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  1. Springs

    Hansbury Stud, Cousland, Scotland

    Just wondering if anyone has come across the above stud?
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    British Stallion Event 2019

    Here are the Stallions parading at the above event! Plenty to choose from... Stallions coming to the Event include (in alphabetical order): Argento, Arko III, Ashdale Legend, Balou for Pleasure, Banduardi, Barrowby Lord Darcy, Brechfa Brynach, Britannia Royal, Britannia's Mail, C Star WW...
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    Burghley Stallion Parade 2018

    Hi All, Quite a big line up this year anyone going? Its on this Friday 31st at around 12.30 in ring 2.
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    Horsebox floor Rubber V EVA which is best?

    Hi All, I am in the process of converting a 7.5t box van into a horse box. The base floor in the horse section is being replaced with alloy planking from service metals. I am looking to find out what others are using on the finished floors now as there seems to be the options of rubber...
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    StallionAI open day

    They have a great lineup of Stallions so is anyone going?
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    Leyland Daff 45 130 starting problem

    Hi we have a very old Daff (1996) that’s decided it didn’t want to start. We have replaced the seals in the separator, and suction side connectors on the file line at that end, replaced the fuel pump (lift pump) and fuel filter and we seem to have a good flow of fuel to the injector pump. We...
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    British Eventing and British Breeding

    British Eventing and British Breeding. So in the last few days I have been at the British Eventing Young Horse Championships with a 5yo. British Eventing also held there AGM on Friday late afternoon and had an open question time where I asked the following: "In today's 5yo class out of...
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    British Breeding - eventing champions

    Being looking at the data for the coming British Eventing Young Horse Champions on the horses entered and thought I'd share some of the basic information; 40% of the 4yo are British Bred 29.5% of the 5yo are British Bred 29% of the 6yo are British Bred 37% of the 7yo are British Bred...
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    Stallion Parade Saturday 22nd April @ StallionAI - Shropshire

    Just a note to all that the above is on this Saturday starting at 11.30 and with a super line up of stallions it should not be missed.
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    The Need for blood in eventers

    This has probably been shared before; Some very interesting data.
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    Brexit and pound to euro effect on breeding costs

    Hi all So the £ has lost around 15 to 20% in value against the euro, this will now make Importing more expensive and exporting more competitive! What are your thoughts and will this change your planes if your going European :) Many thanks
  12. Springs

    Breeders Elite gain full membership of the WBFSH

    Just for everyone to know that Breeders Elite have gained full membership of the World Breading Federation of Sport Horse which is super news for British Breeding. :)
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    British Stallion Event 7th January Bury Farm LU7 9BT

    All please remember the British Stallion Event is on the 7th January at Bury Farm Equestrian Village, Bucks, LU7 9BT The show opens from 11am with meet the stallions in the stables with displays from 12.10 starting with the Eventers, then the show jumpers from 13.10 and the dressage from...
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    Northern Stallion Show 20th March

    Anyone going?
  15. Springs

    British Breeding show case this Sunday 9th August

    Any one going? All will be welcome and its running along side the futurity evaluations. ;)
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    StallionAI and Twemlows Hall open day 25th This Saturday

    Lots happening for the breeder - opens to the public at 12 ish with a wide range of presentations, trade stands, advise and stallions. Anyone going ? :)
  17. Springs

    West Wessex Hunt Sabs

    This is off FB but we found it so funny we just had to share. Not sure if it is genuine or some one taking the P but enjoy :) Many apologies to anyone who came along to Luscious today expecting to meet us. The day did not go entirely as we hoped. We arrived at the shop in good time, they...
  18. Springs

    Thame Haddenham Livery

    Hi Has anyone got any recomendations for livery in and around Thame or Haddenham in Buckinghamshire. Ideally with a flood lit all weather arena. Thanks :)
  19. Springs

    Stallions Lord Z, Verdi, Spartacus

    Hi All, Anyone have eny experiance of the above stallions, eg temprement, type etc Thanks:)
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    ET/ Brood mare loan

    Hi all, we have a ET/ Brood mare for loan, 10yo a good heavy weight 16.2 mare. she is a goo dooer and good areound the yard and with youngsters. She is and ID X pm me or email me on
  21. Springs

    Our Opening meet cut short by Sabs

    Well we got to the first meet, Jaz doing her best to dump me at the first fence and then charging around if she were a 6 yo and pulling like the flying scotsman, But I can excuse her as shes 17 and I haven't taken her out for a few years! After about 1 hour I had just started to get her going...
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    6 hour old colt looking well!

    This is the latest addition arrived last Friday 18th at 06.30. The Photo of him is at 6 hours. We are working on a name at the mo, which is proving harder than we thought. We were so please that everything went well. :D
  23. Springs

    HOYS Showing classes!

    I poped into HOYS on Thursday as the taxi driver for the return home for the girls! I witnessed a couple of events that just reinforces the reasons why I don't enter riding horse or showing classes!! Why do the same people always win the in hand classes? do they have the best horses, possibly'...
  24. Springs

    Foal chilling out at a show

    One of our foals is quite chilled and everyone had to stop and have a look. Look at the link below: It would be nice if all foals were like this!
  25. Springs

    Foalies first outing

    We are really thrilled as we took our baby (Isis), out for the first time today to the Shropshire and West Mid Show and she came second in the foal class in the hunter breeding section! The Judge asked who she was by and when we told her she was really complimentary. Isis was such a good girl...
  26. Springs

    Breach birth recipiant mare update

    Hi All, Jasmin accepted her foster foal Shannon and are now out in the field together after 2 days. The adoption process went very well, we didn't have to skin the dead foal which was a huge + point. The link below will take you to Jasmins web page where there is a picture of the two of them...
  27. Springs

    Breach Birth recipiant mare up date

    Thankyou for the kind thoughts and comments on the previous post. Just thought we would keep you updated. Jasmin stood guard over her little lifeless colt until 7pm when the orphan foal arrived from coventry, with Jasmin slightly sedated we remove the lifless colt and put the orphan filly in...
  28. Springs

    Breach birth - Recipiant mare availble

    Our nice mare Jasmin had a breach birth this morning, dispite the best efforts of us and our vet we were unable to save the foal. Jasmin is now back on her feet. If you needed a recipiant mare in the Shropshire area please get in touch with the national foaling bank on 01952 811234, case 247...
  29. Springs

    Tumbling early this season

    I started early thsi year! The day was set, New Masters first meet and the horse & hound their as well! Off we went me and Rosie, a few post & rails to get us going along with a tiger trap and gate, the non junmpers joined and went off, me thinking it was going to be more post &amp...