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  1. Miss L Toe

    What is wrong with this site software

    I have mega problems wit hthis site, no other site, keep getting some "survey" from contenko also can t seem to use pm s unless someone contacts me also an error massage saying "error script on the page causes computer to run slowly" or some such I used to be able to complain to The Fat...
  2. Miss L Toe

    Scotland: ownership dispute

    OK, dont all jump with criticism. I want to know if ownership of my horse has been transferred because the girl has paid half the money. I told her at the outset he belongs to me until paid for. She claims ownership after paying 50% Police think it is joint ownership and tell me not to take...
  3. Miss L Toe

    Progressive Earth problems

    I cant seem to purchase anything on Ebay [item not available], is there a website address I can go to, thanks
  4. Miss L Toe

    What to do now ........ "sold" pony, stage payments

    OK, so I struggled to find someone who was capable of schooling my horse, and he was just a struggle for me, financially and otherwise, just no pleasure any more. When at last a pleasant girl [over 21] came along, I let her take him, she paid a good deposit, and [when pushed] has paid about...
  5. Miss L Toe

    Trailer attachment to Towbar

    Does the Ifor Williams towbar fitment sit "on top" rather than being bedded down right over the ball. In the past, I am sure I have seen people jumping on trailer bars to make sure the socket is down round the ball, With my old trailer, there was a sort of hinged handle on the socket, so it...
  6. Miss L Toe

    My daily feed budget for winter

    Trying to buy best value minerals is a bit of a minefield, barefoot pony is 15.00 and in light work, but I like to feed from now to Christmas and then start slimming him for spring. The micronised linseed cost per day........................ 17p Fast Fibre and non molassed s beet...
  7. Miss L Toe

    Buying mins and vits for 200 days: Feedmark

    Feedmark have an offer on, this weekend, with a free Kg of Benefit Advance or Original Balancer, it seems to me that OB is more expensive to feed than BA, which seems strange as one assumes BA is a more advanced product. I feed Micronised linseed which already has Omega 3 and 6, so I don't...
  8. Miss L Toe

    Laff out Loud

    Am keen to find a new place, this one has no hacking and no social life, does have turnout all year round [stabled in winter], so was overjoyed to see vacancies at a family farm nearby........... there is a picture...... it's where I am, a bit of a misdescription, its not even a farm!
  9. Miss L Toe

    Poor horse, weather forecast rant

    OK it has been raining all day, and I would normally bring him in to let feet dry out, but forecast was to improve, at 8.00 pm it went massively dark and Thunder and Lightening, local forecst showed moderate rain stopping at 9.00 pm, it is still battering down, I hope he is OK, no shelter, I...
  10. Miss L Toe

    Horse won't load

    OK so after having to move my horse several times in quick succession, he won't load, not a bad traveller, not frightend, just will not walk right on, both a lorry and a trailer. I thought I was over it after spending a week, he was getting on with oats as a bribe. but now back to sq one. He...
  11. Miss L Toe

    Moffat. driving event

    Calling all Scots .... new driving event at Raehills, come along ansd support this new venue........... easy access, free beer on Saturday, well not actually free, but still good value, £10.00 for hog roast, and lots of mad keen horsey people, includes internatioal stars and royalty, or if not...
  12. Miss L Toe

    Women's boxing a new olympic sport

    Am I the only one who finds this scrappy and inelegant, we get enough aggression in today's day to day life without encouraging it. I don't see any boob guards either.
  13. Miss L Toe

    Moving Yards

    OK, I have been trying to sell my pony for ages, at the moment he is at a yard with no hacking, and no social life for me. I do not enjoy riding him there, avoid it when possible. I can't find a yard that suits both me and him, also he gets upset when moved. Should I go back to a yard I left...
  14. Miss L Toe

    Can't find Catch up

    Am I the only person struggling with the olympics videos, I want to watch yesterdays sailing.. can't find Catch up at all!
  15. Miss L Toe

    Cat has matted coat

    This is a constant problem with my big boy cat, I am currently having to cut the coat with very sharp scissors, he is not very co-operative, I do brush him with a human plastic bristled brush every few days, but once the coat is matted, it hurts him to do so. Could I use a horse conditioner, he...
  16. Miss L Toe

    TV reception

    For some reason, my TV has only got one channel [used to work till I sat on small controller thingy].... and I was considering buying a new one, there are loads about £120 on Amazon which would be fine, but will I be able to watch the Olympics? There is an aerial in the wall, but it is a poor...
  17. Miss L Toe

    Barefoot question.......... technical

    OK, so I have been b/foot for nearly two years, this year he got an abscess, vet involved, now the frog APPEARS AS IT WOULD, if IT HAD A TEAR OR CUT IN IT [down the pointed side not on the "pad bit" though it is nether torn nor cut [the abscess worked though the frog. I bought Jamie...
  18. Miss L Toe

    Another druggie "represents" us in the Olympics

    David Millar was using drugs in 2004, but it seems we are so desperate for medals, we will allow him to race in the Olympics, makes me sick.
  19. Miss L Toe

    Worming a herd

    I had my boy tested ... 200epg, so will worm, but the others have not all been tested, so owner thinks they all need wormed together, this seems to go against the idea of worm counting, if mine needs worming but another has a clear count, is it not OK to only worm infected horse?
  20. Miss L Toe

    Entering RC events

    OK, there are a few events coming up very soon, is it the rider or the owner who has to be a member, and what about insurance? I would ask the club, but first event is this Sunday, I need to try to make arrangements today.
  21. Miss L Toe

    Mobile stabling

    Mobile stabling: just looking at the Redmire stabling. it has metal gates, is this OK, I would think that the gates should be covered to prevent accidents. I have seen ones with substantial wooden gates, I suppose a leg could get caught in those too.
  22. Miss L Toe

    Am I the numptie now? BIT colours!!!

    I am selling some bits, the last Q I expected was ..... what colour are they? I did reply, describing S/S bits as "silver"
  23. Miss L Toe

    The Knot on an army horse

    I would like to ride out with my lead rein attached to the bridle, but do not know how to tie the knot!!
  24. Miss L Toe

    What classes

    OK, I have a 15.00 bay gelding, Trotter x Andalusion, I have had him whizz round unaffiliated pony jumping nights, biggest jump was 1.00, most were 06.m He can do walk trot and canter, [only just started the outline business], never tried a gallop in an arena!!! He has an overgrown thick...
  25. Miss L Toe

    Summer snuffle

    I kept horse in last night [out 24/7], it was raining and windy, but today, he had a runny nose and when lunged he blew a big yellow snot, I cancelled tomorrows lesson, but put him out with a light rug on as it is raining but not very cold. Will this be a summer cold, there is not much shelter...
  26. Miss L Toe

    Perth Racing: they run out of water!!!!

    Water has run out on a hot day, so racing has been pulled, what!!!! SORRY, IT IS KELSO
  27. Miss L Toe

    Anyone going to Hopetoun?

    It would be nice to meet someone "in person" I am at Hopetoun on Saturday, will be in the Tea and Beer Tent after the Obstacles, wearing a flat "tweedy" cap [the country look], black Ariat joddie boots [pro look], white van [sad person], with "Lady Gardener" stickers. Usually looking a bit...
  28. Miss L Toe

    Bad boy!!grrrrrr........

    OK so I have to sell my boy and a lovely rider came to try him, she obviously has a really good instructor and has a schoolmaster pony. My boy was perfectly behaved, in fact I was proud of him, never seen him go so nicely. Two girls rode him [I was not too happy as he can get miffed, but what do...
  29. Miss L Toe

    Calling Scottish Hackers

    I wonder if anyone has found hacking has improved since the "responsible open access" legislation came in to effect twenty years ago. This should allow both carriages and horses access to the countryside, but it does not. I know the BHS have access officers, but they are not proactive, I don't...
  30. Miss L Toe

    Angrove Rumbaba

    The skewbald TB is running in a bumper [a flat race for jump horses], not taking much part in early part of the 2m race, placed fourth of seven.