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    Scope festival? Stabling

    Hey all, long time no post! I've qualified for the British novice final at scope on the Tuesday, meaning I only need a stable Monday night... So I'm not wanting to pay £115 for that one night! Is anyone going but not arriving til Tuesday, so I could pay a bit towards that stable? Or does...
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    Renault Midliner horsebox?

    Posting in here as assume people in here will have more knowledge on lorries. I'm looking for a new HGV, and have found one locally on a 1999 Midliner chassis. Any reviews? Parts? Problems? Thankyou
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    Equitheme Verona boots?

    Hey, Don't want to get in trouble for posting the same question in 2 rooms, so, if any of you have these boots could you possibly look at my thread in the comp room? Thankyou x
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    Does anyone have Equitheme Verona boots?

    Hi all, I've found the above boots and am shocked that for once I like something that is in the realms of reality bank balance wise! My question is, as they have an elastic insert, do they stretch like normal leather boots do? I'm bang I between calf sizes and am thinking I need the...
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    Statement issued re the outbreak and forthcoming events at Hartpury

    Announcement with regards to the EHV-1 outbreak We are currently in full consultation with both British Showjumping & British Dressage with regarding to the forthcoming Blue Chip Winter Show Jumping Championships 3 – 7 April and the NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships 10 – 14 April held...
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    Any current BS members? A favour?

    Would anyone be able to do me a huge favour and look at a horses record for me? Since the re jig of the system I can't log in to do it myself which is most annoying!
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    Anyone know of 'Grange Bouncer?'

    Hi, Ive just bought a horse by this sire. Irish breeding is a new one on me to be fair, so wondered if any of you guys know anything about him / his progeny? Thanks
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    Ticket for tomorrow?

    Should anyone have a spare ticket for tomorrow SJ id be interested! OH, now wants to come but didnt when i originally got the ticket! MEN!
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    Help on lorry pricing please!

    Hello, Ive just started looking for a HGV lorry. 5/6 horse Full living to inc toilet and shower. Mechanically sound but im happy to work on living / horse areas. I have a nice enough budget, and have seen 3 so far. Oldest was an F reg and newest was an L reg. Now im quite interested...
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    Lorry prices - anyone good at guessing values??

    Hello, Ive just started looking for a HGV lorry. 5/6 horse Full living to inc toilet and shower. Mechanically sound but im happy to work on living / horse areas. I have a nice enough budget, and have seen 3 so far. Oldest was an F reg and newest was an L reg. Now im quite interested in the L...
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    RIP Fox Hunt

    Very sad.
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    What a muppet...
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    First post in here - be nice and advice please!

    Well guys, I have a Husky from a rescue centre. He is nearly 8yrs old, has a couple of issues but nothing too bad. First night he wouldnt eat but settled fine, went to sleep etc. The next day he ate and all seemed fine. The cats have bopped him on the nose a few times, so all is well...
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    Quick - ideas for an alarm i can install TODAY..

    Without giving too much away - our fences have been cut today. YO horses got onto main road. This is bad enough, however we think the gap has been cut for the barstewards to come back tonight / tomorrow and do the yard over. We will obv remove tack and other valuables - but i cant remove...
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    Rockhampton EC??

    Has anyone been to the above EC? If you have do you have any piccies or a description of the place? Ive never been but am looking for somewhere friendly and low key for my youngsters first shows. Ive heard a not so flattering report of here but wondered what the majority vote was...
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    OMG NFU premium hike- where do you all insure?

    Yikes - i know other people have complained before about NFU and their price hikes and i admit i did secretly hope and pray that my premiums may be left as they were.... However, after the sweetner of 'being a loyal customer for 6 years your reward is £260.33' blah blah blah... It transpires...
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    Strange Ebay listing Thoughts?
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    Selling a Hunter?

    First time advertising this type of horse and wondered if there was a specific place to advertise? Thanks
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    SJ Venues near Bristol / Weston Super Mare

    Hi Guys I have a 4yr old and very green 6yr old that i will start competing next month hopefully. I know of venues such as Badgeworth, Hand - Summer house and Hartpury for further afield, however as im not local to the area i dont know of any other venues that maybe do unaffiliated to...
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    Alternate Jazz - Ja jumping pony

    Hi guys, Just wondered if anyone knew / knows of this pony? She is the dam of a 4yr old i have and according to BS(JA) site she is Ja, Bay and 23 years old approx. Just wondered what she was like out of curiosity really. Toffee apples for reading!
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    Anyone near Tamworth?? Odd request..

    Hi, Does anyone happen to be near Tamworth? Basically, im travelling from Somerset, with 3 horses. My Friend, is travelling from Yorkshire, also with 3 horses. Tamworth is on the middle. We need to swap them over - normally not a problem as they are all handled / ridden horses who all...
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    22 year old - £200?? Market Drayton

    Im not connected. I got linked this on FB and i have my own feelings on it..... I thought id pop on here and see if someone can help him find a nice home.
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    Equine physio / chiro in Somerset?

    Hi Guys Im after some numbers for the above in my area as i havnt used one yet in this area and i dont know where to start! Many thanks in advance!
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    Dorset County tomorrow?

    Is anyone going to Dorset county tomorrow? I wondered, as i am, and i have a spare wristband if anyone needs one? I got 3 with my entries and i think they are valid for both days. Pm me if anyone wants it!
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    Shoppers! Help needed.

    Im looking for - A brown GPA hat. Size 56. Id prefer the original carbone one but i cant find them anywhere! So far equestrian clearance has been my only find but there MUST be more out there! Any hho'ers know of any good places to look? Thankyou!
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    Just a quick question regarding horse pricing...

    Totally bombproof to hack - ie, juggernauts, motorbikes, caravans etc. I hack the horse down a very major A road - he waits at traffic lights etc. Flatwork wise he is green - willing, but green in his canter. Snaffle mouth, not strong at all. He is brave, jumps fillers, x country fences...
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    RE - Horse / traffic accidents...

    After reading several posts on here regarding traffic accidents with horses, i made up and wrote a status on fb. My thoughts behind it were that 1/2 of my friends on there are school friends and are not horsey. Since i posted it, the status has recieved 13 'likes' and, unforseen by me, has...
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    Wood Pellet bedding - Somerset

    Hi guys, Im wondering about wood pellet bedding, but before i shell out a fortune buying in bulk id like to try it first. Does anyone know anywhere that sells it where i can buy 10 bags or so as a trial? Thanks muchly!
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    Anyone doing Dorset County?

    I am! Im showjumping on the Saturday. Does anyone know of anywhere i might be able to stable nearby on the Friday night, as its a fair drive and im in the 2nd class on the Saturday? Who else is going? Are you Jumping or showing?
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    Pony rodeo in Wales yesterday??

    Does anyone know anthing about this? I saw some horrific pictures on a friend of a friends facebook page and wondered if anyone had any clue where it was??