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  1. BallyJ

    Things to do in Edinburgh....

    Good afternoon all, We're going for a trip to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks, just wondered if anyone had any recommendations? We're big foodies so restaurant recommendations are welcome & any good museums? Quite fancy doing one of the ghost tours... how scary are these? (just me and OH so...
  2. BallyJ

    Puppy wanted

    Looking for a terrier pup for my parents. Sadly lost their last dog in September had him for 15years, rescue or breeder. Small/medium sized. Ready for February/March once I’ve moved out with my dogs! We’re registered with afew rescues also, but just putting feelers out
  3. BallyJ

    ** URGENT Dog not well**

    Just awaiting a call back from the vets, Dog comes to work with me daily for last 4 years, same office no change She is so ill today with stress, trying to get behind desks, panting, shaking, lots of yawning, tail clamped between legs. absolutely fine when on our walk. Ate all her...
  4. BallyJ

    Can’t find our new home!

    Myself and my Fiancé cannot find a house! We’ve been looking 18months and missed out early during the search on afew houses. Had an offer accepted on one but have sadly pulled out due to the survey resultsWe’ve sold ours and moved in with my parents making us effectively cash buyers! Has anyone...
  5. BallyJ

    Self build experiences

    Has anyone done a self build before? With no previous experience in the construction industry? Currently on the hunt for a new house and can't find a single one we like, (within Budget)! Just looking for opinions and experiences, rough budget ideas etc etc.
  6. BallyJ

    Dealing with arthritis in a young dog?

    Our 5yr old JRT has been diagnosed with arthritis, shes is on Yumove but I haven't really noticed any difference? has anyone used foran arthri can? I've seen it on a popular 'instagrammers' page and she raved about it but that's all I've seen...
  7. BallyJ

    Riding Schools in Lincolnshire?

    Looking at getting back into riding after a year out. Does anyone know of any advanced riding schools in Lincolnshire? or good schools - Really don't want to pay for a nose to tail lesson.
  8. BallyJ

    Nettled paws!!

    Our lab has been out training and she’s been nettled! She’s going absolutely nuts, any quick and easy remedies?
  9. BallyJ

    Dogs and their beds!

    Morning All! Just hoping for some advise on dog beds? We have a really lovely, expensive orthopaedic bed for the Labrador and both dogs love it! Our Lab is in Season so is craving her own space and sometimes gets barky/growly at the terrier if shes in there. Do we think if i spend another...
  10. BallyJ

    Dog portraits?

    Hello again! Looking for some recommendations for pet portrait artists. My parents sadly lost their dog yesterday, she was the family dog that we all grew up with so the heart ache has certainly rippled through the whole family. Would love to get them a portrait just need some...
  11. BallyJ

    Ariat Windermere

    Does anyone know where I can find the above in a 6? Regular calf? or know what equestrian clearance turned into? I don’t have horses anymore so I’m out of the loop
  12. BallyJ

    Entire female dog how do you deal with it?

    Not sure if the forum will let me call her a bitch? Anyway! We have a 7 month old puppy never had a season and isn’t showing any signs yet but when I took her out I had 3 males constantly trying to mount her. 2 were entire 1 had been done. Mine was sitting down a lot and trying to move away...
  13. BallyJ

    CCJ experts?

    Hi all, Could anyone that knows about the above PM me? Thanks xx
  14. BallyJ

    Dog training advice again!

    Hi all, Me again, back to talk puppies! Willow is going great! She’s really coming along nicely, just working on some socialising which means lots of coffee shops for me! I’m just looking for some advise on the relationship between her and our older dog! They don’t leave each other...
  15. BallyJ

    Friendly advice needed please!! Puppy pics****

    Hi all, Need some help on toilet training our new pup! She’s 10 weeks old and doesn’t seem to be picking up the idea of going for wee’s outside. She gives no warnings just squats. No asking to go out or signalling she might need one, we always have the door open though so I’m...
  16. BallyJ

    Introducing Puppies

    Hi all, Looking for some advise, we lost our lab last month and are looking at puppies now. However we have a Jack Russel who, since losing our other dog, has taken to howling when left alone. She comes to work with me, but is left maybe 2 hours a week, she howls the entire time! How can i...
  17. BallyJ

    Tweed Coats

    Wondering if anyone could recommend a Tweed Coat? I Have the Joules Field Coat but its not warm enough when i'm out all day on peg/not waterproof! Got the Alan Paine Combrook Ladies Tweed Coat - Shooting Fit but the sleeves are so big they bury me! Any recommendations would be appreciated...
  18. BallyJ

    Red Lab Breeders?!

    Hi all, Does anyone know any good red Labrador breeders? Would like a smaller, dainty Bitch ideally! We lost our Black lab last week so looking for a bitch due April time. Willing to travel - maybe not to northern Scotland but all ideas welcome. Will be coming to a working home, not looking...
  19. BallyJ

    Dog trainers?

    Hi all, Can anybody recommend a dog trainer near Lincoln for my JRT? Would prefer a gun-dog training style! Or any tips on her recall? She is perfect at work where we have 18 Miles of private fields but introduce another dog and she runs halfway to the dog then back again! - doesn't actually...
  20. BallyJ

    I need help!

    Another what would you do - im in a predicament! SO... I've broken my leg! Im gutted but unfortunately will have to sell up and be horseless for a while. I've come to terms with this and know its for the best blah blah blah. My current horse is a FAB Connie x TB 5yo needs a lady...
  21. BallyJ

    Doggy Dew Claws....

    Hi all! My Jack Russell has snapped her Dew claw, this is the second time in 6 months! My vet wasn't too keen about having to remove them but said she will do them as they are obviously an issue! Whats everyone's experiences on this? pro's/con's? shes had 2 nails pulled off and...
  22. BallyJ

    Selling horses

    Selling my pony and not enjoying the time wasters, pay monthly people and hoof kickers! its a heartbreaking sale as it is!! sorry, needed a rant!
  23. BallyJ

    Advert help?

    Just wanting some help writing an add for my pony - it all in the advert nowadays! Here’s what I’ve got; For full loan - 13.3hh Arab x Welsh 11 yr old Mare Bally is a super pony looking for a small adult to enjoy, she’s a cheeky affectionate character and is longing for a 1 to 1...
  24. BallyJ

    Jobs jobs jobs

    Hello, I’ve posted previously about not enjoying my current work place and decided enough is enough. Does anyone know of any equine/animal based jobs around Lincoln? I know not everyone is Lincoln based, but equine jobs are hard to come by ☺️ Thanks for any helpful...
  25. BallyJ

    Freezing my *** off

    Hi all! Heads up this is a whiny post (sorry) Just feeling abit fed up with the horses currently, feel in v deep and not sure what to do! Feeling like I can’t do bad for good! Back ground story.... Baileys hot chocolate at the end! I have 3 mares, my old trusty school mistress...
  26. BallyJ

    Dark nights, no lights!!!

    HI again! Does anyone have any recommendations on lighting a menage? it isn't my yard so don't want to spend a fortune, i'm the only one who cant get there in the day so i'm the only one who would be using them. Not confident enough to ride in the dark and think she would find a head...
  27. BallyJ

    Job Advice

    Hi all, I'm 22 YO & currently work as a glorified receptionist. In a v small office. It is in an interesting sector and i can bring my 2 dog into the office with me & have my horses on the doorstep. But there are no oppertunities for promotion or improvement (Training etc) & i don't get...
  28. BallyJ

    Sarcoids - to buy or not to buy

    Hi all, I'm sure this thread has been done 1000 times! I had a vetting done on a horse and he found 3 flat sarcoids on the back leg and 3 pin head sized 'lumps' on her fronts - the horse is 100% sound in all other ways. I really like it too - but I can't get the sarcoids out of my head...
  29. BallyJ

    Opinions? Tall riders showing ponies?

    Just been scrolling through the Daily Mail and saw this; is there not a age restriction? i'm not into showing but thought children's ponies should be ridden by children?
  30. BallyJ

    Vetting advice!

    Hi again! Just looking for advice on vetting, I've never had a horse vetted before, always known the horse so just bought 🙈 Does anyone know a good equine vet in Bolton? I'm over 2 hours away so don't know the area at all! Also! If anyone has any tips please comment below...