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    Livery Yard Dynamics

    A musing! Do you ever sometimes feel like you’re a spare part, or third wheel on your livery yard? Like you don’t really belong to a particular group, you’re not particularly close to anyone. That you find you just have to get on with things by yourself, because you’re not so popular, don’t get...
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    How far do you travel to your yard?

    Hi All, Obviously not aimed at those who keep their horses at home, but for those who travel, how far/how long is it to get there? My current yard is a mile away from my house. I’ve previously driven to a yard 20 minutes away. I think my limit would be 40 minutes, provided the facilities were up...
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    Compensation Advice

    Advice please. I ordered a pair of made to measure boots in early March last year. A present to myself after a good result at the winter regionals. Paid £570. So....the zips on said boots were faulty and failed on three occasions on the left boot when trying them on at the shop on...
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    Overreach & Bruised Heel

    My boy took a slice out of his heel bulb after hoollying around in the field on Thursday when a low flying helicopter spooked him. He took a slice out of his off-fore. Because it was a thin flap of skin, I've cut the piece off, cleaned it thoroughly and poulticed it. It's clean now, so I've...
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    Help with stiff joints...

    My border collie, Dylan, is 13 at the end of September and has recently started to present with stiffness in his back legs. For example, it takes him a little while to get moving after periods of rest, and needs help getting up the stairs or jumping into the car. Would like to know what...
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    Intruducing your horse to hunting...

    I'd like to try eventing with my boy. His dressage is tidy but I don't think it's good enough to set the world alight doing British Dressage. His showjumping is really coming on (jumps 1m tracks with fillers no problem in training, but yet to test this consistently in competition - so this is...
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    SJ Fillers - Best Place to Buy?

    Looking to buy some colourful, spooky fillers. Who would you recommend? Not overly expensive! Thanks. :-)
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    I've created a monster, eek!

    So I've moved yards at the weekend and hacked out tonight in our new surroundings. Previous yard was straight on to a main road, then on to quieter estates. This yard is metres away from the Pennine Bridleway. My hack started off nicely, then my boy became quite animated, lol!!!! Sheep...
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    Do you let anyone else ride your horse?

    As above! If you do, why? And if you don't, why not?
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    Moving yards...

    Is it normal to feel gutted about moving yards, even if it's for very practical reasons? Feeling upset, but excited all at the same time, eek!
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    Turning out after injury

    Need some advice really. Pony has had a minor sprain and is now sound after a week of box rest. I know that when it comes to turning him out again he will turn himself inside out and leap around like a box of frogs which I clearly don't want! My plan is to keep him in for the time being...
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    Etiquette when moving yards.

    When I moved from my last yard (which I loved), it was because they didn't offer livery, which I needed because I had just got injured (broken back) and I couldn't muck out, lift haynets etc. Ended up staying at the new yard as my boy settled really well and there was no reason to move back. I...
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    Hit Air v Point 2

    Which one would you go for? Similar mechanics, but is one better than the other? Thanks!
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    Feral Cats & Neutering

    There are 2 young cats on our yard, both female who need to be neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancies. They are quite wild and it would be a mission to catch them! Could anyone point me in the right direction with regards to subsidised/free neutering, as they don't actually belong to...
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    Buying pony for child

    Are you a 'buy cute section A for 2 year old sprog' cos you'd like to prance around in hand field in the 'driving rain', be rewarded for the 'bless' factor? Or....are you hard as nails and insist that said sprog grows up and decides themself that they want to play ponies? Meaning they...
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    Lovely ISH Mare to Share!

    Pretty bay 16.2hh ISH mare, King of Diamonds lines, 15 years old. Bombproof to hack, will do a smart Novice dressage test. Looking for sharer, 2 or 3 days per week, financial contribution to be discussed. Let me know if you're interested and I'll pass on the information. Thanks.
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    Pls recommend me a saddle fitter in the NW

    I wanted to use Katie Topping, but apparently she's gone to New Zealand? Any recommendations? Why do you use them Ta!
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    Sarah Higgins Dressage - Info please

    Or her Mum, any opinions gratefully received. PM me if appropriate and treated in confidence. Thank you muchly.
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    Dilemma! Pls Help.

    Situation as follows: Work full time, staying away a couple of times per month and regular late finishes. Sometimes weekend/evening work to catch up on. Hence pony is on a kind of livery arrangement, where his sundries are catered for and he gets mucked out/fed etc to an immaculate standard...
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    Do you need a decent arena to compete?

    Pony currently training elementary, playing with changes and half steps. Do you think you could maintain progress if you only had access to a smaller than standard arena, say 20m x 35m on a daily basis? Great surface, but just a bit small.
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    For those who hack in the dark...

    Aldi special for cyclists, but nicked the idea - four luminous/reflective bands with flashing lights for £5.99. I've got two sets and wrapped some together around my hat and the other set on each of my limbs. Rarely hack out in the dark, but if I have to, I'll look like a Christmas tree and be...
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    How often do you jump your 'green' horse?

    As above really? Mine's 6 and learning all about it, through no fault of his own (just crocked Mum, who has been unable to crack on until now). He's doing grids (inc bounces and harder stuff), fillers, 80cm courses, practising related distances. Still a bit spooky ie jumping very big if...
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    Help me improve my position :)

    Am going to attempt to address this with my trainer, but... I've looked at recent pics of me jumping my horse, and I definitely do not fold enough over the fence, keep my bum near the saddle etc, so the angle is not closed enough. There is too much room between my torso and his neck. Then I...
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    NW Showjumping Venues?

    Please can anyone give me some pointers on where to take my green 6yo showjumping in the NW? Clear round, 75cm type courses. Half sensible collecting rings! Confidence giving etc. A lot of stuff is mid week which would be a struggle due to work commitments, unless it started at around...
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    Free horses, otherwise going for slaughter

    I saw this on Facebook and couldn't ignore it. Not sure how true it is, but if it is, it's awful. :( Post copy: URGENT!!!!" - (52) Thoroughbred horses need homes immediately!!!! Will go to slaughter this Saturday!!!! The Gentleman died & his son wants nothing to do with the horses. Most are...
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    Daneswood Dressage - Clinics I am running clinics in the NW on Leonie's behalf, following great feedback from Active Rider's NW BD Camp in April and subsequent clinics. The next one is on 2nd July and will be held at Lanehead Stables, Lanehead, Rochdale, Lancs, OL12 6BN (5 minutes...
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    Horsey Worried in Collecting Rings

    I'm not really sure how this has come about, but recently my horse has become a little scared in collecting rings if a horse passes left to left a bit too closely. He puts the brakes on slightly and might jump away from the oncoming horse. On the odd occasion he's tried to spin around...
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    Dressage Clinic in NW

    Hi All, Leonie obtained rave reviews from those attending the recent BD NW Camp (Active Rider) at Solihull, so due to great demand, I've organised a dressage clinic in the North West. We must have inspired her (!), as she went on to achieve 4th place at the National Winter Champs aboard...
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    Dressage Clinic in NW

    Hi All, Leonie obtained rave reviews from those attending the recent BD NW Camp (Active Rider) at Solihull, so due to great demand, I've organised a dressage clinic in the North West. We must have inspired her (!), as she went on to achieve 4th place at the National Winter Champs aboard...
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    Arena Hire in NW!! Quotes Please...

    Am currently organising a dressage clinic on the back of very positive feedback from training at NW BD Camp at Solihull a week and a bit ago. It will be in the NW and should be easily accessible. I've e-mailed: - JWD Equestrian - Myerscough - Bold Heath - Croft Top - Croft End -...