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  1. PetalPower

    Mickey Gavin horse rider

    I used Mickey to re-back a 7 year old who was sold to me as competing and turned out to be a very sensitive soul. He did a brilliant job with her and taught me very well too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him but as mentioned above, he doesn't take prisoners when it comes to telling you how...
  2. PetalPower

    Idiopathic lactation in mare - treatment options?

    She's had all of the blood tests and they have all come back normal. I agree that there must be an imbalance somewhere though! Nope, she's never been near either of these. I'm flummoxed. She had a sample taken of the milk from the infected teat and despite it being smelly, lumpy and...
  3. PetalPower

    Idiopathic lactation in mare - treatment options?

    No, there's no clover in her grazing and she has been on a couple of different fields since it began. I'm not so worried about the lactation as the mastitis as I'm concerned it will happen again if the milk doesn't dry up. I'll definitely look into Equinaturals to see if they can offer a more...
  4. PetalPower

    Idiopathic lactation in mare - treatment options?

    I have a 12 year old ISH mare who has had idiopathic lactation for 14 months. She has never been covered nor previously had a foal. It is not just an occasional drip, it is full on leakage some of the time and a slow drip the rest of the time. I cannot recall her having a 'dry' day during this...
  5. PetalPower

    Horse lorry breakdown cover

    I've used Equine Rescue through my Anthony Evans insurance last week - mechanic out within an hour and problem sorted in a few minutes, great service!
  6. PetalPower

    Lactating mare

    Thank you for your replies, much appreciated.
  7. PetalPower

    Lactating mare

    Has anyone come across this before? Mare (11yo) came into milk about 8 weeks ago. Is not in foal and has never been covered. She is in good condition. Vet advised to leave alone, cut feed and grazing, stop all exercise and wait it out but it's been 8 weeks and she is still dripping milk. I'd be...
  8. PetalPower

    Mark Todd Winter Riding Gloves

    If it's the leather ones with the Thinsulate linings I love them. Have had a pair for years and they are still going strong. Lovely and warm, only downside is not the best for dexterity as are quite thick but I've never encountered any problems riding in them. Big thumbs up from me.:)
  9. PetalPower

    Sleep tight, sweetheart

    Don't often post but couldn't pass this without saying how sorry I am x
  10. PetalPower

    Just for fun ....

    Brilliant, sums it up!
  11. PetalPower

    Where to buy your worm count kits

    Another vote for Westgate, very helpful.
  12. PetalPower

    3.5t vs trailer

    I love my 3.5t - easy to manoeuvre and lots of space carrying only one horse. Sold the Discovery and bought a little runaround for work, so much more economical. Would not go back to trailer or 7.5 ton and it's whopping bills!
  13. PetalPower

    So glad I kept Ted's rug!

    Looking at his tiny hooves poking out cute xx
  14. PetalPower

    Hello from Scrappy - a little update!

    Ooooh, just a little bit fallen in love!
  15. PetalPower

    Loss of horse and the one left behind........

    Thank you all for your advice. I agree that I would not like to keep a horse alone and never have when I only owned one, there have always been other family horses on the yard. I have every intention of getting another horse but with the oldie suddenly going from fine to very poorly I didn't...
  16. PetalPower

    Loss of horse and the one left behind........

    I would really appreciate some advice please or how you have dealt with the same situation. I am facing the loss of my beloved 19 year old whom I have had since aged 5. Her stable mate (9 year old ISH) has extreme separation anxiety in the stable (fine in the field) but is a naturally stressy...
  17. PetalPower

    The use of radios on yards

  18. PetalPower

    Plastic Garden storage box

    Wouldn't put one in my younger horse's stable, she put her hoof through the top of one it when it was outside her stable and promptly legged it with the whole lid flapping from her leg! Amazingly she didn't have a mark on her but I learnt a valuable lesson about not leaving things within her...
  19. PetalPower


    Nothing to say that hasn't already been said so just a big hug xx
  20. PetalPower

    Hope Valley Saddlery

    Another positive review here, never had any problems and found them particularly helpful at Bramham when one of their staff went rooting through a lorry to find me the right size of rug. Have used them online as well with no issues.
  21. PetalPower

    Best Rated Jump Saddle for Stability

    I'm 5'8 on a 16.1 Irish sport horse (medium fit) and am another fan of the Equipe Expression - fits great, mega comfy and feel secure of a bouncy youngster! Bought it last October and although more than I intended to spend I thought it was worth the money tbh, it's very lightweight and the fit...
  22. PetalPower

    Central England Horseboxes

    Tried to buy one and part exchange my lorry with them but they didn't answer emails or phone calls so I went elsewhere. My logic is that if they don't answer the phone or reply when you want to buy, what will they be like if there is a problem?
  23. PetalPower

    point 2 air jackets

    I've had a Point 2 for a long while, bought one of the originals and then changed to a different colour after a few years. I personally think they were well worth the money having eaten dirt more than once whilst wearing one. I'm 5'8 and wear a size LW (which it says on the label fits 170-185cm...
  24. PetalPower

    Central England Horseboxes

    I tried contacting them recently to buy and part ex, couldn't get a reply to messages left and only one brief email response that wasn't followed up. Decided not to bother as if you can't get hold of them when you want to buy, what chance do you have when selling? Was a bit miffed as they had 3...
  25. PetalPower

    UK Horse Health Questionnaire

  26. PetalPower

    Central England Horseboxes

    Righto, have tried emailing, will see if that gets any response.........starting to think they don't want the business, lol!!
  27. PetalPower

    Central England Horseboxes

    Bump - have tried ringing but no reply/response to voicemail left............
  28. PetalPower

    Central England Horseboxes

    Does anyone know if they usually reply to enquiries through the contact form on their website? I've sent them a query about a couple of 3.5 ton lorries and just wondered if they were normally quick to reply.
  29. PetalPower

    3.5 ton Horsebox - no breast bar

    Thank you for your replies, much appreciated.
  30. PetalPower

    The things you find

    Not in feed but saw what looked like a bird's wing in the arena sand and when I picked it up it was an entire dead barn owl buried under the sand. No idea how it got there but gutted...........