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    Richard Davison Demo

    Is any one going to this at Bishop Burton? I imagine it will be very good but have never seen him.
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    arenas that are no more

    Capt Mark Philips asked me to hold his horse for him while he went to the loo, he bought me a hotchocolate to say thank you! When the Edgars came it was a nightmare as Ted would only ever put his initials on the board and he would have about five horses in it, used to drive us mad!
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    arenas that are no more

    Yarkhill was called West Mercia Equestrian Centre and run by Pam & Gad Avnon, Gad's parents used to run the cafe. Bartestree is Sheepcote, it was then owned by Mrs Buckley who rented the stables and surfaces out to David Pincus (he now owns it). Yarkhill was such a waste, there were loads of...
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    BE withdrawls

    Most events now state in the schedule: REFUND POLICY - As per Rule 2.20. it is explained on the BE website as : If an event holds a wait list it is obliged, under rule 2.20 ii, to give a full refund (inc VAT where applicable) less £10 to any competitor whose place, following their withdrawal...
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    bishop burton BE this weekend?

    as sky-and-i is the eminent course builder there perhaps we should all take notes of his posts as he is on the ground so to speak!
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    Askham Bryan ballot list up!

    Don't be, its not the worst that has happened!! What is worse is when parents tell you that the child that you have just balloted out has spent most of the year in hospital and has just been given the all clear ! and grannie has died and this is the only thing that will cheer the little darling...
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    Askham Bryan ballot list up!

    I am and I have!!!!
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    Askham Bryan ballot list up!

    If you have too many entries you close the entries at ballot. Then you have the very difficult job of balloting out people until you reduce the entries to your maximum number. You start with the lowest level and ballot out those horses and riders with day tickets (and anyone who has been very...
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    Askham Bryan ballot list up!

    you can "legally" run 292 per day (no idea why it is this random number). But at this time of year running 270 in a day will be pretty tight for daylight hours and doesn't allow for any stoppages on course. I am suprised they didn't run an extra day even if it was just for the money.
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    Lindon Stud (CB's) to sell off its stock.

    To quote Bishop Burtons website: "Bishop Burton College was announced as the preferred bidder to offer further education (FE) provision at Riseholme College following a competitive tendering process led by the Skills Funding Agency and the Young People’s Learning Agency." So the closing of...
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    BE Event closed before ballot - can they do that?

    which event is it?it might be an idea to contact the secretary or BE, it is very unusual for that to happen if not unheard of.
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    BE Director Election

    1. Change the ludicrously unfair withdrawal/waitlist system which penalises those of us (who make up the vast majority of the membership) who do not have a string of horses. I would insist that all over-subscribed events carry a waitlist, which people are put onto in order of being balloted, and...
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    Emile Faurie Demo East Yorkshire

    That's brilliant - I'm sure I will, thank you
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    Emile Faurie Demo East Yorkshire

    Think it should be good and the Arena is lovely, no need for wrapping yourself up in rugs there!!
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    Emile Faurie Demo East Yorkshire

    I am thinking of going to the Emile Faurie Lecture Demo at Bishop Burton College on 3 Feb? Has anyone seen him before? What did you think? (also posted in Competition Riders)
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    Emile Faurie Demo East Yorkshire

    I am thinking of going to the Emile Faurie Lecture Demo at Bishop Burton College on 3 Feb? Has anyone seen him before? What did you think?
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    Have just walked Askham Bryan...

    I've also heard some behind the scenes feedback (not hearsay: from people directly involved) from the Europeans which would suggest that they were very, very lucky that it all came off. As it happened, they made the best of what must have been a logistical nightmare. I am not sure it was...
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    Have just walked Askham Bryan...

    Can you clarify this? I have always found Bishop to be a well organised event in recent years. OK there were some problems a few years ago but now they seem to have got it right. The Pony Europeans were fantastic and must have been immense to organise so I feel your comment is a bit unfair.
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    What about us showjumpers?!

    Steve doesn't do clinics at his home anymore but he does go to a lot of centres all over the country to do clinics, they are ususaly 2 day ones, sessions last for about 1 1/2 hrs.
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    Waiting around to Show Jump. Why?

    you guys make me laugh, I run lots of BSJA shows and would love to tell staff what time they would finish, and plan days properly. Even when the schedule plainly states that the first class will start at 9.30am we are often sitting around waiting for the fist competitors to arrive, at 9.30am...
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    sj instructors yorkshire

    Steve Hadley is at Bishop Burton next Thursday and Friday, he is really good and goes there every couple of months - £45 for 1 1/2hrs shared session. Also Gary Parsonage is very good and based near Beverley.
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    Haylage help in East Yorkshire

    try Skerne Leyes, they are great, sorry but I don't have their number, it might be on Port Royal Ec's website as I think they sponsor a bit there or bsja area 15a
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    showjumping lesson

    Steve hadley does regular clinics in Cheshire - not sure what the place is called but it is Richard Carruthers place
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    When your horse rears...

    [ QUOTE ] OP, you might want to consider getting your horse's saddle checked, they change shape so much and the fit of tack also changes with normal wear so it may be pinching. This can cause all sorts of bad behaviour. You might also want to get teeth, back etc checked out to make sure nothing...
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    When your horse rears...

    [ QUOTE ] Here we go again. lots of silly people giving silly advice about cracking eggs or wacking horses on the head to stop them rearing. FFS! First of all ask yourself why the horse rears in the first place and then deal with the problem sensibly and at no time is any of the above sensible...
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    When your horse rears...

    My grandfather was in the cavalry, when a horse reared they would smash an egg between his ears (the horses not my grandfathers!) the thinking behind it was that the horse would think it had hit its head and was bleeding. I have never tried this myself and was always curious as to how they...
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    Derby Coverage- Your Opinions??

    [ QUOTE ] Where was Steve Hadley? Has he retired from commentating? Not at all - he is now commentating for Sky I think, definitly the BBC's loss
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    Derby Coverage- Your Opinions??

    [ QUOTE ] At least im not the only one who wants to gag Andy Austin. This will sound really pedantic, but when u get a start list at Hickstead u get all the horses details etc. Austin managed to keep calling magna carta a him, when she is a pretty well known mare and HE HAD IT WRITTEN IN FRONT...
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    Derby Coverage- Your Opinions??

    Completely agree with you, I really miss Steve hadleys commentry, apparently the BBC think he is too old! Luckily other channels don't have their blinkered vision. The olympics will be rubbish if we have to listen to Andy Austin.