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    Do you ride in the rain?

    Had a lesson last night, and the heavens absolutely opened. My angelic boy just tried his hardest to knuckle down and keep going. A reflection of the fact I try and ride in all weather. Video attached of the borderline biblical downpour
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    Pictures XC schooling

    Had a brilliant day out with my joy xc schooling. Started a little tense, but on a scale of Eddieness, it was relatively mild, chilled once he'd popped a few small fences. Noticed my lower leg is slipping back, not sure if this is me, him or the saddle. It's never done this on any other...
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    Pictures Progress, not perfection....

    I've periodically posted pictures of my boy, he's been a challenge at times but I love him very much. He has really struggled with the concept of stretching down, being one that naturally would like to put his ears up your nose....
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    My poor babies have gastroenteritis

    My greyhounds appear to have gastroenteritis. Very unsettled this morning with awful poos. Both have had accidents in the house because they just couldn't get outside quickly enough, and both are utterly mortified. Initially I thought one just had her periodic upset tummy that passes in an...
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    Greyhound clothes

    For the other greyhound slaves out there... I've just got some new clothes for the girls from Hound Tees. I'm really impressed, lightweight but warm, well fitting and lots of designs. The girls have barely been out of them, warm but not as hot as their fleecy pj's. They are based in Australia...
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    Greyhound wounds *picture*

    Tonight Maggie managed to partially deglove her paw. Currently in the vets for a GA and stitch up. Tendons visible (the white bit to the left of the wound)
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    Licky mats in Aldi

    Aldi have licky mats in stock, so I bought some for the girls. Apparently they have too many toys.... They loved them with peanut butter today, I wondered about soft cheese or meat spread too? Any other ideas, anything particularly calorific for Lucky?
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    Pictures Area Festival

    Went to our first Area Festival today. Only a little bit daunting to go as your 4th BD outing, 5th BD test..... 🤣 Clever pony didn't put a hoof out of line all day. A small blip where we lost canter about 3 strides early once. Utterly unbothered by the multiple arenas, 3 judges huts...
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    Video When your horse makes you look like a liar.....

    Took Eddie out clear round jumping last night. When asked what he was like I said sharp, silly and prone to fits of drama. Then he jumped round like this, making me look like a complete liar as he never put a foot wrong, kept all feet on the floor when he was meant to, and feet off the floor...
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    First proper trip XC schooling!!

    Eddie has been a very tricky young horse. A worrier and an over thinker. Prone to violent explosions with huge bucks. These last few months have seen a big change in him, so I finally felt safe to go XC schooling. I did take him about 18 months ago, but it was to a clinic, he got stressed and...
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    Sunshine greyhounds and JRTs!!!

    Gorgeous day today and I've been off all day!!! I've had dad's terriers here all afternoon and all 4 dogs are absolute sunworshippers. We've had a lovely afternoon lazing in the sun (there is shade and outside water, plus access to the cool house, they've been going wherever they please)
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    H&H write up, so exciting!!!

    We got a little write up in H&H. First time ever and so exciting!!! Can't attach pic as too big, but page 50, central region report!!
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    British Dressage - using a day ticket?

    I've joined BD as an associate member to have a go so I know I need to use a day ticket. My venue of choice uses Equo online entries, and I can't see how I use a day ticket!! I know I need to buy it on the BD website but how do I match them up?! This is probably incredibly dim of me but I'm...
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    Paid access to off road riding?

    I'm just trying to information gather as to how existing paid access schemes are run. IF you pay to access off road riding can you advise me of the following Do you pay yearly, pay monthly or pay as you go? If you pay as you go, is it a pay meter or paid online, or something different? How...
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    Sun worshiping greyhounds

    They love the sun. They'll cook out there all day if allowed
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    Boxing Day

    Fantastic day on Boxing Day. Experienced horse, hasn't been out for 2 years due to surgery and rehab. Joined the non jumping field and pottered around. Enjoyed ourselves immensely.
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    Poor Maggie greyhound

    Maggie dislocated a toe last night. It was very sore. She did the greyhound scream of death mult times. The lovely out of hours vet at our practice put it back in place and gave her pain killers. Now got a big bandage on and feeling very sorry for herself. Then idiot here managed to...
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    Those days when the light bulb goes on....

    I had one today, and one a month ago. A month ago I had a dressage lesson with our normal trainer who really makes us work. Its difficult to see him often enough between his travel commitments and my shift work. He reminded me that as Eddie can veer towards lazy, but use his enormous...
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    I thought I'd start a thread about greyhounds, as they are often mentioned in the "what breed" type threads, and we've had some threads about various other breeds. Here are my two, the black one is Maggie, just turned five and the bridle is Lucky, just turned nine. Both girls, both about...
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    Blenheim live feed

    Is anyone managing to watch this!? Says starting at 9.45am but mine is just showing a holding screen. Want some distraction from finalising my dissertation!!
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    Where to sell hunting clothing!?

    No idea where to start on this one, but I've been given a lovely jacket, far too big for scrawny me, that I need to sell. I had a Google but wasn't really sure if there was a 'go to' place for high quality, second hand stuff.
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    Seventeen Years Together *Photos*

    Not strictly competing, but we've done an awful lot of competing together over the last 17 years. A surprise present from my Dad when I was 13. A £900 absolute bargain. My best friend. She has given me so much, including my first foal. Still fit, still in work. Did a hunt ride on Tuesday...
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    When you have a schooling lightbulb!!

    We've been schooling, working on being off the aids "now!" not in a moment, staying on the bend, and into the outside rein, not banana-ing around as things catch our attention. Have been having trouble on the right rein with the left shoulder creeping out particularly in canter, and I...
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    May have a new puppy......

    Photos... I'm now finding it very hard to get much work done on my MSc because puppy sitting.....
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    Greyhound photos!

    Never posted any pictures of my greyhound, Lucky! Absolutely adore her, she's from Perry Barr RGT almost three years ago. She's a fabulous advert for a greyhound, she's been foot following the hunt with me, eventing with me, she acts as my foot warmer when I do the clay shoot paperwork...
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    Super Saturday at Solihull!!!

    What a way to finish the season!!! I was absolutely full of cold all week, to the point my husband told me off for riding at 6am in the pouring rain. Normally he wouldn't question this sort of activity, just put it down to having 'horse fever'. He even suggested I withdraw.... With excellent...
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    Elementary 44

    Is this still the 2002 version or is there a new version? Is it all sitting trot? My copy of the test says so, but my brain is trying to tell me this changed. Searching the BD rule book hasn't helped. Am just having a bash unaff to see what happens!!!
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    Bitting suggestions

    My 7 year old isn't strong, far from it except hunting. She does her dressage, sj and xc in the same Mexican noseband and NS hanging cheek. Hunting we are having an issue, she is very good but has moments of grabbing the bit and buggering off st speed. If I try to stop she flings her head...
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    Fantastic weekend!!!!

    After a very heavy week at work, I treated myself to a weekend of just ponies!!! Friday night was evening Showjumping with Callie, with a plan to just achieve forwards as she has been having moments at timing devices!!!! Well she not only went forwards (I rode like I was possessed!) but she...
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    Greyhound shopping

    So, my beautiful hound is all settled in, behaves perfectly and fills her role as companion while OH works nights amazingly. Now, I'm banned from buying more horse rugs etc, so I want to buy nice things for Lucky Hound!!! (yes, I'm soft as grease, no she doesn't need things, but I want to!!)...