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  1. Chavhorse

    Any Idea how to put a Bitless Bridle back together?

    I have a lovely Dr Cooks style crossover bitless bridle that I want to sell. Now being a clever soul! I have taken it to bits and cleaned it in anticipation of the upcoming equine boot fair and now have no idea at all of how it fits back together again!!! Does anyone have any instructions...
  2. Chavhorse

    Livery - Faversham Kent Area

    Can anyone recommend a good livery in the area? Happy with full, assisted or DIY if close enough to home which is plumb between sittingbourne and Faversham. Thanks Chav
  3. Chavhorse

    Livery Yards Faversham Area In Kent

    Can anyone recommend a good livery yard in the area? Happy with Full, Assisted or even DIY if it is near enough to home. PM me if you prefer. Many thanks Chav
  4. Chavhorse

    Rhinegold Rugs Sizing

    I normally buy Amigo rugs for my big 16.3 cob and she fits a 6ft 9 very well. I have got the Opportunity to buy some Rhinegold rugs at trade prices and was just wondering if anyone knew how they come up compaired to the Amigo. Do not want to get the 7ft and drown her if I don't need to...
  5. Chavhorse

    You Can Get Your Confidence Back - But It Can Take Time

    From one who has spent the last 18 months watching other people riding my beautiful boy as I was too scared to ride him myself. You can get your confidence back but sadly you can not rush the process! Things that have worked for me; If you can look after your horse yourself, I moved mine from...
  6. Chavhorse

    Wish I had had a camera!

    My two horrors decided that there was not enough grass in the field for their liking so made an escape bid last night (jury is currently out as to whether it was 5 bar gate jumping or limbo!) and spent the night maurauding about, investigating the hay barn and grazing the lawn! They were...
  7. Chavhorse

    Following on From the Gallop Speed Post

    My horse can't or won't gallop! He is a Dutch Warmblood Cross born and brought up in Holland dressage trained and he really is clueless, you can go to an open space say off you go and you get......a beautiful collected canter, when you ask for more you get......a beautiful extended canter lol...
  8. Chavhorse

    And the Oscar Goes To

    Crept into the yard quietly this afternoon past the Horses happily grazing in the monsoon totally oblivious to a human in the vicinity. Did their stables and hay and went out 40 mins later and was spotted at which point they both went into the full on "we're drowning" "we are dying" "get...
  9. Chavhorse

    My Fantastic Insurance Company;-)

    Sent off claim form, vet report and vet bill for 1300 GBP on Monday, got an out office reply saying my advisor would be back in the office on Wednesday. E-mail today saying claim will be settled in full minus my 300 GBP excess and can they have my bank details so they can pay me. Now I...
  10. Chavhorse

    Horse Refuses to Follow Vets Orders!

    My Mare gave us all a scare last week by coming out of her stable on three legs with her off hind so swollen from thigh to fetlock it looked like she had morphed into an elephant. After a frantic few hours of vet, mobile x-ray machine (vet thought maybe it was a fracture) Vet decided it was an...
  11. Chavhorse

    Kent Bods - I have a spare ticket for the Monty Demo at Hadlow Tonight - FOC

    Due my friend calling in sick this morning I have a free ticket (she does not want paying back for it) for the Monty Roberts Demonstration at Hadlow College this eveining. I am an IH member so also have the early access part for the Members private view with Monty. I live just outside...
  12. Chavhorse

    Horse Hooked on Pot Noodles! Ok I don't want to come over like a miserable old bat but my slapping hand is itching.....the only reason the horse is "Hooked on Pot Noodles" is because you are giving it to...
  13. Chavhorse

    A New Method For Me of PTS

    As many of you will be aware I had my lovely Mutt Rabbit pts last night. I have to say I was plesantly suprised at how my vet did this. Firstly he gave me 3 Sedatives to give him 2 hours before the deed which made him lovely and relaxed and floppy, we had a lovely relaxed car journey to...
  14. Chavhorse

    Sleep Well Muttley Rabbit

    Very sadly James and I made the decision that our much loved Muttley Rabbit would be leaving us today. He has always been a troubled soul since I found him as a stray in Cyprus 8 years ago and as he has got older he has become more unpredictable, more nervous of change and has started biting...
  15. Chavhorse

    Need to Make a Very Hard Decision - Help Please!

    I have owned Muttley now for 8 years since finding him as a 5 month old stray whilst I was living in Cyprus. Muttley is a collie X and has always been snappy, it was not a problem when I was living in Cyprus as I was living on my own in a house with no neighbours and people very seldom came...
  16. Chavhorse

    What Is The Name of the Coconut based feed that Nic Barker Recommends?

    Have done a search and can't find it on here.....Help! Thanks People xx
  17. Chavhorse

    Wonderful Pic of My Mum on her horse Circa 1950!

    During the packing process I have just unearthed this wonderful pic of my mum on her Hunter Hector. I am loving the Breeches and the armchair seat and the big smile;-)
  18. Chavhorse

    Mrs Doyle Makes Some Friends;-)

    One of the lovely things about my yard is the group of youngsters we have there, they have all been busily taking pics of Mrs Doyle and putting them up on my FB wall along with a full report of what she has been doing. Yesterday she went out for the first time in the field and was put out with...
  19. Chavhorse

    Update on Vardi;-))

    Just for anyone who has been reading my posts about my New Horse Mrs Doyle and was wondering what was happening with the wonderful V-man Vardi is going great guns We have managed to find him a lovely loaner (he stays at the yard with me) she is a lovely brave young lass who used to work as a...
  20. Chavhorse

    Well Someone Appears to Have Settled In;-)

    Someone appears to have their hooves well and truly under the table The wonderful Mrs Doyle 4 hours after she arrived at the yard taking a bit of a nap I am loving the bottom lip
  21. Chavhorse

    Mrs Doyle is on her way to her new home;-)

    All went well and my lovely Irish Girl is now loaded on my YO's lorry and is wending her way to her new home;-)) In a word Phew!
  22. Chavhorse

    Update Introducing Mrs Doyle;-))

    My beautiful Irish Girlie who (all being well) arrives tomorrow. Thanks for all your name suggestions but as she is going to end up the size of a brick outhouse all the rather feminine Irish Names just did not seem right and Mrs Doyle will be just perfect for the Winter Dressage League;-))
  23. Chavhorse

    Help With Names for My Big Irish Girl

    So Far I have Mrs Doyle (Doyle for short) oh go on go on go on go on go on go on go on Eilish (Ay Lish) Aoife (ee fa) Branna Iona Maire (my ra) Alternative pronnucniation to mary;-)) Nimah (neeve) Otlagh (orla) Sorcha (sor aka) Any others?
  24. Chavhorse

    I Appear to have Just Bought a Horse!

    I have been looking for a sane safe saint like creature for a long time now. My YO called me yesterday and told me about this lass, who she had seen whilst looking at a horse for someone else. She is a 6 year old Irish Cob, 16.2 and has the capacity to be built like a brick toilet! She...
  25. Chavhorse

    Just Got My Insurance Renewal!

    And they have added two items to the cover an operations clause to cover all procedures involving local or general anesthetic and also a clause covering Wobbler Syndrome and the renewal quote is 60 GBP less than last year. Delighted with them ;-))
  26. Chavhorse

    Biker Chick One - Bet You Are One Happy Camper :-)

    Just read Dom's progress update from Nic on the Rockley Blog. He looks so much better you must be thrilled and delighted that he will soon be home. Result! xx
  27. Chavhorse

    My Gut Says Too Much Rich Grass

    Just had my friend from the UK on the phone saying she rode V-man today and whilst he was not visibly lame he did not feel 100% and she was wondering if he was having some more changes in his side bones. After we had chatted for a while it transpires that the horses have been taken off the...
  28. Chavhorse

    Do You Think Anyone Would Be Interested in A Loan Like This?

    This is strictly hypothetical at the moment and is not an advert I am simply interested in seeing what other peoples opinions are. Vardi is a 7 year old 17hh Warmblood x appaloosa, he has severe side bones which are fully ossified and he has been totally sound for almost a year now...
  29. Chavhorse

    Clip Clop Traders - Very Impressed

    I spoke to Emma Hinkley at Clip Clop this week about a couple of horses she was advertising. Explained I wanted a happy hacker type who could also manage some low level dressage and Riding Club, but horse would also have to spend a few hours a week as a working livery for the 4 or 5 taller...