for a multi and mostly came up with single or doubles. This was the first result that came up on Google. Fully automated....
  22. Nudibranch

    Lesson learnt out hacking this afternoon

    I've just ordered two of the bullet cams recommended by ycbm. Been meaning to do it for years but this thread has definitely motivated me to get on with it.
  23. Nudibranch

    Good quality leather headcollar?

    Best one I have is a Sabre. It's almost too nice to use to be honest.
  24. Nudibranch

    Do we over clip our horses

    Depends whether they need clipping! My Dales can't even do 45 minutes in walk without getting lathered if she's not clipped by mid October. It's also much more efficient in terms of my limited time. No spending 20 minutes getting dried mud out of a hairy native coat before riding, and no washing...
  25. Nudibranch


    I'm delaying moving onto the winter field as long as possible. It's usually beginning of October but this year the grass is still very green. I'm going to have to just bite the bullet though as the hunt will be coming through the summer grazing in a week or so. Not ideal, it could do with a few...
  26. Nudibranch

    Those who don’t insure

    Depends on a lot - your vet as much as anything. At the moment I have a good vet who I've known for over 10 years and who is happy to discuss, negotiate, work things out. More small animal vets, but you do get some who preface everything with "are they insured?" and then proceed to try and max...
  27. Nudibranch

    Freezemarking in 2021!

    My big wuss of a gelding didn't even flinch when he was done as a drama queen 2 yr old. I have thought about getting my Dales mare done as quite honestly they all look very similar. If I were I your area OP I would definitely join in.
  28. Nudibranch

    Fishkeeping is fraught and stressful

    I can sympathise. We've just spent 2 grand ripping two enormous tanks out so we can try and sell the house more easily. One was an indoor pool, glass wall. It was awful seeing the 8×4ft glass just dumped into a skip. Even worse, the 3 adult stingrays who lived in it had to go into temporary...
  29. Nudibranch

    older horse stiffness problems

    Some vets use stabling as a diagnostic tool when they suspect arthritis in horses with turnout. Well rugged (if necessary) and out all the time makes a world of difference.
  30. Nudibranch

    Fell experts

    Ooh exciting. Can't go wrong with a Dales!!