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    Can we talk food intolerance and behaviour issues?

    My older mare reacted really badly to anything with high levels of plant oestrogens in it. Soya was the worst offender but she also reacted to many other feed ingredients. It made her come into season all year round and her ovaries were very swollen and painful, which made her very grumpy and...
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    'I could go out tomorrow and buy a Novice level dressage horse for £6000 if I wanted.' Discuss

    Links to articles would be really helpful, thank you!
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    'I could go out tomorrow and buy a Novice level dressage horse for £6000 if I wanted.' Discuss

    It arose as part of a compensation claim. I can't really go into too many details as it looks like it is going to end up with lawyers involved :(. The comment about the novice dressage horse was made as a comparison to the horse involved in the claim, who is actually schooled to...
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    'I could go out tomorrow and buy a Novice level dressage horse for £6000 if I wanted.' Discuss

    It was a hypothetical horse but I think the person concerned was imagining one with no health issues or temperament quirks.
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    'I could go out tomorrow and buy a Novice level dressage horse for £6000 if I wanted.' Discuss

    As per title. Or, if you prefer: 'Ill-fitting saddles don't cause lameness'. These comments arose during a rather heated discussion I had with someone today.
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    Saddle fitter recommendations

    I have used Sue Paine at Dragonfly Saddlery in the past and found her really helpful. She also does Bit Fit consultations. I've also used a couple of other qualified saddlers who were not so great but don't want to give out names here (none of the ones mentioned so far by other posters).
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    boundary issue

    I had a very similar situation a few years ago, but I was the owner of the hedge and my neighbour's horses were doing serious damage to it, partly due to dodgy fencing which the neighbour did nothing about. I spoke to the legal helpline provided with my house insurance and according to their...
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    Homozygous black stallions in the uk??

    How about Devivio? There's also Eros, but he might be too small.
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    BBC olympics

    For anyone who's limited to the BBC, they've just shown Carl's test and they going to show the end of the competition live from around 12.30, CDJ is due on around 12.40.
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    BBC olympics

    Mine too.
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    BBC olympics

    According to my friend, it's on BBC 1 at 11.15am. I've no idea where she got that information from though, so don't blame me if it's wrong!
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    To those who make hay, hows it going?

    I feel your pain - I was let down by my contractor when we had the hot spell a couple of weeks ago as he had booked in too many people (and they all had bigger acreages than me!). Everyone else I tried was similarly busy. He's promised to come back as soon as the weather goes dry again but we...
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    To those who make hay, hows it going?

    Our grass only really started getting going last week, so I'm hoping that now that the weather has finally warmed up, it will be looking a lot better in a couple of weeks. At the moment, it's pretty patchy.
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    Olympia ‘21

    I've just booked tickets for friend and me for the puissance - we're also row B, so we'll give you a wave!!
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    Humphries and Swain Holistic saddles

    I bought a Barry Swain Semiflex for my Anglo-Arab about 10 or so years ago. It was the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in and my horse loved it too. She was able to move under it in a way that she couldn't with any other saddle. She retired several years ago, and I haven't used the...
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    House cat plus yard cats?

    I have a house cat and three ex-feral barn cats. They have learned to live with each other and, other than the odd spat, tolerate each other pretty well. The barn cats are actually quite social and would probably make friends with the house cat, but she hates other cats and is having none of it...
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    RAF low flying helicopters - experiences

    I was in the house when the helicopter went over - it was incredibly low and I could actually feel the whole house shaking. Almost immediately afterwards, I heard my horse start neighing from the field, which she never normally does. When I went out to see why, she was stood by the gate on three...
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    RAF low flying helicopters - experiences

    Back in February, my horse was spooked in her field by an extremely low-flying helicopter and broke her leg. Although she has recovered, she can no longer be ridden. I contacted the RAF, who took the matter very seriously. They did a full investigation, identified the precise aircraft and...
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    Fireworks survey by MP

    A notification just came up on my FB feed that the MP for Dudley North is conducting a survey on people's views on firework use. If anyone is interested in completing the survey, here is the link...
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    How would you handle this?

    Years ago, I knew a horse that suddenly developed an aversion to being rugged and it turned out that static electricity was building up in the rug and he was actually getting a small shock off it, particularly when you took it off. Not surprisingly, he associated the rug with this unpleasant...
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    Sycamore or Maple ID please?!

    From the look of the bark in the first picture, I'd say that's definitely a field maple. Sycamore bark is darker and doesn't have that ridged 'corky' appearance. Also, if you can find any young twigs, if it's a sycamore the stems of the leaves will be bright pink.
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    Poss intolerant to wheat?? Behaviour

    When she was younger, one of my mares had a massive issue with anything containing high levels of plant oestrogens - if fed anything containing soy, she would come into season all year round. It became impossible to find anything 'safe' to feed her on and her behaviour got so bad that in the end...
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    Cost for converting arable to pasture?

    I put in a mixed native hedge about 185 m long a couple of years ago. The cost of the plants came to just under £400 but I did all the work myself (it's very easy to do but a bit time-consuming), so you would need to factor that in if you wanted to get someone in to do it. I bought some of the...
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    Hay 2020

    Mine was baled and brought in yesterday; the yield is a bit lower (120 small bales per acre compared to 130 last year), but I had twice the acreage available to cut this year so have enough for my horses and for my neighbours too. So relieved to get it in the barn though, the weather has not...
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    Over 55 and being great

    I'm currently 51 and planning to breed my first foal - my mare will go to stud next year, so the foal won't be born until 2022. By the time it is old enough to be backed I will be 56. Confidence and 'impostor syndrome' has really held me back in the past but as this will probably be my last...
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    Buying a horse with a historic pastern injury

    My horse broke her pastern about four months ago in a field accident. Although her recovery has been better than expected, I have been told by the vets that she will never be able to do anything more than light hacking. I've also been told that arthritis in the joints is more or less inevitable...
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    Anyone seen any Swallows yet??

    I saw my first one yesterday morning, sitting on the electricity wires in my field. I'm in West Devon. They normally return here around the 11th but last year it wasn't until the 15th, so I was surprised to see it yesterday.
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    P1 (long pastern) fracture: any experiences?

    Thank you for your reply. It's frustrating that the seriousness of the injury wasn't picked up earlier but the vet said today that she is nothing like as lame as she should be, so hid it really well. The swelling has gone down a bit and the vet was able to have a better feel of the bone, he...
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    P1 (long pastern) fracture: any experiences?

    Last week, my horse was spooked by a low-flying helicopter and went for a hoon round the field. She came in on 3 legs, and although the lame leg was swollen around the fetlock and pastern, it wasn't massively so. Vet diagnosed soft-tissue injury and prescribed bute, cold hosing and box rest. Vet...
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    What grasses to sow in field?

    As you're in Devon, it might be worth contacting Matford Arable/PG seeds for some advice. They are based in Starcross and offer a consultancy service as well as seed mixes specifically for equine paddocks.