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    'I could go out tomorrow and buy a Novice level dressage horse for £6000 if I wanted.' Discuss

    As per title. Or, if you prefer: 'Ill-fitting saddles don't cause lameness'. These comments arose during a rather heated discussion I had with someone today.
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    Fireworks survey by MP

    A notification just came up on my FB feed that the MP for Dudley North is conducting a survey on people's views on firework use. If anyone is interested in completing the survey, here is the link...
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    P1 (long pastern) fracture: any experiences?

    Last week, my horse was spooked by a low-flying helicopter and went for a hoon round the field. She came in on 3 legs, and although the lame leg was swollen around the fetlock and pastern, it wasn't massively so. Vet diagnosed soft-tissue injury and prescribed bute, cold hosing and box rest. Vet...
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    Demand for livery in Exeter/East Devon?

    Hi All! I'm investigating the possibility of buying a property to set up a livery yard in the Exeter/East Devon area. As part of my mortgage application, the bank have asked for evidence that there is demand for livery in the area, so I thought I would ask everybody out there! The yard...