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  1. CAYLA

    RESCUES RECENT OR REHOMED (picture share 2)

    MISHKA AND DIESEL malamute and husky (came in from seperate situations) but we managed to rehome them into the same home :) we even took Diesel who was homed 2nd on the ferry to Ireland to his new home. (good homes are worth travelling for) Cheeky rottie boy SUSIE (black and white...
  2. CAYLA


    It takes me ages to upload the amount I would need to at once so I shall do it in dribs and drabs. I have not shared any pictures for a long time of our passing through rescue dogs, so here goes. MOUSE jrt x westie RUBY Wire haired pointer x whippet ROSIE AND DARCEY cavalier girls...
  3. CAYLA


    I have not been here in a while and I noticed a huge amount of private messages. I have answered all I hope, but if not I am not ignoring on purpose it's just I did not realise there was so many and my inbox became full it seems. :) (In my defence, the PM notifications are stupidly small).
  4. CAYLA

    Shnesti boy seeks girlfriend

    We have a shensti boy and mam will be wanting to castrate him asap so im looking for Shnesti girl to have some pedigree shnesti pups? anyone......? He is cute and nice be a shame for me not to be able to have some pups and obs some cash for me holidays. Thanks :)
  5. CAYLA

    Who was looking for a beddy x whippet puppy?

    As above?
  6. CAYLA

    Good bye Blue (sleep tight little girl)

    More for remembrance, I lost my little blue whippet on saturday:( she went out in a blaze of glory (causing only me) heartache and stress. One minute she was chasing her ball the next she was gone (confused at first), as she never leaves us unless retrieving her ball and unfortunately in the...
  7. CAYLA

    Recommeded horse insurance and wind sucking?

    Who do you all use recommend for insurance and what level of cover, how much per illness or year? (dogs are my fortee not horses):D AND Any advice re wind sucking? Not my horse, im just letting someone use my old field (I lost my horse a few years ago, he was never insured:o (perks of the job)...
  8. CAYLA

    Happy birthday Dingle12

    Have a faB deserve it my dear. I will have to send you a belated summit or other:D whats your addy again? :o LMFAO:D:D:D:D:D:D HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  9. CAYLA

    A few Mine (as have not posted for a while)

    Not all of them but the ones at the top of photo bucket:p Regan, blue and pancake lined up on the stairs watchig OH prepare their tea:D The patterdale and saluki x where rehomed rescues FLICK (my grippet) lol Ginger RUFUS:D
  10. CAYLA

    What happened to me stepping back (10 foster dogs)

    Will Have passed through my house in the past 10 days (some in together) not one in a day then out:p, all to prepare for rehome. The best thing is we have rehomed a dog almost daily (me and OH) as mam is dealing with a poorly grandad:( know the poor suffering one:o (the OH) has...
  11. CAYLA

    Unrealistic (lots of stars inserted here)

    Puppy is crying through the night after 4 nights of having it:rolleyes: My new dog is just not bonding with the the other one we have "not biting or snapping" just not cuddling and playing with it:rolleyes: FFS, so god damned what!!! is this really neccessary to part with it for this crappy...
  12. CAYLA

    Rescue centers (with a mix of dogs)

    For those sseking dogs, im trying to remember what you wanted but there is a lab type in them, collie types, spaniel types, terrier a good mixture. Im awaiting another link with more of the same types will add when have it.
  13. CAYLA

    WTF (who are these weirdos)

    You recon thats what mine are thinking about these 2 random huskys charging them in the field/well the one in the lead may be a mal! Ps, my dogs had just been bathed, hence coats and no collars:eek:, im glad to imagine if these things meant business (well to be fair OH would have re-arranged...
  14. CAYLA

    How could I have missed little DENNIS? (don't laugh)!

    Dennis the tazmanian devil:p He actually went to live next door to a home that took one of the bichons features in my rehomes (can you tell im back in photo bucket):p LOOKS LIKE BUTTER WOULD NOT MELT:rolleyes:
  15. CAYLA

    some of the dogs (rehomed) 2012 (piccies)

  16. CAYLA

    Admit it (what you got your mutts for xmas)

    Nothing to declare here:p (mine dont get xmas gifts) but my friends have all bought their dogs lots of xmas goodies:p I have filled stockings for clients with lots of natural treats:p
  17. CAYLA

    If im not single by the end of January I will eat a bag of tripe

    Because im pushing my luck way past the boundaries, not only did OH drive me to Scotland to take a dog to its new home whilst i slept off the night shift at stupid o clock in the morning for me to go to bed asap on return. Not only did I rock up home from work with a little husky x pup (after...
  18. CAYLA

    teeth cleaning with food

    For those worried about bones (which is obs the best teeth cleaner) we had a greyhound in (his teeth where black) as they are:rolleyes: I kid you not we aged him at 7-8 but we where baffled as he acted like a pup and was jet black (no grey) but his teeth where the worst I have seen (mam was...
  19. CAYLA

    Dogs being stolen even with owners present

    I just read on facebook near to me that a gentleman had a knife pulled on him and his shepherd puppy taken. I know stealing dogs to order is on the increase but now taking them from the owner in this kind of manner! what would you do? can other dogs owners do to protect their dogs? I dont...
  20. CAYLA

    Help with (dog) rescue transport (request)

    For a dog to be transported by me to roughly the Corbridge area and needs get to to Gretna green obs can sort exact (locations), just incase a doggy experienced bod was travelling from there to there on saturday the 8th of Dec (that could be flexible to the next weekend) of Dec. We have moved...
  21. CAYLA

    She came with her own settee (literally) (for DG)

    But still prefers mine:rolleyes: Her mam and dad brought a huge sette shaped bed!! maybe the cat taking a liking to it has seen her abandon it.
  22. CAYLA

    Horses killed on motorway
  23. CAYLA

    LONG LASTING treats/puppy occupiers (sp)

    Can I link or is that advertising? I just found some hard/long lasting puppy chews (I don't really do chews/treats) unless im crate training but I bought these to fill the clients doggy Xmas bags cos they looked cool:cool: and my dogs have polished them off (they love them):D They are...
  24. CAYLA

    Nursing my (not so happy akita)

    And why is she unhappy? not because she is not well (because Im forcing her indoors):rolleyes: She refuses a bed, and only perks up when there is summit god on the TV (her one and only reason to want to remain in):D Monkeys on Tv gets a little smile:D
  25. CAYLA

    How embarrassing (so glad I could not be identified)

    I took a call at work from a lady asking how her poorly pup was before she went to bed. I said I would call back with a report. Toddles off to do a quick inpatient check and has my usual one way conversation with my patients which kind of goes like this:o "hello ickle baby wabey, tell me how...
  26. CAYLA

    Any regular doggy forum users live in Carlisle (with home checking experience)?

    Thankyou in advance:)
  27. CAYLA

    Any regular doggy users live in or near (Montrose) Scotland

    That was all really for now:p
  28. CAYLA

    As I am so crap at searching for stuff (help)?

    I am looking for custom made dog id tags (I am spending a fortune having tags made for rescues going out (with specifc txt on) I dont use the bog standard post code and name malarky, I want specific txt and would be nice to use our logo on the tag. I thinking a metal one would be nice but the...
  29. CAYLA

    Guess that breed?

    Not you though DG:p
  30. CAYLA

    Owner slashed dog 31 times (and claims it was an intruder)