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  1. Sportznight

    Body Protectors?

    Asking on behalf of a friend (I don't do jumping, but prefer to do it from the safety of the sofa lol). She needs a new BP and is BEing at 100 level and aiming higher. Thinking of an air jacket, but also considering Kan Teqs - any advice gratefully received :)
  2. Sportznight

    Solution Saddles

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences or view on Solution saddles? I saw them at Burghley and was intrigued, but don't know anyone who's used them. Would be really interested in points of view please, PM if...
  3. Sportznight

    Elephant Grass/Miscanthus bedding

    Just wondering if any uses this bedding and what you think of it please? Been told that it's dust free, you use less and waste less and that muck heaps are smaller. PM me if you prefer - thanks :)
  4. Sportznight

    Mark Todd Coolex Turnout or similar?

    Does anyone have one of these? Or is there anything similar on the market? What is the neck cover like? Thanks :)
  5. Sportznight

    Oasby photographer?

    I'm tired and possibly blind lol - I can't find who the photographer at Oasby was today. Does anyone know? Thank you :) Strawberry milkshake and jaffa cakes on offer :D
  6. Sportznight

    RIP Boston

    Such terribly sad news! A true star in the making! Condolences to all connections!
  7. Sportznight

    RIP Rahy and Slip Anchor

    Aged 26 and 29 respectively. Sad news. Both fabulous racehorses in their own rights and both sires of top flight horses and dam sires of such. I have fond memories of meeting Rahy on a few occasions and even have a lock of his mane.
  8. Sportznight

    What is going on?

    Am I to believe that both Cruiseline and Parkside have been given either temporary or permanent holidays from this forum?
  9. Sportznight

    Masked Marvel - Track record in the St Leger!!

    Absolutely FANTASTIC performance!!! He looks to me like he could both get further and come back in distance. Fantastic horse - Love his Mum too :D Both St Legers (Irish as well) this weekend were just brilliant performances and trainer John Gosden trained the winners of both, who were both...
  10. Sportznight

    King George, Ascot

    Brilliant performance by Nathaniel, Workforce hung too badly to do himself justice. But OMG!!! Rewilding!!! That was a horrific breakdown!! Poor, poor horse!! Fingers crossed that he is comfortably savable!
  11. Sportznight

    Brushing boots for short cannoned cob!

    My cob has very short cannons, he also has a tremendous amount of bone! He is hogged and legs clipped out regularly (otherwise would just have legs of wire brush lol). I would like some brushing boots that actually fit him, as he can be sharp and a bit of nit and he had HUGAMONGOUS feet. Any...
  12. Sportznight

    Anyone recognise this fella?

    If you've seen them on my facebook, shoosh lol!
  13. Sportznight

    For KatB - my 3yo

  14. Sportznight

    Getting Started Competing (again)

    Be nice :) You guys can be scary with the levels that you compete at... Anyway, apart from the odd County Show in-hand with my youngsters (and even then I had someone else take them in the ring lol), I haven't competed on horse back for what feels like a millennia lol BUT I want to :) But...
  15. Sportznight


    Does anyone know the origin of the term? Just talking with someone and this came up, along with the reasonings for hogging and the variations and I said that with cobs the whole hog (pardon the pun) comes off and have got to wondering if that saying had anything to do with the origins of the...
  16. Sportznight

    BE Ownership Question

    I have now emailed BE twice and called four times, all to no avail. They must be extremely busy, as no one answers the phone or it's busy... The number is the one off the website, is that correct? I want to register my 5yo BE. That's the simple bit :) I have been told that as the owner...
  17. Sportznight

    Thoughts on the following stallions and if anyone has any offspring

    Cavanier Landpirol Landtanzer Lothringer Otto Mail (is he graded? He's in France (I'd rather support British Breeding!), but love the way he's bred!) Usebio (who I don't think is graded?) Valesco Wie Shibumi (who I don't think is graded?) Zospecial
  18. Sportznight

    Magnetic boot recommendation please

    I thought I'd ask in here, as more traffic in here. I'd like some fairly indestructible magnetic boots - I say indestructible, as in order to leave them on to work their magic, they need to withstand the playful efforts of my over intelligent :rolleyes: equine child to remove them to play...
  19. Sportznight

    To Clay or Not To Clay?

    As far as I can gather it's now no longer the norm to clay legs after strenuous exercise, but to cool them with water/ice. Can anyone point me in the direction of any papers to say that this is more beneficial please? I did google it, but am perhaps not wording my search correctly, as...
  20. Sportznight

    Hillview Farm Milligan - Irish Draught Stallion

    Can anyone help with finding more info on this stallion and his stock please? A friend has a cracking 4yo by him, out of Banks Fee Daniel/Baron B mare. Thank you :)
  21. Sportznight

    When is a win or place, not actually so?

    Odd question I know, but triggered by a few posts on here atm. If there are only a handful in the class and you win or place in it, is there still the same feeling of satisfaction, as when there are loads entered? Esp. if there are 'names' competing. It's so long since I've ridden...