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  1. StephBiscuit

    Am I Being Unreasonable.....

    For jumping two foot in the air after a stray football hit me on the bum whilst I was happily eating grass after my mum gave me a pamper session up at the field?
  2. StephBiscuit

    Why is there a cob in the hay barn?

    What random things have you heard being said around the yard?
  3. StephBiscuit


    My Clydesdale X had turned into a teddy bear, so needs clipping. At 23 we still hack out and do schooling, and take part in the monthly dressage competitions on our yard. She lives out in a field with lots of natural shelter ( trees). Should I get Hannah to give her a trace, or a chaser clip?
  4. StephBiscuit

    Turning out in the arena

    Surely it's bad manners to turn horses out in the (connecting) outdoor arena whilst someone is riding in the indoor (with the arena doors open)? I was riding a horse in the indoor this afternoon attempting to do dressage practice for tomorrow when a livery turned two horses out in the outdoor...
  5. StephBiscuit

    Riding boots

    Broke my leg (both tibia and fibula, with the globular being an open fracture) back in March, and the consultant said that I can't ride until the end of June. My birthday is in May, and I'm getting money to buy a new hat and riding boots. Will I need boots to support my dodgy leg, and what...
  6. StephBiscuit

    Riding boots

    Broke my leg back in March, and the consultant said that I can't ride until the end of June. My birthday is in May, and I'm getting money to buy a new hat and riding boots. Will I need boots to support my dodgy leg, and what would you recommend?
  7. StephBiscuit

    Bringing a horse back into work after RIDER injury

    I came off Jazz on the beach in the middle of March, landing on my feet which resulted in me breaking both my tibia and fibula in my left leg. I needed an operation to put a nail in my tibia and a small skin graft where my fibula popped out the skin. Hoping to return to riding at the end of...
  8. StephBiscuit

    Spooking or Napping?

    This afternoon I was riding my cob, Jazz back to the field (about ten minutes away from the riding school, and along a stretch of main road before going through a housing estate). There was two of us, and I was riding in front. At one point, Jazz shot sideways in trot due to a bench/ boat flower...
  9. StephBiscuit

    Possibly getting a loan Pony

    I help out regularly at my local riding school (I'm 28) and today the manager Chris offered me a part time job - working four hours a day - two in the morning and two in the afternoon when the horses come in for winter to muck out and bed down in return for having Jazz, my favourite pony there...
  10. StephBiscuit

    Sunday's Fun Ride and a Question

    I've been riding at my local riding school (Saltburn) for the last ten years - been riding for 12 and I normally have lessons and help out on Thursdays for a free beach ride, however, on Sunday I joined some of the liveries and another customer on a fun ride. We went to...
  11. StephBiscuit

    Help - Dive-bombing Sparrowhawk and Running Out!

    I was riding my favourite pony Jazz in my lesson at Saltburn tonight (6 or 7 year old piebald Irish cob gelding) and we were jumping. We trotted and cantered a cross pole a few times and also did the same when Emma put it up to a straight. I was cantering up to it again and a Sparrowhawk flew...
  12. StephBiscuit

    Kissing at Riding School

    Yesterday I was at my local stables for a beach ride (well, it turned out to be a lesson as the roads were too icy). There are a few couples on livery at the stables and two of them were kissing and cuddling each other. Some of the parents then started screaming at Tim (the manager) saying that...
  13. StephBiscuit

    Put My foot In It - How do I apologise?

    Last week I joked that I was going to bump Cath off in order to buy Max and someone told Cath and also told her that I said that I was going to dig Josh up and send him to Neil (which I hadn't - all I'd said was that Gavin had told me to ring Neil and ask to speak to Josh. ) Now she's banned me...
  14. StephBiscuit

    Colicky Welshies

    Do the Welsh breeds pretnd to be worse than they are when they are ill. I've known about 10 welshies of all sections who have had colic and they all seem to act like they are dying even if it turns out to be a mild impaction or something similar. On the other hand, a Dartmoor pony was just...
  15. StephBiscuit

    Funny falling Off Video

    About five people falling off in one lesson. No one got hurt though. It's in French though.
  16. StephBiscuit

    Eventful Ride

    On thursdays I help out at my local riding school (saltburn) all day and in return I get a free beach ride. This thursday I was riding my favourite pony - a 13.2hh dun Highland gelding called Biscuit. He is really friendly and loves his cuddles but can be very spooky when ridden. This thursday...
  17. StephBiscuit


    I'm not sure whether this is on the right board or not but I am doing an assignment about colic and if your horse/pony has ever had colic: When/where did you find them? What the horses symptoms were? What treatment the horse had? Thanks for your help from Steph.