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    Arena Events in Scotland?

    Probably being totally blind but I can only see a BE Jump Training at Rowallan on 2nd April, where can I find if there are any of the arena events this year up in Scotland? :confused: Thanks all! :o
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    BSJA Winnings - Pony CLub Comps???

    Hi all, I know that BRC has a winnings limit for Novice competitions where by horses with winnings over a certain amount cannot compete in Novice RC jumping or team jumping but does anyone know off hand if this is also the same for Pony Club? Thanks
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    BSJA Question - Junior on a horse

    Hi all, Am I right in saying that a Junior riding a horse in BSJA is able to compete but only in the adult classes - there is not a lower age limit in the adult classes? My horse is 15.2hh and one of my Pony Club kids is going to be doing a bit of BSJA on him and I just want to check...
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    Help please pricing a BSJA horse ... pretty please :)

    Hi all, long story short, two novice pals - without any advice - having been out of riding for approx. 10 years bought a BSJA horse to start back riding - blown away by the excitement of buying and the fact he looked stunning. 16.3hh ISh - more TB than ID, 12 years old, bay, well schooled...
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    Pads first ever BE report - Auchinleck BE90

    Having woken at a ridiculously early hour as I couldn't sleep :rolleyes:, I decided to head up to the stables early - had lovely times - Dressage starting at 2.34pm so lots of time to get there. After a trailer dilema as we were about to leave I was glad of the extra time. Arrived with a good...
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    Auchinleck Sections are up - eeep!!!!

    Hey all, Auchinleck sections are up - Figjam, I'm in yours!!! Pads first BE and been 2 years since I last BE'd so feeling a bit fluttery :eek: - I am blaming it all on Noodlejaffa and taking no responsibility at all! ;) Anyway, thought I'd let you all know sections are up :D
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    BE Day Ticket Question

    Hi all, If I have a BE day ticket, can I enter an event online via BDWP or would it need to be postal? Ta much :)
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    HELP!! Showing peeps what is involved in ...

    Hi all, Thinking about venturing into the big bad world of showing and was going to try the Working Hunter class and Riding Horse class at a local agricultural show - what are involved in these classes? I don't fancy the one where you stand about for hours on end and take tack off etc - is...
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    Busy Weekend - First BSJA Outing, XC Training and Piccies!

    Had a great weekend with Paddy so thought i'd do a mini report! :D Went to our first BSJA intro show on Saturday, after some naughtiness on Monday at a local show he was on his best behaviour :rolleyes:. He warmed up really nicely, didn't bother this time about the others in the rng and...
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    Help needed with canter please

    Hey all, my current horse (had for a year now) came over from Ireland having done literally nothing other than hunt. He has come on a treat and for a boy who had never done even a spot of schooling now has great walk and trot work... then comes canter ... oh help. :eek: He is as strong as an...
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    Unaff SJ at Rowallan today

    Hey all, well I'm back - and what a day it has been .... Are you all sitting comfortably? ... I shall begin (wine and chocs being passed) So, off to Rowallan today - the place that I used to love that has haunted me since the hospital fall (as it is referred to) so went as you know the other...
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    Hacking Nightmare Today

    Well, so much for a nice quiet hack with a pal today. My friend has a new horse and is understandably a bit nervous about hacking out so I trailered up with Paddy who hacks all the time for a wee hack out. Now, I always wear hi viz and round my local area roads are busy so I am used to...
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    Nic01 - PMs Please

    Ur full, was trying to message to say I wondered who the Nico Leak was looking at my profile - duh me! :rolleyes:
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    Does anyone know this Dam or Sire?

    Hi all, Never posted in here before but wondered if anyone knew this Dam or Sire? Traced my boys breeding at last and his Sire is TB Mandalis and Dam is Irish Draught Silver Skip. He was brought over from Ireland to me in October last year through a dealer. I'm not sure where to start as to...
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    Area 1 Team Dressage report and pics :)

    Hey all, At Area 1 Team dressage today - only second dressage outing for the Pads and I so mega stressed! Got there in plenty of time, walked him about the lorry park and around the side of the outdoor arenas to get him used to the surroundings and then into the indoor school for warm up...
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    Sweet FA .............. Thursday

    Hey clan, thought I'd start us off today seeing as I am usually not about it the mornings. Just munching my porridge then off to work. Pads having a wee schooling day off today after all our hard work this week - will resume tomorrow then hack on Saturday for the big team event Sunday...
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    Bit about hunting ban on Countryfile

    Just watching countryfile at the moment and there is to be a bit on later on in the show about the start of the hunting season and what affect the ban has had. Just for info guys don't know if it'll be any good or not :)
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    Anger over Jimmy Carrs' War Amputee Joke

    I just think - what are these people thinking at times - very ill placed and thought out - these men and women are out there fighting and he thinks it's funny when they come back severely injured???
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    Is Pau XC on a web link?

    Due to severe case of cabin fever brought on by waiting for pig flu results and hubby now having switched footie on I am desperately trying to find some horsey stuff to watch. Is Pau on a web link? Not finding much so far! Ta in advance
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    Gleneagles Hunter Trial Pro Pics (also in PG)

    Sorry it is just links but I reckoned it would take forever to upload them all: Link to pro piccies - there are three:;search_mode= Have uploaded some if you can't get onto facebook: My favourite Teeniest first jump ever!!!: Link to my...
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    Gleneagles Hunter Trials Report

    Pads and I's last Hunter Trials of the year and it ended on a high!!!! Arrived in plenty of time, walked the course, first jump soooooooooooo tiny I though oh dear I picked the wrong course but just a nice one to get you started. A bit worried about 3 and 4 as they doubled back towards the...
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    Looking for help with a BRC Dressage Test

    Hi all, Does anyone have a copy of this test : BRC HI2 Intermediate Horse Trials (2006)? What I would like to know is what equivalent level is this i.e. is it Prelim/Novice? Sorry to be a pain but newbie to all things that involve keeping all four hooves on the floor and have been asked to...
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    Sweet FA ... Saturday :)

    Hi all, I've come in rather merry and you have all gone to bed so I thought I would start Saturday's post seeing as I am usually not about in the mornings. Hope you are well - Mrs M you need to empty your PM's. I'm away to our house in Mull until Monday so if I'm not on much that's why. Have a...
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    Sweet FA ... Saturday

    Hey all, well its been a while since I've started a post as I'm usually well away at work! So, morning!!!!! Away pony hunting this morning, out on my own boys this afternoon then hot date with hubby this evening celebrating a big contract he has got for his business!!! French Martinis for...
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    Plight of Santorini Donkeys (pics too) LONG BUT PLEASE READ!

    Hi all, I will not apologise that this is long but please read as I am devestated at what is going on in Santorini with the donkeys (photos at the end). I have just returned from my holidays, had a lovely time but it was tarnished by my visit to Santorini and I just wanted to see if anyone...
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    Sweet FA .... Tuesday

    Hey all, woken up in a much better mood than I went to bed in yeah!!! Today is a get ready for holidays day so I have a whole bunch of and and then packing I also need to cause its a tip! Horses later on for a wee donner about after Paddy's hard work yesterday. Weather is so...
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    Sweet FA ... Friday

    Hi Sweet FA team, how are we all today? Just a quick hello before I head up to sunny Mull and am out of the Sweet FA loop for a couple of days. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, looking forward to your goss when I get back. Samstar - hope the ex saw how wonderfully you are managing...
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    Sweet FA .... Thursday :)

    Man alive OP two days in a row - I am up early for my holidays lol!!! Well it is a super which can only mean one thing it will later!!! I have my little cousin over today to take out riding so I'll be away looking like Hope you all have a good day!!!!
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    Sweet FA ... Wednesday

    Morning all, up at at em early today so mine are all fed and watered, just about to ride. It's warm already but cloudy, looks like the cloud will burn off tho! Going to further yesterdays home improvements with some wallpapering later and out to lunch with a friend - hope you all have fun...
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    Sweet FA ...... Sunday

    Hey all, how are we this fine Sunday morning? I've decided it's a lazy day today - what are we all up to? Here's a link to yesterdays XC pro piccies just click next. (permission granted by hoofprints-photography)