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  1. khalswitz

    Eventing europeans - who will be on the team?

    Just home from Blair today - couldn't stay for the last day as working. All I can say is wow. Standard was so high - GB riders did fab, and Germany just incredible. Michael Jung on for another title I think. However I have a horrid cold. Anyone watching the XC today on the BBC may have...
  2. khalswitz

    Pads under fleece bandages?

    With fleece bandages I don't use pads. Polo bandages though I do. My preference though is sport wraps - much less bulky than either and less likely to overheat, more like a boot to apply but softer. My fleece bandages are mainly eskadron etc - no problems with them.
  3. khalswitz

    Everybody hurts, sometimes, everybody cries.....

    Well then - that's about as good as it can be then. Try and keep your chin up - but don't begrudge yourself a good cry, even if it's just mourning this season in the long run. Can't wait to see reports from the new orange one :)
  4. khalswitz

    Mr T's first show back :)

    I'm looking forward to it. Agility will have to replace eventing in the meantime ;) Sounds fab! I will definitely catch you then :) looking forward to it! and fingers crossed that makes a difference to Beau :)
  5. khalswitz

    Mr T's first show back :)

    I'm holding up. It's not great, but equally it could be a lot worse. I'm puppy hunting, which is keeping me occupied ;) Fabulous! You know what to expect this year though, and the boys do too, so I'm sure you'll be ace. What classes are you entering? In working the Thirsday and Sunday, but...
  6. khalswitz

    Everybody hurts, sometimes, everybody cries.....

    Oh no. I'm so, so sorry. I know that horrible feeling of 'will we ever do it again?' Too well. Just have a good cry. You never know, he may come back, and if he does you'll have TWO to be excited about. Then it will be juggling two horses and two kids - imagine the excitement! ;) All...
  7. khalswitz

    Mr T's first show back :)

    OMG!!! He's looking keen!! So glad to see him out and about again, and with you on top ;) How are the rest of the gang? I've been so out of the loop lately... Xxx
  8. khalswitz

    Geoff update: the end of the road.

    Keep waking up at 5.30 and thinking I've overslept... :(
  9. khalswitz

    Geoff update: the end of the road.

    Thank you everyone :).
  10. khalswitz

    Geoff update: the end of the road.

    Thanks all so much. Yesterday was a very bad day - I couldn't eat, and I certainly couldn't sleep, but dad is going to go and deal with the knackerman for me today and then I'm going to go and tidy out his things. Being busy is key My lovely friend has a stable full of horses and is going to...
  11. khalswitz

    Geoff update: the end of the road.

    Thank you all so much. He was such a character and it's a comfort to think HHO will miss him too. I put a similar notification up on our blog, just to finish it off, but it has a wealth of photos of us during our 3 years of HHO blogging that I really love if anyone would like to see them...
  12. khalswitz

    Geoff update: the end of the road.

    Hi all. I know it's been a while since I updated last with Geoff's condition. Up til now, he's been just tootling along, been turned out, wound not quite healed but getting there. Today I got a phonecall from my yard owner saying he looked very unhappy and very lame. Went up to the yard, and...
  13. khalswitz

    Geoff Update: It's all in the air!!!

    I was in milltimber before so cults isn't a huge difference. My new job is at RGU so the west end of town is perfect :).
  14. khalswitz

    Geoff Update: It's all in the air!!!

    Thank you both. Can't wait now til I can get some vid of him actually outside to share with you all! Quite honestly, it has been a horrifically stressful and scary experience (extra stressful now he's gone over his insurance limit!), and the support I've received on here has been fantastic. It...
  15. khalswitz

    Average Income of horsey families

    In my experience at pony club, there are three types of families: the professional horsy family, who don't earn much but have the horses/knowledge/contacts/sponsors and so the kids do well out of that; the minted family, who can afford to buy whatever the child needs pony-wise and...
  16. khalswitz

    Geoff Update: It's all in the air!!!

    Well, we've got to get him out of bandages yet - vet says another fortnight to a month of bandaging, and then he'll need a week or so to get used to his leg in the box without support from the bandage before we turn him out, else he may end up falling over! But maybe another 2 months tops before...
  17. khalswitz

    Geoff Update: It's all in the air!!!

    Thanks! I'm still in shock that it's gone so well - my vet now wants to use him as a case study, which is really cool :) I'm just relieved he's around and healing to be honest - trying not to think about what will happen if he isn't sound once he finishes healing :( Yeah, pretty scary - I've...
  18. khalswitz

    Geoff Update: It's all in the air!!!

    Hello HHO!!! It has been a while... but whilst we're no still no where near 'competing and training' again yet, there is some news in Geoff-land. He is doing ace. Not only is he the best patient in the world (how many horses, 2.5 months into box rest, would be standing in their stable calmly...
  19. khalswitz

    Sponsorship competition - what would you want?

    Drop me a PM if you like? I also run an equestrian 'service' and have two sponsored riders on the books so can advise if you like? X
  20. khalswitz

    What was your first dressage test like?

    Erm... Not great. My first dressage test was on a Highland I loaned when I was a teenager, and we did the whole thing as days as physically possible... First one with Geoff he tried to buck me off when we were trotting round the arena waiting to start, then proceeded to run around like a...
  21. khalswitz

    Leasing a schoolmaster PSG horse?

    Being absolutely perfectly honest, finding a sound, sensible PSG schoolmaster is like finding a needle on a haystack anyway, let alone one for cheap or loan. These animals are worth a lot of money, especially to do YR, because they are what everybody wants. The only way id say you'd find one is...
  22. khalswitz

    Geoff Update: Some HHO vibes would be much appreciated!

    A little accident prone is an understatement I think!! This has prompted me to look through his veterinary history, and boy I wish I hadn't realised just how many holidays for my vet have been funded by that horse ;) I don't know when he'll be out yet SP, we're still planning point grafts so I...
  23. khalswitz

    Geoff Update: Some HHO vibes would be much appreciated!

    Thanks - I really appreciate it :) GG - yes was pretty horrific, but actually took a while to sink in. I'm pretty practical, so getting him back to the yard and everything was priority first, I knew it was bad but didn't really look too closely. It was once the vet was there and I needed to...
  24. khalswitz

    Badminton entries........

    I'm glad that Kings Temptress will have a chance to run thanks to low entries. Hope WFP runs Chilli Morning and Parklane Hawk, and takes Bay My Hero and Cool Mountain to Kentucky instead. Looking forward to seeing the Clifton horses back too. Will be interesting to see Laura Collet jump Badders...
  25. khalswitz

    Geoff Update: Some HHO vibes would be much appreciated!

    Hey all :) thanks for the encouraging stories! Gives me some hope!! Geoff is, as of this week, past the worst!! Both wounds are now covering the bone, so risk of bone infection has dropped significantly. The gaskin/hock wound has practically filled in, and was debrided and now getting steroid...
  26. khalswitz

    Strangles outbreak

    MM - I know of four in the area, although understandably they aren't shouting about it. Sounds like all came from one transporter coming up from down south. Three weeks after last horse stops showing symptoms is when you start swabbing, so no yards will get the all clear before then. You'll...
  27. khalswitz

    Exracer question

    Mine started off tricky, and I had a few issues with him, but they weren't racehorse issues, they were my riding/his saddle issues that would probably have come up with any horse. Since then, he has been perfect - he takes beginners, he's easy to do, super genuine and just a lovely character...
  28. khalswitz

    Equitector Gaiters

    I have a pair of short lace boots and gaiters for competing. I love them - super comfy, scrub up well, well-wearing and nice quality leather for a decent price. Plus, being an awkward size, it's lovely to have well fitting boots and decent sized gaiters for a change!!! Mine are Spanish top and...
  29. khalswitz

    Using a bungee whist riding?

    Personally, no. If you're only using the bungee as a guiding contact, then you have your hands - use them instead. If you're using it to keep the horse's head down, then it's dangerous - if horse resists the contact you have no way to release it and your horse could easily start rearing with you...