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    Pre camp nerves and axcitedness

    I'm off to Adult camp this week and I'm so excited but nervous at the same time! We have flatwork, polework/gridwork, Show jumping and Cross country on the programme and it will either make or break me! I've just got my confidence back jumping and I've never been xc before so I've put myself in...
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    Washing Saddlecloths?

    Does anyone have an innovative way to wash saddlecloths? I'm off to Adult camp on Wednesday, and won't have time to get to my rug washing lady or a horse friendly laundrette and I'm not a massive fan of washing them in my washing machine! I have a "horse hair catching bag" but I still find 10000...
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    Long mane and reins

    I have a dales x cob and he was a very long mane!! I usually plait it up in a running plait for schooling, but hacking out I tend to leave it "au natural". My rubber reins rub his mane, so I was wondering what people use/recommend to stop this. would plain leather or laced reins be better?
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    Can you see a difference?

    Hello! I was wondering if people who don't know Benn and I can see a difference in his schooling. I've been working really hard on rhythm and relaxing! The first video was taken on the 9th April 2014 and the second on 9th July 2014...
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    God give me strength!

    This isn't horse related... I'm a weekend receptionist at a car garage and we stock classic cars as well as some "normal" cars but with every single add on and extra imaginable. Every sunday my boss brings his children to work. they are right little *****s!!! Stole the elastic band ball...
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    So next weekend I'm taking the pony out to dressage, intro A to be precise. Only problem being is that said pony seems to struggle to understand the concept of bend and refuses to work into a contact. Does anyone know if this will dramatically effect our scores or if we will be ok as long as...
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    HELP: Trimming a traditional cob?!

    How do I go about removing the "split ends" in his mane? Homemade lemonade and tiffin for those who can help solve my conundrum! Thank you!
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    Best Mane and Tail spray for a traditional?

    As title really! Best one offthe shelf, or please share your homemade recipes with me :)
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    Yayayayayay go me!

    Today is a very special day. Today I jumped and I enjoyed it! I can't remember the last time I jumped and I didn't feel like poop afterwards :) Onwards and upwards from now on! P.S: He's a couple of short videos :)
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    Another " what showing classes" thread. Sorry!

    This is Mister Benn, the dales x cob extraordinaire! Last year we showed with some success at local level, with Ben being crowned driving type champion and second in the mountain and moorland. we know he shouldn't have really been entered as he's not pure dales, nor is he registered as his...
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    Another "what showing class" thread... Sorry!

    This is Mister Benn, the dales x cob extraordinaire! Last year we showed with some success at local level, with Ben being crowned driving type champion and second in the mountain and moorland. we know he shouldn't have really been entered as he's not pure dales, nor is he registered as his...
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    Homeade jumps

    Fancy doing a spot of jumping later, but have no jumps! only 2ft/2ft3, so does anyone know a way of making some homemade jumps that will do the job for a one off tonight? Thanks!
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    Proud and excited

    Put my big girl pants on and went out for a hack alone since B moved to a new yard. First proper hack including trot and canter since he bolted a few months ago. Also have a lesson on Wednesday with a local eventer whom I admire to so hoping that will kick start me into wearing my big girls...
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    Separation anxiety

    The horse a share and his best friend have recently moved yards. The third horse they were with all winter didn't move so there's just two of them now. Hacking out or schooling was never a massive issue, some silliness but nothing ridiculous before we moved. Now the horse I share seems to be...
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    How do we look?

    This is B and myself schooling. I like to use dressage tests as a guide when I'm riding as I'm not the most creative person when it comes to my schooling! I chose intro B this time. I've been working really hard on improving B's rhythm and transitions, he has a tendency to get excited and too...
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    The next step

    About a month ago I posted on the competing and training board that since B bolted, had no confidence. I've since invested in some big girl pants, and banished myself to the school to overcome my "lack of control". I feel a lot better for it!!! Now I am looking to push myself, now that I feel...
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    No confidence

    I share dales x cob who I adore and love as if he was my own. I have had so many highs with him, from getting back into jumping to winning in the show ring. However, recently I have found myself in tears after one of his moments. He's becoming restless and fidgety when handed, and misbehaves...
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    Fat Horse Slim: Equine Slimming World

    Thought I'd start a thread for anyone who is preparing themselves for that time of year when your good doer doubles in size! Share their start weight, their goal weight and your tips and tricks :)
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    Does anyone keep a diary for their horse?

    As title really! Does anyone keep a diary for what they did with their horse each time they ride? I'm thinking about keeping a diary to monitor weight, and how our lessons/schooling goes each week, as in improvements, issues, exercises etc.
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    Advice on feed balancer

    I've been looking at various feed balancers out of curiosity more than the need for one, and wondered if anyone used or knows someone who uses Horse and pony direct low calorie balancer? Is it any good? Seems to be a lot cheaper than other lo-cal balancers?
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    How to stop a dark horse from fading?

    As title really! Any advice/tips on how to stop a black horse going brown/red in the sun??
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    Moving yard/getting pony fit

    Hello! I've been lurking in the shadows reading posts for a few months but haven't actually posted before. I share a dales pony called Benn and next month he's moving from a private yard, to a small livery with lovely facilities, so that Benn can be schooled regularly, and hopefully (fingers...