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    Sore mouths

    I ride NH racehorses part time and have previously been full time. I ride 3-4 lots a day. My boss will put me on any horse in the yard and thinks I’m more than competent however I have not been through BRS etc just learnt on the job. I ride work/school etc and can hold a puller but a couple of...
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    Racing exercise saddle

    I bought a Gibson’s half tree exercise saddle for riding out in everyday. It’s comfy and had little use before I bought it. My boss checked the tree and says it seems okay. When I get back from a lot it sometimes dips right down in the middle and has raised at the back, kind of like you’d expect...
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    Your favourite Equestrian bloggers?

    I love it when I find a new Equestrian blogger who really entertains me. Please share who your favourites are on this thread, a personal favourite of mine is 'The Undergrad Eventer' for Gatepost.