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    Boot help!!!

    Ok I set you a challenge. Needed: long boots for shows Colour: black Budget: around £100 Size: 6 foot/6.5 max....calf......17.5"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can find some, PLEASE link me, I'm so depressed and feeling REALLY fat when I'm only a size 12-14 dress size and 5ft9/10! I Feel...
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    Loose Schooling over jumps at 22 months?

    I was always taught not to start jumping until 5 years at the earliest, but I know many respected trainers in my areas start at 4 years and have been very successful doing it. However I noticed just now a 22 month old pony being loose schooled over a this normal?!
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    Going alone issues!

    I have a lovely youngster, he's been a joy to back and hacks out beautifully with others (is even better behaved at times!) However we're struggling to get over the hurdle of hacking out alone. We're currently doing a mix of in hand walks up our long driveway if I'm alone, or I'll ride him up...
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    Rope Halters - fitting?!

    Hi, I've just bought a couple of rope halters, 2 reasons: 1. we're getting into agility and lots of the other members swear by them for doing agility with. 2. I want more control in hand of a couple of the horses in hand than a normal head collar, not wanting to bit them for in hand but not...
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    What do I need/need to know/do to get into hunting?

    I'd love to give hunting a go, occasionally friends near me go so would go with one of them as I'm nervous (not riding, the whole rules and eticate thing worries me that I'll get it wrong and cause offence!) My horse is meant to have hunted before regularly and she's brilliant ridden in...