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    Muck heap emptying - new rules

    What extra work? What are the new rules?
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    Muck heap emptying - new rules

    Does anyone know any more about these new rules? The farmer who has taken my muck away for many years has just said he can no longer do so. I feel he is fobbing me off with the reason he has given me and wonder if it's to do with these alleged new rules. Could do with knowing where we stand as...
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    Winter faecal water syndrome

    I have tried just about everything for my veteran gelding including veterinary tests/ supps and nothing has worked. He has COPD and has always had soaked hay but I have even tried switching to dry hay just to see if it helped - it didn't. I think it's just something they and we have to endure...
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    Another vetting on Thurs...wish me luck

    The Pointilliste's usually have good temperaments. Fingers crossed for you!
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    Racing injuries

    Ah ok. Just with the way the leg was freely swinging around as he was pulled up, it looked like a clean break above the hock. Either way, grim and very sad.
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    Those who retired young horses

    Event horse retired at 5. Now 7 (coming 8 in the new year). Out to grass 24/7 April - end Nov. In a barn Dec - March. Far too sharp to do anything other than the basic horse management with - too much of a competition brain. As long as he's happy with the arrangement we will continue, otherwise...
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    Racing injuries

    I have been wondering this too. I'm an avid NH racing fan and watch most that is on TV and have seen multiple of these horrendous catastrophic leg fractures. One happened once just after the horse crossed a sanded road crossing and I couldn't help wonder about the sudden change in surface. But...
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    Bit recommendations- need lifting action

    I have used a cheltenham gag with great effect in this situation. I have used with and without double reins.
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    Bicton 5*.

    When you take into account inevitable withdrawals for the usual reasons as well as horses selected for the euros, surely it won't be worth running as they'd have to expect to lose around at least 10 entries?! Seems a little bizarre to me. I think when certain people were moaning about there not...
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    Grass on clay soil

    I would agree with coblets. Usually, as clay tends to be wetter land than say, sandy soil, clay tends to retain moisture for longer and therefore grass grows better during dry periods than it would in drier soil types.
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    British eventing ODE times

    All info in the schedule but usually the Thursday before a weekend event.
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    everyone enjoying the heatwave

    If I were sat by a pool with a cocktail in hand then yes, I'd be enjoying it. Alas, I am pulling ragwort and getting eaten by horse flies, so sadly I am in the moaning about it camp! ;-) 20 ish degrees is fine, 30 ish degrees is not!
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    Something like a pelham ...

    For a lifting action I have used a Cheltenham Gag with great success. You can then either use it with one (straight on the gag rein) or two reins (with one on the snaffle and one on the gag rein). I have done both.
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    Non horsey other halves?

    It was the cause of my long term relationship coming to an end. The horses were there before he was, and despite being supportive in the early days, I think he thought I'd eventually give up and settle down to have children - which was never going to happen and I made that clear whenever we...
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    Import tax on horses

    This. Ring around the transport companies and they will fill you in on the options.
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    Eventing BE and FEI in talks to hold a one off 5* event in the UK

    I would think Burgie is a contender for the 5* as Musketeer events hinted at that yesterday with 'then and now' photos....
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    anyone got any grass yet?!

    No, it's dire here in Cheshire. Like a desert out there! :-(
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    Transport Ireland to NE Scotland

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    Some are saying kissing spine, others saying wrong fitting saddle?

    Could be literally anything! Almost certainly pain - but that pain could be anywhere and could be caused by anything. Definitely a vet job.
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    Rugs with liner systems

    That's the other reason I don't like them which I forgot to put in my original post - it must be awful when they are fully clipped to have all rugs stripped off on a freezing cold morning and a cold rug put on. Like you, I 'd much rather leave an under rug on and just change the top rug.
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    Rugs with liner systems

    Different view to most here (dons tin hat)! I can see how they are a good concept, particularly if you only have a few horses (or less) to do, but when running a yard they are a pain tbh! I joke that liners and leg straps are the bane of my life! Liners make rugs heavy (which is not great when...
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    Eventing Badminton to run behind closed doors 2021

    I really feel for all the trade stands - Badminton is the biggest week of the year for a lot of them and would bring in the most revenue. Some of them probably won't survive with 2 years on the trot of no Badminton sales. Aside from that, I am glad it's going ahead as it's something to look...
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    Any experience of toe dragging

    In my experience, toe dragging has always been as a result of lameness - I've had experience with multiple horses, sadly. Some will say it could be a lack of strength, but that hasn't been the case in my experience.
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    Hooray, planning granted, now what building type?

    Surely you have had to submit drawings of the exact type of stables you are putting in, including all materials to be used, so would have needed to decide before you subbed the planning? That's what we had to do. Congrats by the way - so exciting!
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    What to do with four year old now?

    You'll be surprised how much good it does him and he will probably come back stronger if anything. He won't lose much top line, especially if still moving about when out 24/7. He could even fill out and make up a bit.
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    What to do with four year old now?

    I would leave him out and give him a break. In my experience, young horses either need to be in some sort of consistent work routine or are best off turned away otherwise bad habits can form very quickly.
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    5 year old - not cut out for ridden work?

    Yes, I agree. Occasionally putting the back up through freshness. But if it becomes a consistent behaviour then I'd want to start investigating.
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    5 year old - not cut out for ridden work?

    For me 'cold backed' = pain. I know a lot of people will say they lived with a horse long term that was cold backed and achieved x/y/z but for me, if started correctly, horses don't decide to put their back up/ hump/ bronc for no reason, just to be 'naughty'. I'd be going to my vet and wouldn't...
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    I open it right up and let the air get to it as much as possible. I then use it for a day or 2 (maybe 3 depending how hot it is) and then when 2/3 of the way through the bale I have a couple of spare pallets and I spread the rest of the bale out between the pallets and leaning any remaining...
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    Why do some horses have ‘tight’ defined lower legs and others do not?

    It can be a whole variety of reasons but the main thing to note is what is normal for that particular horse. Some have more mileage so may have windgalls etc. Some horses get puffy legs with temperature changes and some horses legs will be a little filled after they have worked hard. Most horses...