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    Good quality horsehair jewellery - where to find someone?

    From The Tail Jewellery - you can find her on facebook
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    Tiny Stirrups

    Do any of you know where I can buy little stirrups for a cub saddle? I've got the leathers but the smallest stirrups I can find are 4" which still seems massive? Thanks
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    Baffling sharer question

    I had something similar when looking for a sharer for my boy. When said person phoned to discuss the share I explained that I didn't want any financial contribution but the sharer would be expected to do his jobs (muck out etc. ) on the days they rode. Their reply was Oh I didn't realise you...
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    Ever got your foot caught in the stirrup?

    I had an accident recently when I fell off and my foot got stuck in the stirrup, startled the young horse I was riding at the time and caused it to kick out at me - hitting my knee and doing quite a bit of ligament damage, I have since changed all of my stirrups for safety ones!!
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    seizures in horses

    What are the seizures like - does she seem to "pass out" or are they more like having a fit or does she stagger? My pony had a spell a few years ago now of having episodes where he'd seem like he was drunk - they'd come on quickly and pass quickly then he'd be fine. His was a...
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    Ever forgotten the most important element to a competion...

    I've forgotten my boots once - luckily we weren't that far from home.
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    I used to be quite active on here but then I lost my log in. I recently found the piece of paper with it on and so i'm back. As you will no doubt have all forgotten me i thought i'd reintroduce myself. I live in South Yorks and have 2 horses atm but i'm on the lookout for a youngster to...
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    Snow Spaniels & A Retriever!!

    Here are 3 of my dogs out in the snow this morning - unfortunately the 4th one wasn't out as he has been in the vets with gastroenteritis!! Finn Jazz Sam Finn & Jazz :grin::grin:
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    Barney's Impeccable Timing for Being Ill!!

    Was snowing heavily last night, but I was still shocked this morning when I woke up to this... Had to dig my way out of the front door. The snow there was up to my knees! An had buried the Honda (nearly) and had a good go at burying the truck!! Went out to get the dogs in...
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    OH & Ron out hunting in the Fog (PICS!)

    He's lovely. He's the only other horse apart from mine I have seen with vitiligo.
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    Please could you answer these few questions for me?

    What breed/ X breed is your dog? 2 x cocker spaniels, 2 x golden retrievers. Did you purchase or rescue your dog? All purchased Why did you want a dog? Always had them. Was the dog easier or harder to train with than your expected? I didn't do much training of the retrievers (parents...
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    Itchy Dog - Help!

    I've just checked the bag and it doesn't have rice in it. It's the James Wellbeloved Turkey & Vegetable Kibble. He doesn't like it much though!!
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    Itchy Dog - Help!

    It's the food the vet recommended I try him on. It does have rice in it I think it's a James Wellbeloved one.
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    Itchy Dog - Help!

    Just to update. Went into the vets this AM to get some more malaseb. Sopke to vet who agreed that he may be allergic to something. I've got a bag of cereal free food to try him on and some shampoo to soothe his skin (Epi-Soothe). He's also got some piriton. If this doesn't help I need to...
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    Did you know.... one for the AAD regulars....

    As more of a lurker than a poster (unless I have something interesting to post about) I have to say in my posts i've never felt bullied. I think some of the people who feel bullied come on and ask for advice but they don't really want advice, they want someone to tell them that what they are...
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    ARGH!!! Misconceptions!!

    I have had on more that one occasion whilst explaining my dogs are kept in kennels "is that because you can't housetrain them?" um, nope, they're housetrained as well, they don't spend 24-7 in the kennel!! Also about the spangles "ooh a spaniel, aren't they a bit nuts, do they wreck your...
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    Itchy Dog - Help!

    Thanks i'll look into them.
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    Itchy Dog - Help!

    Thanks. Does anyone have any grain free dog food suggestions??
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    Itchy Dog - Help!

    He's on this feed at the moment - it's 22% protein. It's what they all have in the off season. He doesn't work anymore so stays on it all year round. Would it be worth swapping him onto this one...
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    Itchy Dog - Help!

    He's on a complete working dog food - same thing he's been on since he was a puppy - he's 9 now.
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    Itchy Dog - Help!

    One of my retrievers Barney has been really itchy over the last few days. He scratches alot and if you scratch him he loves it. There is nothing to see in his coat - fleas, flea muck etc. He was wormed 2 weeks ago with frontline. His skin also looks fine not red/irritated or sore in any...
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    If you feel bad because your horse is a bit porky...

    OMG both my cobs would look positively anorexic next to that. How cruel, no wonder it doesn't spook, I doubt it could move that fast.
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    Is there 'Mane and Tail' for dogs ears?

    I dilute a bit of conditioner in water and squirt it on. Works well on my 2's scruffy spaniel ears!!
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    HGV lorry insurance?

    I use NFU for my 7.5t, i only passed my HGV test in April so I didn't think it was too bad at just under £600, that's with my mum and dad as named drivers as well.
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    Any one else's dogs already a jibbering wreck?

    None of my animals are bothered really but then we don't have that many going off around here. Dogs are used to guns anyway. Cats upstairs asleep as per usual. Horses happy with a rack of hay!!
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    Missing/Stolen Dog - South Yorks Area

    Please keep an eye out for this dog if you're in the area. Shuma has gone missing. Believed to be stolen Monday night about 10.30pm. He is a Siberian Husky. Missing from Doncaster area S Yorks.
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    The Dangers of Hunting

    Everything has its risks. I hunted and evented my pony for years without an incident. So how did I come to have my worst fall - breaking several bones in the process. Over a 2ft showjump - i missed and pony got the pole stuck between his forelegs. I still feel much safer jumping solid fences...
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    Calling all Golden Retriever owners...

    No particular stories but on of mine, Sam, is a real comedian!! And a quick one of Barney so he doesn't feel left out.
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    RANT!! Does anyone want a MIL? Free to the worst home possible!

    Send her to live with my MIL - they sound like they'd get on well. She's constantly on at me about keeping mine in kennels. Every time she comes round she fetches them a blanket (in case they're cold!!) which they love as they make great tug toys!!! She also won't accept that I don't...
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    Show me your puppies!

    If you insist!! Jazz - the newest addition. And Finn when he was a pup.