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  1. EnduroRider

    Any Recommendations For My Trip to Edinburgh?

    We went Dec 2019 so things may have changed but... The dungeon is entertaining and I think you have to visit the castle whilst there. We at at The Outsider, Tower, and The Ivy and I would recommend them all. ETA I've also heard great things about The Witchery and would like to eat there if I...
  2. EnduroRider

    Costs of owning

    Echo this! Just my diesel to and from the yard twice a day costs approx £100 per week.
  3. EnduroRider

    Horsey people and there jobs

    Another wanna be vet that didn't quite get the grades. So I did an Equine Science BSc instead and intended going in to veterinary sales afterwards. Couldn't get the sales job without any relevant experience so temp'd in an insurance office instead. I then got offered a permanent underwriting...
  4. EnduroRider

    New Bridle Suggestions

    Horsemanship Saddlery
  5. EnduroRider

    Cardboard Bedding ?

    I have used a few brands previously (now back on shavings in line with current yards rules) and my absolute favourite is Green Mile bedding. It is shreds rather than squares so stays as a fluffy bed yet doesn't more about too much. Green Mile Cardboard Bedding - 30 Bales per Pallet - Nationwide...
  6. EnduroRider

    Door kicker

    I appreciate it will not solve your problem now, but once fixed, or for those that do not have a door kicker... be the mean person like myself that doesn't have your horses fed with everyone else! I am the only person that feeds my horses, they have never been fed when everything else on the...
  7. EnduroRider

    Feed in the USA

    How ironic is this!!
  8. EnduroRider

    Keeping the cone on

    What a pain! I am super lucky, we've just had ours spayed and she didn't once touch the wound so was able to go without a cone or suit.
  9. EnduroRider

    Keeping the cone on

    Does she really need it? Given the location she cannot lick the wound so the cone is only stopping her scratching at it with her feet. Is she actually bothered enough that she will scratch at the stitches? If yes, would a large self adhesive dressing be enough to protect them instead?
  10. EnduroRider

    Dressage How far in a GP saddle?

    Just measured my Monarch Dressage (Cob version, 17'') and at it's narrowest and right up in the channel is 5cm, however measuring at the point where you can see it has been weight bearing on the horse's back it is 6.5cm at it's narrowest.
  11. EnduroRider

    First winter with new pony - give me all your tips please!

    Aladdin travel mugs are the only ones I will buy now. A proper leakproof, locking lid and stay hot really well There are various colours/styles on Amazon.
  12. EnduroRider

    Does this mean it's been delivered or yet to be delivered - ebay?

    I have it showing the same as you for items that I have received, but I've nothing outstanding to compare against and see how that looks.
  13. EnduroRider

    Stem cell treatment for arthritis - has anyone had it?

    One of mine had Articell injected in to his stifle after arthroscopy showed chondromalacia in the joint. He was still 2/10ths lame at his 8 week follow up. Vets advised that the longer he goes without it having worked the less likely it'll come right. He is now back out with others and the vets...
  14. EnduroRider

    Is it normal for a tractor mounted hedge cutter to operate from the field-side?

    Yes, I encountered one working from the field side the other day. Luckily I was able to wait a way back and as he worked his way further towards me he spotted us (a lot of hi vis probably helped that) and stopped and moved away so we could trot by.
  15. EnduroRider

    Re proofing rugs

    I've just done paint on Fabsil with my turnouts that are older and no longer waterproof. I'm super impressed with it and water really beads off. Not sure if it'll make them unbreathable but not concerned if I get another season or two out of them. Fabsil Grangers Gold High Strength Super...
  16. EnduroRider

    So, I really like the yard I went to see.

    I too (and my horses) dislike stables with bars between neighbours but all yards I have been on have been happy to have temporary boarding put up. Easy enough to do with just one large board on each side, a few holes drilled, and cable tied on to the bars to hold in place. Is it worth asking if...
  17. EnduroRider

    Now for some real horse problems

    Speak to Zoe at Pioneer (and send those photos) and she will make something to match perfectly.
  18. EnduroRider

    Finding new rides?

    On the 1:25k scale OS the green diamonds denote a Recreational Route. Whether or not you can ride it will depend on the type of dashes as could be a footpath, bridleway or byway.
  19. EnduroRider

    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    Completely agree, what a great change from the norm!
  20. EnduroRider

    Livery yard

    How far are you willing to travel? I am in Widnes but found that I had to go South of the river (Frodsham/Kingsley) to find yards with decent winter turnout.
  21. EnduroRider

    Our first stay away show!

    I also take bedding home but I will go with minimal on the floor of the trailer and just chuck it in there. They aren't too tall so it doesn't matter if they stand on a good few inches of bedding on the way home!!
  22. EnduroRider

    'Phytaline' (sp?) nutritional supplement?

    Not a 'ph' but was it Zylkene?
  23. EnduroRider

    Tell me about AES horses

    My homebred (Selle Francais x Arab) is registered with AES as his sire was AES graded so it was an easy paper trail to complete. His passport is then over stamped by the AHS as a part bred too so there may be something else to prove breeding in the passport of the horse you are viewing.
  24. EnduroRider

    Yard dilemma!

    Move, and treat yourself to a good coat with the livery money you will save!
  25. EnduroRider

    Headshaking or am I paranoid?

    My old arab mare used to do this ridden and would flip one side of her reins over her head and they'd both be on the same side of her neck!
  26. EnduroRider

    Back cooler for horses?

    How about an Equi-N-Ice rug?
  27. EnduroRider

    John Whitaker rug sizing?

    I agree that the cut is slightly odd. Large on the neck yet seem tight over the shoulders perhaps because the surcingles appears to be set too far forward so pull the rug in behind the fore legs.
  28. EnduroRider

    Lunging aid - to bridle or cavesson...

    Please could I have a copy, we are under orders to work 'eyes below hips' (as in a line, not actually underneath!) so anything that helps would be hugely appreciated.
  29. EnduroRider

    How to do a fast muckout

    I do three and morning routine takes 45 mins. I skip out with gloves and a bucket and do two boxes whilst they are eating breakfast. One horse always finishes first so he is then rug changed and turned out, then the other two are finished so rug changed and put out. Skip out the last box and...
  30. EnduroRider

    Talk to me about the essentials...

    Get a dust pan and brush and make loops with cable ties through the handle of each to hang up by. If you have an appropriate wall, the stubbs multi hooks are super useful for hanging tools, headcollars, wet rugs etc. A stall guard or chain (and wall fixings if needed) makes nipping in and out of...