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  1. coss

    Dressage to Music - stickers

    I've done "the hard bit" - put music together, burnt the disc, hope my floorplan works to the music as haven't been able to run through the final version... have done the ppl licence forms to bd and received stickers. However, I thought it would be a case of receive stickers - put them on the...
  2. coss

    Gas Ram Strut Damper - IW 403

    Has anyone had problems with their damper in the hitch going wrong? Last year mine had "worn out" - every time I braked it would put the break on (so not faulty in that sense) but when pulling away I would hear a knock like the hitch was being pulled forwards before it would pull the box. The...
  3. coss

    Exerise/Quarter sheets

    I have a rather wimpy horse, hates the cold/wet (don't we all?). Regularly see him diving for the field shelter when the clouds open. With this latest bout of cold weather I am curious to find if there are exercise sheets that are that bit warmer. He's trace clipped, has a yak coat everywhere...
  4. coss

    Pony already casting - too late to clip?

    I usually do my last clip late december/early january but as pony lives out (well rugged) I have to clip outside meaning I have to wait for a dry spell. Hasn't been much of that. Then when it was icy everywhere but weather would have suited I had flu so wasn't fit to clip. Now I'm feeling better...
  5. coss

    Guess weight?

    I've always used weigh tapes for the horses come worming time and just added ~50kg to make sure i wasn't under worming. Had the opportunity to use a weigh bridge yesterday and was surprised at the result. Here is the pony - approx 14.3hh (give or take an inch!) What do people expect him to weigh?
  6. coss

    Time taken to fully mature

    Another thread on this topic (sorry - i did search forums but didn't want to resurrect a thread 4+ years old!) I bought my IdxTb x anglo arab as a 2 and a half year old (think he was just over 14.3 then). He's now 7 and a half (January foal) - I think he's just gone bum high again (withers...
  7. coss

    Time take to fully mature

    Another thread on this topic (sorry - i did search forums but didn't want to resurrect a thread 4+ years old!) I bought my IdxTb x anglo arab as a 2 and a half year old (think he was just over 14.3 then). He's now 7 and a half (January foal) - I think he's just gone bum high again (withers...
  8. coss

    Swollen lower eyelid

    Before I start, Yes - I have been in touch with a vet.... about 2 weeks ago late at night i noticed my horse's left eye was a bit weepy, as it had been windy i suspected got some dust/hair in it as him and fieldmate are both casting and they rub on each other with their faces. I expected...
  9. coss

    Sebaceous cyst

    Found some lumps on my horse's back a couple of days before new year. Had ridden Christmas day with no ill affect and he didn't seem bothered by them when prodded or poked on the 29th but has gradually become more sensitive. Had the vet out and have to give horse danilon for a few days to see if...
  10. coss

    Freelance grooms cost

    I've done a quick search and this topic hasn't been covered for a while. Just wondering what the more up to date rates are? I've been doing the odd bit of freelance grooming for the past 6 years and thinking of a price change as still on the original pay - minimum wage has obviously increased in...
  11. coss

    Eating Docks

    Really puzzled by one of my ponies... moved to a fresh lot of grass with another older pony. Had the older one up there daily for about a week so it was partially eaten down. All electric fence so have been expanding/moving to fresh grass but wanted them to eat it down a bit. There is butter cup...
  12. coss

    Eventing Dressage Penalties calculation

    How's it calculated:confused:
  13. coss

    plant identification

    I reckon they're of the nettle family but don't have hairy leaves :confused:
  14. coss

    Kieffer reflock

    Has anyone sent their kieffer back to kieffer (UK) to have it reflocked? If so, what timescale did you have for its return?
  15. coss


    I know of a saddle fitter that says they are a member of the independent saddle fitters association (ISFA). I have been on the website but there seems to be very little information and the only way to contact them is via the form on the contact us page. It states the memers list is updated...
  16. coss

    flocking firmness

    have been comparing a variety of saddles lately (mine and a friends - several) and noticed that the density of flocking seems to vary considerably. A couple of the saddles have recently been reflocked, one was reflocked within the past 10months and one was new (off the peg). How long do you...
  17. coss

    D1.1.3: Downgrading of horses/ponies

    Does anyone know the old rule? Currently it states Underline is a strike through ;) If a horse has been downgraded in BD dressage and allocated a lower number of points is it these downgraded points that should be looked at for the BRC area dressage or do you have to revert back to the...
  18. coss

    feed for weight gain...

    but no cereals or oil ... Wondering what people use for weight gain? Horse is intolerant to (soya) oil and think he may be intolerant to cereals as well (though no conclusive evidence yet). Worried to try other oil as he has a bad reaction to soya oil that requires a vet.
  19. coss

    hatcam hacking

    For my christmas i was given a hatcam. Its a fair size because its a good camera rather than the thumbnail tiny lightweight ones. but for hacking you get used to it being there. Do any of you wear them out on the roads? I was just thinking: A) is there any safety issues having something...
  20. coss

    Flu vacc

    Sorry if this has been done to death... Horse i work with had her flu booster at the beginning of december 2011. However, december 2010 she had it 10days "late" - the vets told me she's up to date but i'm not sure if they looked at the day as well as the month :rolleyes: she used to be done...
  21. coss

    Scouring again!

    Horse i work with has been scouring most of the winter - had vet discussions too. The one thing that worked was bran... A small amount added to her feed once a day and she was just improving - really dried her up and her poohs were normal. Then in the past two days, nothing has changed and...
  22. coss

    slippery elm

    I work with a mare who started scouring at the beginning of winter as the hay was increased. Her summer feed has continued the same - it contains yeasacc. Recently we added seaweed but have yet to see if that will solve the issue or whether the slight improvement we've observed will be the full...
  23. coss


    A horse i ride regularly is on 24/7 turnout with 2 other horses in her field. There is very little to eat but they are given hay morning/night. The horse i ride (mare) seems happy and healthy in all aspect except the scouring, really smelly and dried crud down the insides of her hinds:( Other 2...
  24. coss

    barefoot boots

    Been looking around and just want to know the good/bad stories about different types. I swear by the old mac (g2) that i've got for my own pony. But they've gonew up a huge amount of money (though i'd get them again if i was buying for my own horse). They were just over £100 when i bought them...
  25. coss

    rowen barbary feeds - cost

    I've got a voucher to use and was intending on looking into feeds which will encourage more muscle gain (obviously with correct work) for a mare that i'm riding. She was off work for 4/5 years (had a foal in that time) before i started bringing her back into work september last year - she then...
  26. coss

    Freezing water

    I've seen lots of people asking how others keep the water from freezing... here is my method: I have a medium tub trug and i filled with hot water - it was -15 last night and didn't rise above -5 today - it cools down very quickly, if the horses are desperate for a drink add snow to cool down...
  27. coss

    Use of Dressage arena- struggling to get good title

    I was speaking to 3 Dressage judges the other week, one of which i'd been writing for and one had travelled down to hickstead to do some judge training recently. Something they were discussing and unsure about (unfortunately the list 1 judge had left by then) was use of arena for lower level...