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  1. Leg_end

    Best automatic troughs

    I’ve got to buy two new troughs for my fields but there are so many I don’t know which to pick. Essential criteria is that they’re plastic and easy to clean. I’d rather a smaller volume purely as there will be fresh water more regularly. Any recommendations?
  2. Leg_end


    I need to erect some new fencing and looking at options. Want it to look smart but also be serviceable. I have dogs so that needs to be a consideration too as it would be better if they are kept out of the paddocks. So far my shortlist is: Post and rail with electric Stud/horse rail...
  3. Leg_end

    Focal seizures

    Has anyone got any experience with a horse who has focal seizures? My horse is being referred to RVC - his only happen under saddle - but I'd like to be as armed as possible with information. I'm interested in hearing about diagnosis, treatment and overall experiences please.
  4. Leg_end

    Any interest in free livery for cover?

    I was wondering if anyone has offered free stabling in return for doing holiday cover/weekends and whether it worked or not? Package could be really flexible but was thinking DIY type arrangement with access to grazing (and grass free track system) with two others. No school right now but would...
  5. Leg_end

    Colour experts - buckskin/smokey/something else?!

    I bought a filly in May and after thinking she'd be a golden buckskin she's really darkened out and we've now got no idea how she's going to end up! Can the colour experts advise? Sire is Legrande (buckskin) dam is bay. 3 weeks old: Four months(the only light points now are her face and...
  6. Leg_end

    Youngstock livery

    I'm looking for youngstock livery within 1hr of Newbury. Need full grass livery or similar as won't be up every day so needs to be 100% trustworthy.
  7. Leg_end

    Young stock livery Berks

    Can anyone recommend anywhere in Berks/Hants (I'm near Newbury) to send a filly to until she's ready to be backed? She can stay at the stud but I'd prefer to have her closer so I can visit regularly. Thank you :)
  8. Leg_end

    Triumphant Team Quest

    Had my BD debut at the weekend in our first TQ competition. Our team - Blinged up Bullet Dogers - are all Rockley rehabs who were written off by vets with feet issues (navicular, DDFT damage, Collateral ligament damage, pedal oestitis) and are now barefoot and back competing. Full story is...
  9. Leg_end

    Making dreams a reality

    Bit of background for those who don't know our story but almost two years ago Buddy went lame and was later diagnosed with navicular and given a very poor prognosis. After trying conventional treatment (which didn't work) I decided to send him to Rockley Farm for barefoot rehab. He was sound...
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    I am on the look out for some new stirrups - I've currently got the sprengers and like them but wondered if there was something lighter that I could put on for jumping and XC? Open to all ideas and happy to spend some cash on a good pair.
  11. Leg_end

    Hunting newby - Hants / Berks border

    I'm looking for some advice from hunting pros as I really want to take my boy out a few times this coming season but I haven't been hunting since I was a small child (when I got asked to leave on my naughty pony!) and I feel a bit out of my depth! What is the best way to ease myself (and my...
  12. Leg_end

    Buddy's continued adventures... Perfect (ish) prelim

    For those that don't know, Buddy was diagnosed with navicular and written off in Sept last year.. I refused to give up on him so sent him off to Rockley in November. He's been back (and sound) since Feb and we're tentatively working towards our eventing debut at some point... We're at dressage...
  13. Leg_end

    What a difference a day makes - loading issues overcome

    I've been having some loading issues with my horse Buddy and, as we were due to move and I'd spent over an hour trying to load him at a show, I decided that it was time for some outside assistance as I was getting nowhere on my own. Then, as if sent by a high power, I saw a thread in competing...
  14. Leg_end

    In need of a new (cool) hat

    I'd had my heart set on a new Gatehouse Conquest but after trying one on my head is the wrong shape *sob* So I'm looking for something else now. I want something similar, vented but safe and competition legal. Budget up to £250. I currently have a champion ventair and a HS1 skull (hence...
  15. Leg_end

    Buddy bounces back

    We've been very quiet on here recently as have had very little to report. For those that don't know, Buddy was written off at the end of September after a Navicular diagnosis and after trying all the vet treatment and nothing working Buddy headed off to Rockley Farm in November to see if we...
  16. Leg_end

    Best cooler for travelling

    I'm looking for recommendations for a cooler for my horse to wear whilst travelling. He is a funny one as he's a stubborn loader and tries his best to turn the lorry into his own personal sauna when he's first in but travels v quietly and gets cool with all the windows open but then has a...
  17. Leg_end

    Sweating in MT Travel boots

    As title.. And I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to stop it. He has been on a few long journeys as well as shorter ones and he has sweated each time. They have the silky lining. I'm obviously concerned about overheating but daren't travel naked as he can be an idiot to load and often...
  18. Leg_end

    Good luck Tigers_Eye

    All HHO vibes moving your way :)
  19. Leg_end

    Rockley Farm - experiences please?

    I've read the blog and had a search through the old posts on here but gave up at page 10 when there was nothing on Rockley directly! It's something I am currently looking into for Buddy and I'm interested to hear of experiences, good and bad. I've emailed Nic so will wait to hear back but in...
  20. Leg_end

    Am I being realistic?

    I've had a real shocking few days as my beloved Buddy has been written off, he will never event or jump again but will hopefully be able to be a dressage diva. I am totally gutted and am struggling to adjust my ambitions in light of this news. I know I should be grateful it isn't worse news...
  21. Leg_end

    Have you ever taken legal action against a vet/physio/farrier etc?

    Out if curiosity have any of you taken legal action against a physio/vet/farrier for negligence? If you have why did you do it and what was the outcome? Thanks :)
  22. Leg_end

    Recommendations - taking horse on holiday

    Hubby and I woud like to take the horse and two dogs away with us for a long weekend. Ideally it woud be no more than two hours away (we are Newbury, Berkshire) so were thinking new forest but were open to suggestions.. Nice cup of tea and ginger biscuits on offer
  23. Leg_end

    Best over reach boots

    Buds has had to have a change of shoe and is going to be in egg bars for a couple of sessions. He's in rubber over reach boots for turn out but I need some more for riding and jumping. I need them to be long enough to touch the ground but don't want them to interfere whilst jumping. Any...
  24. Leg_end

    Need an ODE Berkshire...

    I want to get Buddy out eventing to somewhere before the end of the season but can't find anything. I was planning on doing Tweseldown 80 but have just realised I'm on holiday :( I've looked on all the usual websites and can't find a thing. ALW and Mattingly ran in Sept last year but don't...
  25. Leg_end

    Nervous nelly puts her brave pants on - part 2

    Had another fabulous jump lesson tonight with our new trainer (Charlie76). As per my last post, we've turned a corner and everything is heading in the right direction. Today was jump lesson #4 and I bit the bullet and had a group lesson. Charlie76 is very good at kicking me into touch so even...
  26. Leg_end

    Best joint supplement

    Ive got a 10 yr old patterdale and he's showing signs of stiffness after a long walk so I think it's time for him to get a supplement to help him along. I've looked at NAF Superflex but wondered if there were others people recommended?
  27. Leg_end

    Hello Mr Confidence, it's been a looong time

    I wanted to post a bit of an update as I've been on the up the last few weeks and, with the help of Charlie76 and following on from my LouiseM lesson, my confidence is returning in leaps and bounds (literally!) and I wanted to share as some of you have offered help and support along the way :p...
  28. Leg_end

    A day of firsts - our louisem report

    So today Buds, hubby and I went off to Ali16's gorgeous yard for our session with LouiseM. I was unbelievably nervous, I hate riding in front of people but it's something I have to get over so I bit the bullet and booked my place. First 'first' was that Mr B loaded brilliantly :D We've had...
  29. Leg_end

    Recommend me a cotton sheet

    I need a recommendation for a cotton sheet that Buds can wear in the stable. He had a premier equine one but the neck was too narrow and it didn't give enough in the shoulder so he ripped it incredible hulk stylee :rolleyes: He's a WB and has a big neck and shoulder so would like one that has a...
  30. Leg_end

    No whip for XC... Does anyone?

    I'm having a bit of a moment as my lad hates whips and I never ride or jump with one.. However I've never gone XC without one and I've not seen anyone else do it either so I'm wondering if I'm crazy contemplating it... So I'm looking for people who don't ride with one XC, and has it even...