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    Unsustainable, elitist sport... how have we made it here?

    In our area, UA are either the same price give or take (as they are usually run at BE venues) or the ground/course isn't ideal as it doesn't have the same maintenance as a BE course (understandably). I certainly enter UA where I can!
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    Unsustainable, elitist sport... how have we made it here?

    I'm in no way shape or form underplaying the fact that I am in a very privileged position - people are very quick to jump on the ''be grateful for what you have'' bandwagon - I absolutely am. I'm actually referring to our sport becoming EVEN MORE elitist than it was before, to the point where it...
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    Unsustainable, elitist sport... how have we made it here?

    I was reading the latest statements from local BE centres and from BE themselves about the situation with abandonment insurance, and it got me thinking. I'm studying at uni whilst trying to hold down a job to pay for my horses, something I don't at all resent as it is a choice and I love it...
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    Have you ever disliked a horse based purely on 'vibes' when it wasn't doing anything actually wrong (or not worse than a horse you do like)?

    I don't think it's dissimilar to people...there are some people I meet who can be pleasant and do absolutely nothing to offend or give me any reason to dislike them but I just don't get a good vibe (maybe that's just me haha!). I have the same with horses. I remember getting a little mare on...
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    Lister star clippers?

    Wouldn't buy them again. I don't clip professionally as such, but I do a lot of clipping for friends and I really don't like them. They get hot, even with the finest and cleanest of coats and they are VERY loud. I have also clipped with the cordless version (Liberty) and they are a pathetic...
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    Controlling canter without pulling

    Personally, I'd find an instructor and book a whole heap of lessons, not because it sounds like you're incapable of dealing with this, but because it makes THE WORLD of difference having someone on the ground and you'd be amazed at how some tiny adjustments can really transform the horses way of...
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    Experience with front leg lameness caused by shoulder/back problems?

    Oh wow, bless you. That is a tough one and really surprising they haven't found anything on any of those. Maybe 6 months field rest might answer the question? It's a cheaper, albeit longer, way to determine if it's something that's going to get progressively worse on it's own, something that's...
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    PTS or keep going

    Firstly, huge hug to you. I know this feeling first hand and it's soul destroying. There are a lot of people whose sympathy will lay soley with the horse, but mine is split between you both. Ultimately, when you reach the point of considering PTS, you're almost there. There are far, far, far...
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    Winter hoof maintenance

    Thank you - I have seen Artimud, he does have a couple of chipped bits from old nailholes cracking, would that be any good to pack in there?
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    First time horse buyer - questions to ask at viewing and important things to check?

    Having sat on both sides of this fence numerous times (as a buyer and seller), here is my practical advice: - Ask all your questions on the phone, you'll save yourself a wasted journey. You can always confirm the answers to those questions if you go and see the horse. - Do your research BEFORE...
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    Trailer recommendations please?

    I have had all IW (506, 510). They are OK, but I feel the build quality is diminishing and the price is increasing. For that reason, I looked into other brands and the one that came out on top for me was Cheval Liberte. I ended up opting for a 3.5t because I was sick of the car costing a fortune...
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    2 lessons in one day?

    Personally, I wouldn't. If you have a good dressage lesson you and your horse will have had a proper workout and I'm not sure why you'd want to ask more from them or yourself? In terms of people having 2 lessons a day at camps - this is factored into the lesson usually and you're splitting it...
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    Experience with front leg lameness caused by shoulder/back problems?

    Vets should be looking at horses as a ball of connected tissue with bones placed in the middle to hold them up. Lameness can be caused by pain anywhere in the body (just about) and pretty much EVERYTHING is connected e.g. if a horse is tight in it's hamstrings, that creates tension across the...
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    Showing Rookie… help!

    He is a 17hh Portuguese Sport Horse :)
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    Winter hoof maintenance

    I've got a TB who came to me with shocking feet simply due to a lack of care and nutrition (super skinny also - and not just racing lean!). We've really worked on his feet from the inside out - changed his diet, added a quality supplement and have the cats pyjamas of farriers. His feet are...
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    Showing Rookie… help!

    Our local show centre is holding a weekend of showing at the end of the month and I’d like to enter a couple of classes with my boys. However, apart from the friendly local low key showing shows, I’ve never really graced the show ring with my presence so looking for some advice on what to...
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    Agrobs Mash - worth the hype?

    I have a lean 5yo TB and I’m still trying to find the right feed for him. I want something non-heating that is suitable for ulcer prone horses that will also help him gain weight - the holy grail of horse feeds! my neighbour, whose opinion I really do value, has recommended Agrobs but restorer...
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    Equijewel vs Omega Rice?

    I have a lovely, but lean, 5yo TB who came off the track roughly 12 weeks ago. He is currently on a diet that has been very gradually introduced: at good grass for 10-12 hours a day, ad lib hay at night, 2 x feeds a day consisting of Allen & Page Soothe & Gain and Spillers Conditioning Fibre. I...
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    Grazing after liming??

    We've just limed our fields with calcium lime from an aggregate company. The lime was applied on Tuesday and we've had some pretty heavy rain since. How long do people wait before grazing? Thanks to the heavy rain their current paddock is now trashed so I really need to move them soon but we've...
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    Sweet Itch a very nervous yearling

    Yes, sorry I should have mentioned. He was treated with Deosect two weeks apart when he arrived as a 'just in case'.
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    With a horse like that I wouldn't run the risk of him not eating the full dose. Get a dosing syringe, mix with a tiny bit of water into a paste and the syringe down. That way you know for sure he's getting the full dose and he can enjoy his feed with nothing added :)
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    Sweet Itch a very nervous yearling

    About a month ago I rehomed an 11 month old rescue pony. When I went to see him they said the quickest way to his heart was a good scratch and he loved being scratched on his neck. This was 100% true, but to the point he would almost throw himself on you to get the scratches. I put it down to...
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    Lymphoma in horses

    My retired jumping horse has had a solid lump (a little smaller than tennis ball size) on his lower side ever since I've known him (6 years now). My previous vet practice looked at it for me and told me it was an old rib fracture and was nothing to worry about. Fast forward five years (said...
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    When to consider PTS?

    Firstly, you are in a really rubbish situation and for that I'm sorry. At the end of the day, you know your horse - you know what she might cope with and what she absolutely will not cope with. A lot of people turn them away hoping it will solve everything - I have found, from personal...
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    Arena Surfaces

    We have planning for a 20x40 arena and I am pulling my hair out trying to decide on a surface. We have a healthy budget for the surface but can’t afford a premix from Martin Collins or similar (as much as I’d love to). I know that I will be using silica sand but I’m torn between some type of...
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    Looking for someone a little *different*

    Thank you for your concern, however, my vet practice is a fully equipped equine hospital with scanning, radiography and theatre facilities with one of the leading orthopaedic surgeons heading up the team.
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    Looking for someone a little *different*

    I, of course, won’t be doing anything until his scope is clear. I’m just trying to start the search so I’m ready when he is.
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    Looking for someone a little *different*

    Sorry but I (and my vets) disagree. Ulcers are secondary to pain, hence why we fixed all other problems we could find before fixing the ulcers.
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    Looking for someone a little *different*

    Brief back story: Known horse for coming up 5 years now (I used to work as a professional groom and he was one of the competition horses I cared for). Had him with me for 18 months. He has been through a GA surgery (penile amputation due to squamous cell carcinoma), has hind suspensory issues...
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    Inflamed hind suspensorys

    So my horse had a workup today to try and identify why he was struggling to track up and work properly over his back. So he was sound to trot up, flex, lunge on hard and soft. He was unreactive to palpation of structures in his front legs but was sensitive to palpation of his suspensorys on...