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    Turnout rugs without leg straps

    I have a 0gs Amigo on my native with just a filet strap and it does not blow up. Keeps her pretty dry too and her coat down and shiny.
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    Problem Lusitano

    Good news for you and your horse.
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    6 months difference!

    Yes, so much difference.
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    Fingers on the button

    Throw away!? So that is why many of us on here spend years of our lives, & a lot of our hard earned money on keeping our oldies (dogs and horses et al) alive and WELL ?? However, I do think that there are too many societies and individuals who spend time, money and energy on sad, unhappy...
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    The sacked horse hitting ex teacher is going to court

    This comes under the heading of "Any publicitiy is good publicity"!
  6. J&S

    The sacked horse hitting ex teacher is going to court

    Sadly she is an "easy target", as people have said, there is far worse cruelty going on which does not get dealt with apropriately because it is hidden and not "out there". I too think she has been punished enough and that this court case is over kill.
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    Finally, some great customer service!

    Good customer service is a thing of the past, so very good to hear of this. It is the kind of "advertising" that will not do them any harm.
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    Absolutely shattered but very happy!

    Good for you!
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    Any tips on dealing with an in your face horse?

    I agree with spotty_pony, the first things I teach a young, or new, horse is to Go Back and then Move Over. They should move away with just a tiny hand movement, not even any need to speak once they get the drift.
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    Can I gently persuade friend to PTS elderly horse?

    I sympathise with the owner of this horse. I was guilty of letting my NF mare go on for a last winter on the basis that I was sure that she would "pick up in the spring", even though vet had suggested this would not happen. Of course, spring came and the hoped for improvement did not happen so...
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    Shoes on a pony?

    My ponies (14.3 and 13.1 hh) only have front shoes. During last summer we were riding upto 15 miles on mixed terrain, quite a lot of road work. I did try them both without any shoes but really did not find it satisfactory. This is a good compromise.
  12. J&S

    Un-catchable horse!!!

    When you get this pony caught, and i feel you will need a sensible, calm team to do this, don't put her back into the same field. Find a very small, well grazed paddock where you can feed her from a bucket once/twice a day. she just doesn't need you at the moment! Once you have established a...
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    A friend has one and absolutely loves it, swears its not bulky and she does ride and do stable work in it.
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    Wood pellet bedding……very confused… please!!

    I use Easi Bed, the wet goes striaght down and then spreads evenly under the surface and drains out of the drain hole. The surface stays very dry.
  15. J&S

    Another vetting on Thurs...wish me luck

    Congratulations, very good looking horse! Best wishes for your future together.
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    Horse napping away from home

    Horses can find their way home from miles away, there has been research done on this, I have the book. Has she been recently acquired? It may be she is trying to get back to her old home? I sold a pony to neighbours not far away and they rang me up a few days later asking if we had seen him...
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    Laminitis and frost

    Neither of mine (thankfully) are laminitic but I do give hay on frosty mornings.
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    "In search of the great horse" 14.2hh max for medieval warhorses

    Another good "adventure" - I enjoyed The Byerly Turk by Jeremy James. Possible wanderings into the realms of fantasy but none the less fascinating reading about the archery and battle training, and of course, as it says in the intro, this horse lives on in his progeny.
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    Inspired by nosebands thread-Browbands!

    I would buy cob size bridles for my NF mare but always had to get a larger brow band. I broke in and rode a little NF stallion and he had the alarming habit of shaking his head and removing his bridle whilst riding! We had very limited tack for him and only rode him in his owner's field so no...
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    Stayaway shows

    You also might need the turnout rug just for walk exercise with your horse. When I went to Lincoln it was wet and misty for three days. I did as much hand grazing as I could. It was so flat and open, the weather came straight from Russia!
  21. J&S

    How do horses that have always lived out, cope with being stabled?

    Ha! Miss_Millie! Nothing has changed! When I was looking for my first horse purchase as an adult, 40 years ago, The majority I went to see were not the advertised age, height or even the colour described! I hope you find the right one for you soon.
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    Tack room in the house - how is yours organised?

    Slightly off track, but cortez's tack room reminded me. Several years ago we went to visit the Haras du Pin and were able to walk around. Looked through the windows of their tack room. Magnificent! Panels with dental cornice all the way round, beautiful wooden saddle horses as well as racks...
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    Whats your favourite equestrian item?

    I think, beyond doubt, it is my saddles. Well used, well looked after saddles that is. It is the shape, feel, smell, concept of a saddle. I enjoy looking at mine on the saddle horse, I am happy to clean, oil and soap them and feel rather proud to own them. I feel sorry for old and neglected...
  24. J&S

    Genius or Weirdo?

    In the old days we were educated (?) by our mothers to always wear clean knickers, with out holes etc, incase we got run over and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance!!! This thought has stayed with me all my life!
  25. J&S

    Genius or Weirdo?

    I put my waterproofs on over my pj's every morning....... thought that was the thing to do when keeping ponies at home!
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    Yesterday my ponies were out in the field without rugs, in the sun, happily finding a bite in the short, but obviously present, grass. Today, its pouring with rain, blowing a hooley, very cold and my veteran mare was standing at the gate to the yard where I can see her from the house virtually...
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    Definitely getting lighter

    We have noticed the slightly longer days in the south west.
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    So, how was your horsey Christmas?

    My daughter was staying and she wanted to ride so we went round the village a couple of times. Christmas day was a wash out but we had sunshine on Boxing day. It was lovely to ride with her, just like when she was a teen!
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    It’s never the horses that are a problem - always the owners ! *rant*

    I have heard of this happening to friends who are professionals. Such bad etiquette and not nice for the horse either. Do you think, as she was a youngish person, that it was pure ignorance? Obviously the mother did not know how things should be done either.
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    I feel like giving up!

    I have to admit that the other morning, after having had Christmas guests and lots of cooking etc to do, I did think I must be mad to be out mucking out at 7 am in the wet, misty weather but then i thought........ what would I do with out my huge" hamsters"" to love and look after!!! At 75 I am...