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    Olympia tickets

    Has anyone received Olympia tickets by post yet? Pretty sure I booked some but seem to have lost all emails to do with them and hoping I asked to have them sent.
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    Riding in the Lakedistrict

    I am hopefully going to be in the Lake District next month and would like to book a trek. Any recommendations of stables wold be much appreciated. We are staying near Grasmere.
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    Dartmoor Derby

    Has anyone done this, if so was it fun and worth the money?
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    Arc pony shelters

    Does anyone have this type of shelter and how do you find it?
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    Please talk some sense into me.

    After keeping horses for many years growing up with them and then with my daughter from mini pony club through to BE , sold everything horses, lorry, rugs ,tack about 4 years ago when said child left for uni. Husband breathed a huge sigh of relief. Fast forward to now. I have developed an...
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    Full moon

    I promise this is not a joke. Does anyone else have a dog who is affected by a full moon. One of ours howls all night whenever there is a full moon( or nearly full moon). He doesn’t howl any other nights thankfully , I was wondering if the light it throws out disturbs him but would be...
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    Polo holidays

    Looking for recommendations /ideas for a weeks polo holiday. Played a tiny bit in my dim and distant past but would be a beginner. Am open to travelling pretty much anywhere as long as the venue is fun and low key. Thank you
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    Kineton noseband

    We have been riding our boy in an English hackamore, it has been a revalation, he loves it. He has been XC schooling and sj training in it. Hopefully he will stay as rideable in it at competitions. However if when the adrenalin kicks in at events and he becomes harder to steer in it I am looking...
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    English Hackamore and BE

    Can you use an English Hackamore in the show jumping and xc phase at BE? Have looked at rule book and still can't work it out!!!!
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    Rug nightmare

    I am having a real problem with rugs pulling back on our horse. Every make I have tried do this on him. Through the winter was manageable as he always wore a neck rug but even these slip back. He is currently having a two week holiday because of soreness in his shoulders and back. His saddle has...
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    Please look at this and share Please show your support for a brave young woman. #kickingcancersbutt
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    Amira equi

    Does anyone have experience of this company?Have seen a bit I want on their site for a very good price but have never heard of them before!!
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    Looking for a performance connemara

    Does anyone have any ideas where to look for a performance youngster. It is a project for my daughter to bring on. Looking for a full up 14.2 pref not over height. Backed and ready to bring on. Want something with enough ability to be at least a good PC pony preferably more. Have trawled horse...
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    Bespoke riding boots

    Am thinking of getting my daughter a pair of bespoke boots for her 18th birthday. Would like to try and get a pair which, if taken care of ,should last many years. Does anyone have experiences good or bad of different makes. She has had a pair of broginis which have lasted about 4 years but are...
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    BE xc hat rule

    Just seen the bit about xc hats on BE website. Does this mean that the hats with flexible peaks are no longer acceptable? I am thinking of the likes of the Kepp xc hats.
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    Foreign body under skin

    Has anyone had a horse with a foreign body under the skin, and if so did it ever work it's way out? Our horse has what we are pretty sure is a air gun pellet under the skin in his neck. It sits in the muscle but you can definitely feel the shape. Vet has scanned it to check it is not a...
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    Calling BS Experts

    Just wondering how long results normally take to appear on a horses' record? It is three weeks + since show and no results showing on horses' record yet. May never be able to replicate result so would like it written in stone:) . Thank you
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    My dogs are truly amazing

    An unashamedly proud post. My two dogs are simply the best. Last night they alerted me to the fact that my OH was slipping into a diabetic coma. He had come home late after I had gone to sleep. He was downstairs having a hypo. The older dog came upstairs and jumped on the bed and the puppy was...
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    DEM. DEC BE results listing

    Noticed that BE have added these (DEM and DEC) to results listings. Am being totally dimwitted but what do they mean?
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    Irish eventing points

    Got a new horse coming from Ireland next week ( v over excited). He has no IE points because he has been competing at u25 1star even though he has been placed at that level. Am I right in assuming he will have BE points because that is the IE equivalent of novice?
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    Pumpkin seeds

    Does anyone feed their horse pumpkin seeds and if so why?
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    BE rule experts help please

    Beginning to plan this year and am trying to work out what classes daughter and new boy are eligilble for. Horse is grade 2. Know they can only do open classes upto novice. Where I'm not clear is BE PC classes and NS classes. Can any grade of horse compete in these or are they limited as well? I...
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    Emilion / Jus de Pomme

    Can anyone tell me anything about these two stallions? Our new boy is by Emilion out of a Jus de Pomme mare. I have found some info about them but would be interested to know of peoples experiences of their progeny.
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    Changing a kwpn passport

    What do you need to do to change ownership details in a KWPN passport? For some reason I am finding it very confusing..
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    Jeffries jmx jump saddle

    Does anyone have or has ridden in one of these saddles. If so how have you found it?
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    Insurance (again)!!!

    We are covered for 3rd party liability by being members of PC, BE and BD. When insuring for vets fees we would be covered upto £5000 pa. Having looked at the sums it seems more sense to put money aside regularly to absorb any vets fees rather than pay high premiums we have been quoted starting...
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    X -rays when vetting

    What is the benefit of x-raying when vetting? How much information do they actually give you or can they give a false sense of security? Having new horse vetted next week and am trying to decide what to do.
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    What is a realistic budget?

    What would you think a realistic budget for the following would be? Schoolmaster gelding 15- 16hh suitable for competant child coming off ponies. Must have proven event record upto novice. Established flatwork.No vices . Good handle, travel, etc. Basically a superstar paragon of virtue!!!! (...
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    West Buckland refund

    Has anyone had a refund yet?
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    MAN or Iveco

    We are looking for a new lorry and have seen two advertised that we like. They are both by the same maker, virtually the same spec even down to the paint. One is on a MAN and the other is an Iveco. The MAN chassis is one year older and both have pretty much same mileage and were coachbuilt in...