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  1. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Marvellous :) Thanks Shysmum..... It is the treed saddles I have the most aches with! Cant wait for it to arrive now. :D
  2. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Me too! I have a Freemax that I will try it on - but do you know if it can be used on a treed saddle? I havent seen it yet :)
  3. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Pilates is definitely helping me - not one to one, but a very small group (5 at the most). Out of interest, what saddles would you recommend?
  4. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Hey Sol.. Sorry for the delay! We have been to Clun and Clunton - rode bury ditches and Sowdley Woods a few times - absolutely love it! I am also originally from Cheshire! Where abouts are you from? slightlyconfused Re: Sore hips :( any ideas...
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    My Equine Nutrition course!!

    Me too!! FB group would be a great idea. Really looking forward to this. :)
  6. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Hi Sol. That's really interesting, thanks! I really love my treeless too. Made of memory foam so moulds itself to us both and the added bonus is that I get his warmth through it. Just no real support. I will def consider this next! Ps I'm from Worcs but have done 3 riding hols in Shropshire...
  7. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Oh my goodness... Ok I take it back!!!! Agree I need to find a saddle that suits me... If the hip saver doesn't work am going to sell all saddles (except the freemax as that's extremely comfy) and invest in a Wow saddle!
  8. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Hi there. Yes, I have lessons... Have had several RI's over last two years... Some of whom have been disastrous buts that's a whole other story!!! I now have a fab RI who has helped immensely... She understands my pain! Her mantra is... there's more than one way to skin a cat! I'm definitely...
  9. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Okay so, I have bought a heather Moffat hip saver online (Lovescobs I will keep you posted as to it's success or failure), am going to shorten my stirrups a little tomorrow, am going to pop into tescos en route home after riding (not during as I also cannot re-mount from the ground and they will...
  10. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Oh I have... And a Physio, and all the rest lol... Started Pilates a couple of months ago and that is def helping me. I'm really hoping its something I can beat as I want much more time in the saddle... Maybe I'm just asking too much of my old body! I'm very envious of those lucky enough to...
  11. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Heather Moffat Hip Saver???? Am off to find one immediately! Thanks :D
  12. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Ohhh tell me about it!!! Have also had lower back problems so it's a fine balancing act indeed!!! I think I will have to part with the WH saddle... It's stunning too - dark brown suede all over... :(
  13. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Mmmmm I ride long but if I shorten my stirrups I often feel that I look like I'm sat on a sofa chilling out hahaha. Tomorrow I will try the gfs with my stirrups up a couple of holes and see how that goes. Thanks CheeryP :)
  14. RoobyDoobs

    Sore hips :( any ideas????

    Ideas welcome :) I came to riding late in my life and have a 16.3 ID x cob (chunky monkey!). I had to have a saddle made to measure for us as he is very big in the shoulder and I am lanky... We have a straight cut Farrington working hunter saddle which is longer than usual top to bottom and...
  15. RoobyDoobs

    New to rugging, when should you put a rug on and what type.

    How bloody rude. Just who do you think you are.... Whether the OP can spell or not is really none of your business and your post is poisonous. What a nasty person you are. Did you have a bad day or something? OP good luck with your new pony. Lots of good advice on here from the nicer...
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    My daughter is a work rider on a race yard and has a terribly sore chaffed butt.... I have just ordered her some of his: I also read that if you wear tights under your Jodhs that might do the trick too!!!!!
  17. RoobyDoobs

    Olympic Travel Rant....

    I have Olympic tickets for the 8th and 9th... showjumping and dressage. I'm so excited I'm beside myself!!! However.... To be prepared, and well in advance, I booked travel tickets for two (Flitwick to the London Games) for both days as my daughter and I were originally staying at my sisters...
  18. RoobyDoobs

    Supplements for itching?

    Hi Teazle. What are her itching habits? I tried all those lotions and potions and more last year for my boys 'itch'. It was so bad that he was bending gates and breaking fences. He was on a regular worming / worm count system, but I discovered that his problem was pinworm. After a five day...
  19. RoobyDoobs

    Saddlers in Worcestershire Area?

    Hi there, To the best of my knowledge Jane Saunders only replaces rather than adjusts/re-fits existing saddles. RD
  20. RoobyDoobs

    Has anyone sold a saddle to saddles direct?

    Hi EF... What is it you're selling? Have you tried eBay???
  21. RoobyDoobs

    Saddlers in Worcestershire Area?

    I would also highly recommend Mel Isaacs saddlery... She is lovely... Really helpful. I will pm you her number xx
  22. RoobyDoobs

    Bike riders 40 in one bunch!!!!!

    I also had a gaggle of around 40 cyclists come up behind me on a country lane while out riding this morning. They shouted to warn me they were there, were polite, friendly, considerate and neither myself nor my horse were a bit troubled by the experience... In fact once they had all passed by...
  23. RoobyDoobs

    What would really work?

    Those pictures are certainly shocking. I have shared he Ruby pic on my fb tonight, and do think more needs to be done to educate drivers. Personally I think ignorance is to blame in many situations... I would say that before I had horses I certainly wasn't as thoughtful and considerate passing...
  24. RoobyDoobs

    Shocked at H+H advice not to wear too much hi-viz

    I see there is a link to this thread on the H&H fb page.... It'll be interesting to see the response!!!! Tehe
  25. RoobyDoobs

    Shocked at H+H advice not to wear too much hi-viz

    Posting also to support this thread. As a fellow Bertie Bassett I am in good company and think the statement made by the author is disgraceful.
  26. RoobyDoobs

    Sad Post, Your advise please. Not Horse

    Hi OP... I'd just like to say what a lovely, kind, considerate lady you are.... And if ever I find myself in a pickle I hope that my friends turn out to be just like you xxx
  27. RoobyDoobs

    Posting or couriering a saddle

    If you search on eBay for 'saddle courier' you'll find the carrier I use. So far so good!!!
  28. RoobyDoobs

    how to get your horse fit?

    How very rude! Advice re fitness was the point of the thread, not an English lesson.
  29. RoobyDoobs

    Getting to greenwich 30th July XC ????

    Hi Check out We have tickets for the show jumping and dressage on the 8th and 9th aug and I booked our train travel on there last November. It wasn't 100% plain sailing, but when I called them they were really helpful. However you get there, have a...
  30. RoobyDoobs

    I Just Want To Sit Down & Cry

    Big hugs to you :( Have a good old cry, then phone your mom... Have a good old chinwag, and tell her you'll see her in a few days... It'll pass quickly and before you know it you'll be sat with her havin a cuppa and a natter about ebony... Putting the world to rights xxx