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  1. landyandy


    advice needed please, my friend wormed her horse 2 weeks ago with eqvalan duo, she is still finding worms in his droppings, would you do a worm count. or re worm, if re worm what wormer would you use, thank you
  2. landyandy


    is it just me. or as anyone else seen a huge increase in moles this year
  3. landyandy

    Haas brushes

    does anyone have these brushes, and are they any good, where is the best place to but them,
  4. landyandy


    can anyone tell me when the goodness as gone from the grass please, when it loses most of its sugar content
  5. landyandy

    field shelters

    how big would you recommend a field shelter for a 17hh idx
  6. landyandy

    Rubber matting

    can anyone please recommend me some good rubber matting, and the best place to get it from, I am in south yorkshire
  7. landyandy

    WWYD if

    you went to your field, and found 2 goats in it, my young horse was not very happy, I did not know where they had come from, so started ringing round and knocking on doors with no luck at all. so I rang the police, no luck with them, so I rang the RSPCA. definitely no luck with them, eventually...
  8. landyandy

    would you be put off if

    as title says, would you be put off by someone selling a horse, when they have only had it 3-4 months
  9. landyandy


    is anyone going tomorrow, and does anyone know what the weather is going to be like, really want to go, but not if it's chucking it down all day
  10. landyandy


    how would you feel, if you placed your riding hat down, where no horses should be, then a fellow livery leave their horse tied up unattended, and it somehow manages to stand on your riding hat, my hat silk is torn and a big scuff mark on the hat,
  11. landyandy

    what bt

    out of curiosity, I was wondering what bits you are using in your 5 year olds, also, what are the reasons and benefits.
  12. landyandy

    so proud of my mare today

    The tour de Yorkshire as just passed through the village where I keep my mare, so I decided to tack her up and let her see it too, she behaved impeccably, wasn't phased by all the cheering and horns sounding, pointless post really, but just makes me realise how wonderful she is.
  13. landyandy

    for the attention of irishgal

    I have pm'd you
  14. landyandy

    help needed. buying from ireland

    can anyone please help me, I am thinking of buying from Ireland, and was wondering if anyone as had any experience of doing this, I would go and view, but it all sounds really scary to do. would like to know from people who have done this please.
  15. landyandy

    advice needed

    just wondering if it is worth taking a dealer to court over a mis sold horse, advice really appreciated
  16. landyandy


    can any one tell me what these horses are like to own, and are they good hacking horses, pics appreciated
  17. landyandy

    horse does not like hacking

    would anyone want a horse that does not like hacking, I have had my husbands new horse 3 months, had her teeth, back and saddle checked, she will school all day, but when it comes to hacking, she doesn't like it, is very nappy alone and in company, i'm at my wits end and don't know what to do...
  18. landyandy

    having a horse gelded

    can anyone please give me an idea how much it costs to have a colt gelded
  19. landyandy

    ridden horse

    Can I wear my tweed, showing a coloured in ridden horse class and equitation
  20. landyandy

    Electric groomers

    since my hubby as now got his own horse, he wants an electric groomer, does anyone have one, or does anyone know where I can get one from please
  21. landyandy

    follow on from livery yard rules

    after reading the outrageous yard rules, it got me thinking. what is the most bizzare message you have received about your horse from other liveries, or what have they said to you, only last week I got a text saying my horse had flies on her, and she was rubbing on a post, I know they mean well,
  22. landyandy

    2 horses, 2 yards

    as anyone else got horses at separate yards, just wondered if it works, and how you manage it
  23. landyandy

    new horse

    trying to put photo on, but keep failing
  24. landyandy

    what a day

    sorry I can't put pics on, but got up this morning and set off to Buckinghamshire from Yorkshire to see a potential new horse, warmblood x irish draught 10 year old 16.2 pushing 16.3 mare. well she was so nice I brought her home, she went straight on lorry and travelled really well. 3 and1/2...
  25. landyandy

    am i looking for the impossible

    i'm wanting a good safe coloured weight carrier for my husband, I don't want anything too cobby, but thinking something at least 16,2hh, with a good amount of bone. can anyone help please, i'm in south Yorkshire, my husband is a solid 17 stone
  26. landyandy

    rider too heavy

    how would you tell someone that they are too heavy for their horse, i wouldn't really know how to word it without offending
  27. landyandy

    love this mare for my oh>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>17 2 coloured

    really like this mare for my hubby
  28. landyandy


    is everyone still going with the glorious weather forecast, can't make my mind up, don't fancy getting stuck
  29. landyandy

    numpty question about girth size

    when measuring a girth, do you measure from buckle end to buckle end or just below the buckle to just below the buckle at other side, thanks
  30. landyandy

    grass cuttings

    Some idiot as put grass cuttings in one of the fields today, don't know how long they had been in, but horses were having a nibble, how long does it take for them to become ill, horses are pooing but very loose. Thank you