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  1. Ella19

    Prolite Boots - How do they go on?

    Ok I've been stumped by these boots! Always had a variety of boots with straps on the outside pointing to the back unless double locking. I have just got the prolite closed tendons. Now in my head the more protective fetlock "bump" should go on the inside of the leg, but this means the straps...
  2. Ella19

    Arena Panic/Phobia?

    My mare hates being restricted or restrained. Something went on in her past ( she has scarring on her poll for starters) and she can be very quirky. Holding onto her headcollar to touch her ears is a big no, but don't hold on and she's fine. I can just about clip her loose in the box but not...
  3. Ella19

    Burghly Horseboxes Andover

    Has anyone used this company to convert a van to a horsebox? I'm looking for a reputable company who can source and convert a van for me into a 3.5t box. Budget just shy of 10k. They advertise under amb coachworks as well. Alternatively any other suggestions in the south east? I have tried...
  4. Ella19

    what is growing in my field?

    Please can anyone identify what this is that is growing in my horse paddock? There are 4 of them. Happy to leave them if they are safe but need to know if they are poisonous and need to be pulled! Many thanks
  5. Ella19

    vets for vetting bordon/farnham?

    Please can I have your recommendations for vets to carry out a two stage vetting close to bordon, Hampshire?
  6. Ella19

    Where are the busy yards?

    I'm really struggling with motivation to ride at the moment especially during the week after work. I'm seeking a busy yard in the evenings where I will find other liveries to ride with after 6pm and who compete at the weekend. My current yard is fab, but mainly ladies that can ride during the...
  7. Ella19

    HKM country/yard boots?

    HKM boots seem to fit me as a brand, ariat rub my heels raw, Dublin slip and muckboots froze my feet! Question is which hkm boot to have this time? I've always had the belmonds, these have served me well but I fancy a change. I need a waterproof/resistant boot as work on a muddy yard and...
  8. Ella19

    Are xc colours no more?

    Watching Burghly on tv I noticed this year a lot of the competitiors no longer have xc colours as such, opting for black or white. I know top level have never had garish colours and patterns but there used to be more variation. Is there a reason for this "uniform" of back and white? Is it...
  9. Ella19

    How to put weight in right stirrup?

    This is a problem that I've had for years. Partially before my accident but exaggerated after. I really really struggle to put weight into my right stirrup. I don't lose it and my heel is down but it means I struggle asking for right bend on smaller circles and during lateral work I can only...
  10. Ella19

    Competitions on a saturday?

    I'm fed up of searching now! Does anyone know of any unaffiliated competitions coming up that are held on a Saturday? Happy to show jump, xc/hunter trials or dressage. Heck, I'll even have a go at trec or endurance! My pony is going fabulously well at the moment and I am desperate to get...
  11. Ella19

    masterclip clippers - which one?

    Has anyone bought a recent pair of masterclip clippers? I know from here that some people have had them for years, but just want to check they are still making them as good as ever? I have a hairy cob x Connie to clip, and having looked at the masterclip website, I seem to be able to use any...
  12. Ella19

    Bridleway turnout rugs yey or nay?

    Are bridleway turnout rugs any good? I am searching for a heavyweight turnout combo under £100 that lasts. So far I've ruled out mark Todd, weatherbeeta and amigos are too shallow on her, masta slip, I keep getting outbid on axiom, Rambo and fal pro. Bridleways are in my local shop so yey or nay?
  13. Ella19

    Munstead Horse Trials - Sunday 16th

    Is anyone going to Munstead this Sunday? I'm fence judging, no idea which fence yet but I'll be in my dark red ford fiesta zetec I would imagine. Do pop along and say hello to a lonely fence judge, it'll be a long day!
  14. Ella19

    fly rugs - yes or no?

    I've always rugged my mare in a derby house fly rug and its protected her well. This year however the horse flies are whoppers and they are biting her through the tug and even getting in underneath it! I've covered her in fly spray but that only lasts a dew hours and she's out 24/7. I'm starting...
  15. Ella19

    What am I doing wrong? (Barefoot - sorry!)

    Yes sorry it's another barefoot post. I've searched back but can't quite find what i'm looking for, so I hope one of you helpful people can sort me out! My pony is a 14hh connie, she is out on short sandy pasture 24/7 (yes I know not ideal but with grass livery in surrey at £270 a month this is...
  16. Ella19

    cost of unaffiliated ode?

    Have I lost the plot or really been out of competing too long? What would you expect the entry fee to be for an unaffiliated one day event with classes 50cm - 85cm? Is £50 the norm?
  17. Ella19

    First Dressage Test for Indie Pony

    Last weekend I took Indie to her first ever proper party! We've been clear round jumping once before but I don't count that and she normally only hunts through winter. I had organised a group of adults from the yard who never compete to come and have a go as well. So off we all toddled, hacking...
  18. Ella19

    Queens Jubilee Flags and Banners?

    What decorations are you meeting locally? This is our local village that we hack through and I think it's safe to say our horses are now banner and flag proof! We have this all round the local villages and...
  19. Ella19

    Nose Net and Grackle Combination?

    Has anyone tried an equilibrium nose net with a grackle? I'm struggling to attach it as obviously it's meant for a caverson or flash, but with my weak shoulder I find her easier in a grackle. Does anyone have any suggestions or photo's with how they have attached theirs sucessfully to a grackle...
  20. Ella19

    A year ago today I did this

    A year ago today I did this as some of you may remember: Smashed my collar bone in 4. Well I thought some of you may like an update! From that op the plate came loose just as I had returned to work in July. I had a further...
  21. Ella19

    sand out?

    Also in NL Please talk to me about sandout. Is it really necessary or another modern gimmick/supplement? I've just moved my mare back to a yard with sandy pasture. Grass cover is average. When I was there before no one had heard of it, let alone fed sand out. However, now I have returned...
  22. Ella19

    Sand out supplements?

    Ok, talk to me about sandout. Is it really necessary or another modern gimmick,/supplement? I've just moved my mare back to a yard with sandy pasture. Grass cover is average. When I was there before nobody had heard of it fed sand out. However, now I have returned (year and a half gap) they...
  23. Ella19

    help - barefoot and sore behind

    Please can I get some advice. My mare has been barefoot for a year now and been absolutely fine. We have been hunting and she is usually footy for a day or two, but our last hunt was mad through unchartered woodland and stony tracks. As a result pony is very foot sore behind. Now I'm not...
  24. Ella19

    Help me choose a yard

    Please can you help me decide. Which yard would you choose? YARD A Positives Small private yard 4 boxes with well maintained large fields All year turnout with 24/7 in Summer if wanted Assisted DIY (bring in) Pleanty of Storage Water Acess to fantastic hacking right from out the...
  25. Ella19

    Yard Farm, Ewhurst, Surrey?

    Does anyone have the number for the Yard Manager at Yard Farm in Ewhurst/Forest Green? I'm looking for assisted livery and have been told to pop down but I work silly shifts and can't get there until Thursday. Or is anyone able to pass on my number if they don't want to give out hers?
  26. Ella19

    2 chocolate labs found - surrey

    A friend of mine who is a vet nurse has two chocolate labs found today near polsden lacy, east horsley, surrey. 1 is microchipped but the details have not been updated. If you know who owns them please pm me.
  27. Ella19

    Tilsey Farm? Bramley

    Does anyone know if Tilsey Farm in Shamley Green/Bramley still do livery? If so do they do DIY or Grass? This yard keeps coming up on google searches as close by but with only an address. Or does anyone know of any other grass or diy livery yards local to there or Cranleigh? Must have company...
  28. Ella19

    Maria Hughes? - Camarthen

    Does anyone know of Maria Hughes who was from Peniel, Camarthen and is believed to be in the same area/West Wales still? My freezemark letter reached her old house and the lovely people who live there now have replied, however, they do not have a forwarding address for Maria. There are no...
  29. Ella19

    Maria Hughes?

    Does anyone know a Maria Hughes possibly in or around Swansea? I am trying to trace my horses old owners and the letter has ended up in Penderi with some very kind people who have replied and said she no longer lives there. They have the letter and believe she still lives locally so are going to...
  30. Ella19

    Carriagehouse Insurance?

    Has anyone used carriagehouse insurance to insure your horses with? Any good? Have you made a claim? I'm looking to insure with them as they have given me a very good quote, I just want to check they are ok.