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  1. Bay_Beasty

    The Kimblewick meet on Monday 25th oct!!??

    Hi, I am going to go to this, I was originally going to go on the slightly mad horse I have been given for the week as she is stabled at the yard where the meet is, but having had second thoughts and not wanting to get any more damaged before my holiday, I have decided I shall be going on foot...
  2. Bay_Beasty

    I rode an Icelandic

    and it was seriously fun. I got to ride the Tolt too, how smooth is that. I want one. Some serious pony squishing occurred (one as 13.2 other 14.1) but I had a blast. Wish I had pics now. Maybe owners of Iceys should put theres up. Here is a vid of the tolt for those who are interested...
  3. Bay_Beasty

    This is so so so upsetting....... I dont know if this has already been put up here. Poor Florence RIP! :( Run free, pain free and on happy healthy feet. The video is really horrible ..... just to warn you.... it made me cry quite a lot.
  4. Bay_Beasty

    just got bitten through my lip by my dog....

    .... off to wrexham park i go to have my face stitched back together. the dog has dissappeared. great. fun friday for me.
  5. Bay_Beasty

    Uffington White Horse??? or maybe a dog?? poll

    Ok so if you read ^^^^^^^ there is an article in H and H saying a vet thinks its not a horse but a dog. So what do you think??? I think its clearly a horse but I don't mind being prooved wrong
  6. Bay_Beasty

    Just thought this needed to be said... WELL DONE TEAM GB!!!! :D :D :D :D
  7. Bay_Beasty

    So who is going to win Tonights Kur??

    I shall be watching on FEI TV, I bought my Sub for a month today. :D I think Laura and Alf are going to give Totilas a real run for their money and just sneak Gold. :D
  8. Bay_Beasty

    WEG tonight....FEI TV???

    Thinking about buying a sub to FEI Tv, whats on tonight as I actually dunno?
  9. Bay_Beasty

    Totilas Isn't Sold!!!

    Thank the Lord. We get to see them at 2012. I wander how many 10's he will get there :D
  10. Bay_Beasty

    WEG so far.....

    ...... shame about Carls canter. But I know that horse is a toughie and can throw his toys out the pram....
  11. Bay_Beasty

    Can any one help me.....WEG tonight??? Can I watch on Free veiw TV

    Last night I watched it on the Sky TV but I dunno if I will be allowed the TV tonight with SKY, can I watch it on Free view TV on the red button??
  12. Bay_Beasty

    Can we all give a Big Round of Applause for Team GB and the Silver!

    *Claps* Brilliant! Well done.
  13. Bay_Beasty

    Laura's test made me cry....

    ...... WOW just WOW!!!!
  14. Bay_Beasty

    I thought the Naked Showjumping at WEG was a joke, apparently not .....

    .... I just looked at some pictures of the opening ceremony and its swarming in Naked people, male and female doing some really odd stances which dont leave anything to the imagination. :eek: Well I suppose if its a new trend it will make getting ready for shows much quicker and also...
  15. Bay_Beasty

    If I ever buy a Dougal Replacement, it will be....

    ..... a luso maybe crossed with a TB. But maybe not. I love them they are just dreamy, does anyone have one on here and can tell me more about them, personality, athleticism, what you do with yours etc etc?
  16. Bay_Beasty

    Skijoering ..... anyone done this?? Heres a vid if people dunno what it is. I want a go, it looks excellent. I thought this was jut one of those things they did at St Moritz, but apparently not. Genius.
  17. Bay_Beasty

    Lipizanner -------->>>>

    Oooooo I want him, doesn't he look lovely.
  18. Bay_Beasty

    16.2 black gelding ------------>>>>

    Humph, dont like that picture of him with his head pinned to his cheat. :(
  19. Bay_Beasty

    Updates re Jim - sad news.....

    .....well I had found Jim a lovely long term home, I was really happy, he was happy, it was all going well. So I rang his owners, who wanted me to find him a new home for them, don't want him to go to said home for unknown reasons. :mad: :( I am just so gutted, I spent all my hard earned time...
  20. Bay_Beasty

    What is this....Racking ??? Video inc

    I came across this on You Tube What is it? it looks like the Icelandic tolt, but thats not an icelandic pony! Any ideas??
  21. Bay_Beasty

    Does any one know what beasties eat Thistles????

    I have just spent the last hour and a half deheading my thistles in the field. I managed to scrape them all up in one field and have just left them in the other field until tomorrow. (mammoth job as they are much more spread over the field in this one) but these are only the thistles that have...
  22. Bay_Beasty

    I made you all a video of my XC Burghley day to watch......

    ..... so you better all watch it :D. I couldnt post all the photos I took so here they are in video, I like the music to it too and you might recognise a few of the doggies on the video too :D Enjoy!! Its taken me nearly 3 hours so you better like it :D :D :D...
  23. Bay_Beasty

    Introducing Whinnie

    This thread is mainly for the AAD who wanted to see pics of Whin this weekend and I couldnt show them any due to the phone being rubbish. Any way here she is, she is a 17 yr old (poss could be older) mongrel, classed as a Wire Haired Terrier. We have had her for nearly 15 years and when we...
  24. Bay_Beasty

    CC on Jim please plus also advice/options/opinions needed.....

    ...... Hi, So here is Jim, thought it would be cool to CC him. I think he is pretty interestingly put together. The ones I see are Low set on neck Broken wither Flat feet/under run heels low set tail Needs more muscle over the back Short coupled, not much room for saddle for tall person...
  25. Bay_Beasty

    Lower leg position and spurs...... thought/ opinions?

    Just to ask a question really. I have been riding for nearly 23 years (since I was 2) and only started using spurs when I had a very secure lower leg position, working on seat, lots of lunging with no hands and stirrups,and work with no stirrups to secure seat before I even thought of using...
  26. Bay_Beasty

    11.2 ----------->>>>>

    Any one else think that pic makes him look like a unicorn??? How cool would that be ...... :D :D :D yes pointless post :D :D
  27. Bay_Beasty

    Jumping in draw reins...... always thought this was a bad idea!

    Hey, Just asking for your opinions really. I watched a video on you tube recently of a girl (show jumper) jumping one of her horses in draw reins. She was doing grid work, ending over a big fence about 1.30/1.35. but she is jumping her horse in draw reins. I always thought this was a bad...
  28. Bay_Beasty

    coalition govn to review hunting act...... anyone know details??

    also in Hunting forum Does any one know details? saw this flash up on the H and H latest news thing???
  29. Bay_Beasty

    Coalition govn to review hunting act...... anyone know details??

    Read it on the latest news thing that H and H flash up!! Does anyone know details ?? :D :confused: :)
  30. Bay_Beasty

    Really amazing video...... please watch

    This was sent to me by a friend after me having a bad day yesterday. Well I wanted to share it with you as it is amazing Hope this works!! :D