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  1. Springs

    Which stallion should I use on my mate

    Hi Michael, Ansiei would be an option as he’s proven and has proven youngstock. He is also a nice blood horse.
  2. Springs

    Should I breed from mare?

    how bad is the condition And what does you vet advise?
  3. Springs

    Ansiei youngstock?

    Great to see one of Ansie foal taking the supreme foal championship at the SHBGB National Hunter show this year.
  4. Springs

    Amber is in foal!!

    Fab news and how exciting
  5. Springs

    Ansiei youngstock?

    interesting as always keen to follow performance and we’re struggling to find anything on Road to Happiness xx own performance and the youngstock seem to have only competed to CSI4* S and 1.25m (claim of 1.40m on web site). just interested that’s all.
  6. Springs

    Ansiei youngstock?

    Hi we have Ansiei and he’s fully proven on the race track winning around £188,000 in a few runs on the flat while also been placed over the sticks. His youngstock are all over the place and have been with amateurs and professionals alike with one 8 yo is with Sarah Dowley in Ireland competing at...
  7. Springs

    Stallion recommendations please

    Hi another one to look at would be Ansiei who’s very nice and has youngstock competing with a 4* rider in Ireland and Polly Stockton in the UK.
  8. Springs

    Stallion help

    Ansiei a full TB has may Be suitable
  9. Springs

    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    Thank you
  10. Springs

    Importing semen from abroad following Brexit

    Stay safe and use a British Stallion
  11. Springs

    Stallion help

    Ansiei would be worth a look as he is proven and has youngstock with amateurs and professionals including Sarah Dowley and Polly Stockton He is also approved with SHB(GB). Horse Sport Ireland and now Selle Francais
  12. Springs

    Hansbury Stud, Cousland, Scotland

    Just wondering if anyone has come across the above stud?
  13. Springs

    Eventing Stallion help

    Hi Ansiei would also be worth a look, he is a full TB who has proved himself on the race track and has youngstock competing with amateur and professional riders. One of his oldest is with Sarah Dowley in Ireland competing at 2*L and another has just moved to Polly Stockton. He would be ideal
  14. Springs

    British Stallion Event 2019

    Hi Everyone the parade is on this weekend the 16th March so why not come along and see the stallions on offer
  15. Springs

    British Stallion Event 2019

    Hi Everyone, the parade has been delayed due to the complexities around the flu outbreak and having 80 stallions and hopefully hundreds of breeders in the same place at the same time. and will now go ahead on the Saturday 16th March.
  16. Springs

    British Stallion Event 2019

    Here are the Stallions parading at the above event! Plenty to choose from... Stallions coming to the Event include (in alphabetical order): Argento, Arko III, Ashdale Legend, Balou for Pleasure, Banduardi, Barrowby Lord Darcy, Brechfa Brynach, Britannia Royal, Britannia's Mail, C Star WW...
  17. Springs

    Proud hobby breeder!!

    Well done
  18. Springs

    Burghley Stallion Parade 2018

    This is the list I have of the ones entered. Pair 1 1st stallion - Popeye 2nd stallion - Spring's Spirit ( has progeny parading alongside) Pair 2 3rd stallion - Vincent II (In Hand) 4th stallion - Treenhill Aristotle Pair 3 5th stallion - Myspires Revolution 6th stallion - Primitive Faerie...
  19. Springs

    Burghley Stallion Parade 2018

    Hi All, Quite a big line up this year anyone going? Its on this Friday 31st at around 12.30 in ring 2.
  20. Springs

    anyone entering the futurity this year ?

    We may take a foal and 3yo if we can get them ready.
  21. Springs

    Stallion choices?help

    Hi You could look at Ansiei who is around 16hh and a full TB and is proving to be very popular for eventing type breeding. You could also look at Spring's Spirit who is around 16.1 a blood horse and proving very popular for eventing breeding as his youngstock have been doing remarkably well...
  22. Springs

    Horsebox floor Rubber V EVA which is best?

    Thanks for the information. all very useful.
  23. Springs

    Horsebox floor Rubber V EVA which is best?

    Hi All, I am in the process of converting a 7.5t box van into a horse box. The base floor in the horse section is being replaced with alloy planking from service metals. I am looking to find out what others are using on the finished floors now as there seems to be the options of rubber...
  24. Springs

    StallionAI open day

    They have a great lineup of Stallions so is anyone going?
  25. Springs

    Future of Futurity - Thoughts?!

    Great news and hopefully it will grow and go from strength to strength
  26. Springs

    Leyland Daff 45 130 starting problem

    Thanks for all of the replies. It as taken some time as I had to remove the living around the back of the engine with the cut out in front and the rocker covers to get access to the injectors, Not that much fun as I always seems to be working on it when it was either snowing, raining or -5...
  27. Springs


    Sporthorse data has it at 59.38% it’s clear there is 100% blood on Heraldik side but the TB on the dams side is 4 generations back with Ladykiller and Cor dela Bryere, so blood part is quite diluted now as the rest of the dams breeding is all Holstiner.
  28. Springs


    Elite Stallions have some photos, there are also some on rimondo. elite Stallions have been promoting him for Eventing but his % of blood is only 50% so you would need a good high % Of blood in the mare.
  29. Springs

    Help I need a stallion! Suggestions please

    Hi you could look at Ansiei a very nice full TB with a great jump or Spring's Spirit, who is 75%TB and British Bred. He was the youngest stallion to have youngstock competing at the 2017 British Eventing Young Horse Championships. Both would lighten your mare and be suitable for eventing. Good...
  30. Springs

    Help with Stallions please

    Hi you could look at Spring’s Spirit. He is a 9yo British Bred stallion that’s around 75% TB. His young stock are speaking for themselves with the oldest competing last year as a 5yo in British Eventing competed at 9 events, finished in the top 10 seven times and the top 5 five...