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  1. Shazzababs

    Getting bute into a fussy eater.

    When my old boy was poorly we could only get his meds into him with a pile of golden syrup sandwiches (80 tablets a day!). So sticky, but it worked. Tesco sells it in squeezy bottles which makes it much less messy.
  2. Shazzababs

    Affordable, economical 4x4 to tow with?

    Wow that was an old post! We ended up with a Kia Sportage, the heavyweight one that tows 2 tonnes. It towed beautifully. They don't make them anymore, all the new ones tow much less, as does the Sorrento. And as you say, we discounted the Freelander because it didn't tow enough. In the end...
  3. Shazzababs

    Staying away - what have I forgotten? What can I leave at home?

    Loo roll Do you use studs? Old towel for the horse\tack if the weather forecast is atrocious.
  4. Shazzababs

    Towing - Kia Sportage??

    I tow with a Sportage. I have the heavy duty 4WD model that can tow upto two tonnes (and a B+E License). It happily tows my Son's 12.2hh and my 16.1hh with my Bateson Ascot. It wouldn't cope with 2 big horses in my trailer (max capacity 2,300kg), but until the boy needs a bigger pony it is...
  5. Shazzababs

    Freelance instructor insurance

    I use Julie Andrews. They were really helpful and I could pick and choose the things that I wanted cover for: It came to about £300 for the year. I only teach part time though.
  6. Shazzababs

    Should I complain and a general moan!

    WRT speak to the judge in advance, I have a horse who is 1 tenth mechanically lame behind due to scar tissue left from when he dislocated his stifle as a youngster (we have a vet certificate). When I used to event him (unaffiliated), I used to ask the secretary to include a note to the...
  7. Shazzababs

    Find a rider to help exercise my horse? And insurance Qs!

    The BHS Gold membership is good. My Son's pony is also insured with PetPlan and they cover any rider who has my permission as long as they are between the ages of 5 and 70. So if his friends ride, we are covered that way too.
  8. Shazzababs

    tack trolley for horse trailer

    We have a Bateson Ascot trailer which has a lockable tack cupboard built into the nose. Might be worth switching trailers instead?
  9. Shazzababs

    Thorn pad for Section A

    I ended up with one of these for our Sec A: Thought it was going to be cheap and nasty, but its actually a very nice little saddle and fits him well.
  10. Shazzababs

    Honda Quad or Old Tractor to manage 4 acres

    We have 4 acres and a compact tractor. Its a Siromer, we have had it 10 years and its been worth the outlay. But with the exception of topping, which needs the PTO we could do most of the work with a 4x4.
  11. Shazzababs

    My toddler wants to name his new mini Shetland mare 'Kevin' HELP

    LOL my son wants to call every pet we get 'Poppy' and or 'Suzi'. We now have 2 guinea pigs and 6 chickens called either Poppy or Suzi. No idea why he likes the names! You could use 'Kevin' as the stable name and have something else as her show name? Kevinna ?
  12. Shazzababs

    Badminton 2017

    Oh and BTW: The App is only available for IPhones, which is :( and more than a little short sighted, as the majority of handsets sold in the UK are Android ones (even if Apple is the biggest single manufacturer)...
  13. Shazzababs

    Badminton 2017

    We are camping for the whole weekend as normal. Pitch 457 - Hoping we are out of earshot of Custard Cream's 8 month old (only joking!). Already got the wine, walking boots and ski jacket (for watching the dressage) ready to go. My OH is bringing the boy up after school on the Friday and he is...
  14. Shazzababs

    Useful exercise for a "hot" horse. please share your favourites!

    One of my favourites is trot shoulder in down the centre line to X, a canter transition and then a 10m half circle to the track. I've extended it to a figure 8 at x, with a more balanced horse.
  15. Shazzababs

    Advice - pony tips water bucket..

    I have one who has 'form' for this. I switched to using a corner manger, and it seems to do the trick....most of the time. It fits quite snuggly in the corner by the door.
  16. Shazzababs

    Horse shedding like crazy WWYD

    Another vote for a furminator. Its amazing, and my boy dozes blissfully while he is furminated! I have this one: Started...
  17. Shazzababs

    Skinny/corner/combinations XC... HELP??

    Had a google for you. These might help:
  18. Shazzababs

    Rare breeds...why?!

    My TBxCB to add some gratuitous pics to the crossing is nice point:
  19. Shazzababs

    New to competing - What colour jacket, breeches and boots?!

    Oh and don't forget gloves. For dressage if your horse is dark coloured you should have black gloves and if you have a grey you should wear white ones. For everything else just go for black, they stay clean longer. If you have long hair you will also need a hairnet. Don't forget for Hunter...
  20. Shazzababs

    Solar fence energisers

    I have this one: I've had if for about 3 years. Its out 24/7 and it works really well, just set it up and forget about it. I've had to replace the...
  21. Shazzababs

    Mobile stables - set up

    BTW Please be aware that the planning rules have changed recently and you now need permission for stables, even if they are on skids. You might get away with it if they are out of site and no-one complains, as the change is not well known yet.
  22. Shazzababs

    Spreading muck on fields

    We spread directly from muck-out in the winter, directly onto the summer paddock. We use wood pellets and have a good macerating spreader which holds 2 weeks of poo. Once its been rained on you can't even see where you have been, we have to mark the fence to indicate where the next 'stripe'...
  23. Shazzababs

    Converted to Scoot Boots...but a question

    Hi All, I am a new convert to hoof boots (after only one ride LOL). It was a toss up between having the boy's shoes back on or the boots and he seems very happy with them too. His frogs/sole are coming back lovely again, so I wanted to keep him unshod if poss, we are only hacking really a...
  24. Shazzababs

    Training a bounce fence...

    I've always started with a double with a canter pole in the middle and then raise it? Never heard of any other method really.
  25. Shazzababs

    Bridle query for lead rein showing

    I've never had a GFS Bridle, but I have had several of their saddles and they are always lovely. At local level as long as the tack it clean, smart and 'tasteful' I doubt you will be marked down.
  26. Shazzababs

    What do you Tow with ?

    Kia Sportage (the heavy duty model, tows 2 tonnes). I have been very impressed with it so far. Will have to upgrade to something beefier when the son rides well enough for me to need to take 2 out at once.
  27. Shazzababs

    Badminton - mobility scooters

    There are a couple of places in the grandstand reserved for people to sit in wheelchairs/scooters. However I have also see people leave them up against the arena fence and then sit in seats in the first couple of rows. I'm not sure if you need a badge/ticket to use the wheelchair slots in...
  28. Shazzababs

    Best sales for a stock shirt and child jod boots!

    I got boots for my son from Sports Direct. Not amazing quality, but the speed he grows he needs new ones before the die (he jumped 2 shoes sizes last term alone). Not bought stock shirts yet, he just wears one of his school ones with a pony club tie. I got a lovely little jacket off of ebay...
  29. Shazzababs

    Riding after c-section

    I had an emergency C Section (it was a larger than normal incision due to the angle the baby had wedged itself) and I tried riding after 8 weeks (just a plod around the lanes). The actual riding was OK, but getting off was agony! I waited until the 12 weeks (as my consultant had suggested, and...
  30. Shazzababs

    Part/Assisted or DIY livery Shepton Mallet/Castle Cary area

    Have you tried Kingfisher farm? They have an indoor school. Its been up for sale for a while, but I think they are still doing livery. Don't know what types they offer.