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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    So do I and know who it is it was on the Old Leake village Facebook group I believe. It's someone who has recently moved here. I don't know her but is a friend of a friend of a friend! I saw it and thought oh dear.
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    First fall anxiety

    If it's the centre for horseback combat one a friend did it and said it was brilliant.
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    Employing an apprentice - any experiences to share?

    Having done it (employed a yard apprentice) I wouldn't do it again. There was a lot of work to do on my part in making sure they did their college work (they weren't very self motivated so had to sit with them the whole time) their skills needed to be evidenced with videos you will need to take...
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    So who goes bloodhounding ?

    Mostly separating out and meeting up or fences round edge of field so you can just go past them if you don't want to jump. You need to queue to jump but shouldn't need to queue to not jump.
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    So who goes bloodhounding ?

    You'll be fine with Cranwell, they have a jumping and non jumping master and you just follow the relevant one. You might have to jump a tiny log here and there (step over size) as there are some about to block vehicle access to tracks but that would be it. I mix and match what I jump, I do the...
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    Unwanted advice on foals has us second guessing !

    I think you have the right idea. The only thing I would say is youngstock cubes/mix can be a bit too much especially for a native foal. You want him to grow steadily to avoid joint issues. I would think the recommended amount of stud balancer with a handful of chaff to mix would probably suffice...
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    Government considering doing away with trailer test

    I did the trailer test and passed first time having spent about 3 years psyching myself up for it as I hate exams. I am a farmer's wife and already a competent reverser. In my first lesson I did the S shaped reverse my way and it would have been a pass first time with no shunts. My instructor...
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    Tokyo Eventing SJ thread

    Andrew Hoy's lovely horse is my yearlings uncle. She's a flashy chestnut too, now feeling even more excited about her 😁 Toledo's always been a favourite of mine as well.
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    Tokyo Eventing Dressage

    Did anyone else spot Tayberry ridden by the Hong Kong rider who used to be ridden by a member on here? If I recall he used to be a bit wild XC so could be an interesting watch. I would have liked to watch his dressage but gave up and went to bed after Alex will have to try to watch it back.
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    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    I didn't enjoy that era of dressage either. Charlotte and Valegro were a breath of fresh air and showed the mega marks could be achieved in a different way. Have watched most of this Olympic dressage and am thrilled to see that the younger riders from all nations are riding much more like...
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    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    Our Irish mare is Mary, really suits her.
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    Are ex-racers as high maintenance as its claimed?

    I've known a few quite tough ones and all the ones I've known have been sound. Sadly as a livery yard owner I find people get them as they are cheap or free. Then can't afford to feed them. We have good grass and adlib hay here but often not enough for them particularly as they get into their...
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    Fly Masks - wide over eyes

    I had this dilemma, needed mask for filly who was having eye problems as it was so definitely didn't want to add to that by mask pushing into her eyes. Bought the Rambo dome one. Does the job, very pleased.
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    Scrambling in trailer- where to start?

    Mine had never been a good traveller anyway but started this in hindsight when she started having hock issues. Travelling on the left worked for a while I went all over the country like this fine. A lot of people will say not to but having done some research it seems it was an issue with older...
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Same here mine is a week or so older than Hera. Due to some vet issues she's had a lot of stable time/ handling. I have to cross a small lane between her stable and field and she's been in a lorry by herself on a long journey to Rossdales and dealt with that fine including leading across a...
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    Feel inadequate having cob?

    Seeing that you are in Lincs I wonder if you are talking about my instructor. She has a large dressage yard and is a renowned trainer. I don't have a cob but do have a TB/ Shire cross who is not a fan of dressage! I spent ages thinking that we weren't good enough to go there for lessons amid the...
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    Thunderbrook Feeds - your thoughts & experiences please

    One of my liveries feeds TB chaff and it smells nice but is hideously expensive. Most of mine have dengie of some sort but the one that is Alfa intolerant has Emerald Green grass chaff. Less than £10 a bag local company to me and have always been helpful when I've spoken to them. Oh and horse...
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    Possibly a very boring stupid question

    Too true my little Welsh is vile and will launch into an unprovoked attack whenever anyone new is added even if they've been in adjoining field for weeks as she's desperate not to be bottom anymore. My dominant mare is kind to newcomers as is confident in her superiority! My old girl became...
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Its highly unlikely to happen just worth knowing that if bag that presents is red and not white you've got a problem. If waters go it won't be red bag as they are stuck inside that first membrane so if waters go then you get a white bag, two feet and a nose you can relax a bit. 90% of births go...
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Could well be beginning then. Have a Google on red bag deliveries as that is an emergency that can't wait for vet. Once foals born the rule is should be standing in one hour, suckling in two and placenta passed in three if any of these not hit then vet. Mare will often be mildly colicy til...
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Could be first stage or could just be upset at being on her own. Mine was restless for a few nights before D day. The thing that convinced me she was in labour rather than just fed up and uncomfortable was how hot she was, was sweating and steaming like a sauna all of a sudden, then running milk...
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    I would (and did) watch and call vets if problems if it goes smoothly the whole process is generally very quick (mine was just under 5 mins from water breaking to foal on floor, before that we thought she was in labour but weren't totally convinced) . I was told by vet on foaling course that...
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    My maiden was never huge. If you didn't know her you'd have said just a slight grass belly however I was so used to her being eventing fit I could see how different she was. When foal was born the first thing we all said was how did that fit in there! They tend to be bigger with subsequent foals...
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    To those who make hay, hows it going?

    Ours should be ready end of June this month of rain has been brilliant for it and looks like a really good crop after last year's disaster, just needs to stay dry whilst we get it in now!
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    So sorry to hear about Gypsum. I don't post much but have been here years so have followed your various trials with her. I lost my old girl I'd had 24 years a couple of months ago so can understand how hard it is. The filly looks very suspicious to me. One give away is if the belly sits more to...
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    Insurance claim - is this normal?

    Hmm also with SeIb, they said they might do this when I needed to claim about 2 months into the policy. I was concerned that they would also want all the premiums for foals mother too as foal was an add on to mares policy in which case it wasn't worth claiming and may as well pay vet direct...
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    Pictures Cleveland Bays - a small Monday evening ramble

    This is certainly true of the Hackneys I've met including my own, incredibly hot and sensitive but the sort that would do anything for you once you have them on side.
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    Pictures Cleveland Bays - a small Monday evening ramble

    I had a Hackney for 24 years until I sadly lost her last week I wouldn't have set out to get one but she was the most awesome horse ever. She wasn't a trotter like you are thinking in fact preferred to canter, didn't have the extreme high stepping action (more like a Welsh D) and was incredibly...
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    Arena surface companies- legal action?

    I would definitely get someone independent to look at the sand. Equestrian silica sand should be irregular shaped grains so they knit together to form a stable surface helped along by fibre or rubber. Round grains of silica will ride deep. Who knows what's going on if not even good when wet even...