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    ITV Now - Martin Clunes Horsepower

    As the title :) A repeat of the original series I think.
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    How much for an Irish Draught

    I'm looking to get some ideas for a friend who's looking to buy an Irish Draught. As they rarely come up for sale at 5+, she's looking for something around 4yrs + old, backed and preferably a gelding, doesn't need to be a world beater at any discipline. How much are they selling for...
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    What do you class as a spook?

    Just curious really as to what people would say was a spook, what do you expect a horse to do in a spook?
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    Burghley Horse Trials on BBC2

    As the title :)
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    Chandelles Saddlery?

    I was wondering if anyone has ever used these? Are they any good, delivery or customer service? Thanks in advance.
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    Ariat Bromont Boots on Sale

    at Somerford Park Saddlery :D Reduced from £250 to £175 - bargain! They've got quite a few pairs so if you're there for the 3 day event, definitely worth popping in there. They've also got a sale on all Joules clothing too. Love it when they've got events on there, the saddlery...
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    Self indulgent, happy thread - confidence issues

    Apologies in advance for the self indulgence :D After 3 months of horrible confidence issues for me, a moo cow on the ground (horse!), writing her for sale add a few times :D, we're very nearly there. We've gone from me feeling sick at the thought of riding anything after a nasty fall at a...
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    Bit Advice please

    I'm thinking of changing my mares bit or maybe not depending on the advice here. She's in a single jointed D ring copper roller which the dealer I bought her from had her in. She goes well in it, we do have a few brakes issues initially and she does a great impression of a giraffe for a few...
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    What age does a horse stop being a 'youngster'

    Just curious really and as the title, what age does a horse stop being a 'youngster' in your view? :)
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    Mare Supplements - your recommendations :o)

    My mare is most definately a tad stroppy when in season which explains yesterdays little hooley, bucking fits, spooking. Very unlike her although I've only had her for 5 weeks. Today she was, well, moody! She normally loves a groom, especially her face (almost falls asleep when I brush her...
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    How many times to you ride/work your horse each week?

    With all of the abuse, fluffy bunny, hitting your horse threads, I thought I'd try a different subject :D Millie is worked around 2 to 5 times a week, most of those ridden. I usually lunge then ride (well sort of ride as those who know will understand ;) ) She doesn't 'do' lunging and was a...
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    I think I've cracked it! - Confidence is back :)

    Finally! I've found a fantastic instructor, have a fantastic, patient, sweet horse, a fabulous YO and fellow liveries. Now I can't wait to ride her again. I've gone from petrified since being chucked off a riding school horse (not mine) a couple of days before getting mine, dreading riding...
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    When moving yards, how long......

    was it before you rode your horse? The reason I'm asking is because I moved my mare on Saturday, gave her yesterday off and can't do anything work wise with her until Thursday. It's a combination of work commitment and the manege being used by others at the only time I can go to the yard...
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    Advice please - fed up!

    Today was a big fail! My mare is now living out with 4 other mares. She's happy and content which is fab. But, I went to bring her in today to do some work with her. She let me catch her and put headcollar on which is great considering she was a nightmare to catch before. We walked a...
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    Passed the vetting :o)

    She passed! She's officially mine now - whoop whoop. She's called Milly, a Welsh Sec D, very dark bay (looks black), 15.2 and is 7. Considering I was looking for approx 16.2, no younger than 9, ID or ID x, I've not done too bad :D She's a total sweetheart, lovely paces, very steady and...
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    Devastated but determined - blind dog

    Hi all My OH took our dog to the vets today for his boosters. He also asked advice on his behaviour recently. He's been really stressed, getting a little aggressive, not with us or our children, but anyone walking past the house, vehicles going past he freaks. If the window cleaner comes, or...
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    Wow Saddles - opinions

    Sorry to post another thread and yes I am obsessing about the saddle, pmsl. I've had a look at the WOW saddle online and it's a possibility. I like the adjustability of it which answer my "she'll change shape" moan. Has anyone got one, how much was it, do you like it, more importantly does...
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    Why is it so hard to buy a saddle

    Gawd blimey, all I want to do is buy a new saddle for my neddy. She's only 4 so I'm reluctant to spend shed loads on one when she'll probably change shape. I've got a Bates Caprilli GP, but she isn't getting on with the Cair system anymore. I don't like synthetic saddles and find them really...
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    Got chucked off old yard today

    Gobsmacked!! Even though one of the reasons I moved Molly was the attitude of the YO, I didn't burn my bridges and we left on good terms. DH and I went to visit a friend still on the yard and to pay for some haylage we had used. The YO's husband came storming up to us and told us we weren't...
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    New Yard - how long does it take to settle in?

    Not very long!!! Moved Molly on Saturday and this was taken by my new YO at 2pm yesterday One happy, chilled out horse - yaaayyy!
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    Nice Air Ambulance Man

    Awww there are some nice drivers/pilots out there. I was lunging Molly in the menage. We do have to keep an eye out for low flying objects be it light aircraft, hand gliders, helicopters - and I'm not kidding they are nuts around here. Anyway, I spotted the air ambulance flying straight...
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    Handed my notice in at yard

    Yaaayyyyy!!! Following on from my post about the YO being nasty and swearing at me when I was holding my daughter. I did it! Although it was to her husband. He wasn't very happy and his parting words were "whatever" and walking off. Soooo a week on Saturday, we're off to the new yard...
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    Moving Yards - any advice?

    The decision has been made, I'm moving yards It's a combination of things, but the deciding factor happened yesterday. I was turning out my mare and she was being a little (although at 17hh not so little) bugger. I was also only chucking her out for a couple of hours as hoping to clip later...
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    Which clippers?

    Hi I've come to the conclusion that my girl is going to have to be kept clipped. We're working through a clipping phobia (long story) and it's come to light today that she is petrified of wires So, can anyone recommend a pair of cordless, quiet as possible clippers?
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    Tricky Situation - What would you do?

    Hi Everyone I've got a bit of a dilema. Molly is turned out with 3 other mares, 1 horse and 2 ponies. Up until her mud rash, I couldn't catch her and bring her in alone due to the other horse. If I tried on my own I risked getting attacked by this other horse, so there needs to be at least...
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    Horsebox Breakdown Cover?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has any experiences, recommendations etc for breakdown cover for horseboxes. Thanks in advance xx
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    Horsebox Insurance?

    Hi everyone I was wondering who you insured your horsebox with. Any bad experiences, companies to steer clear of. Also who you found to be the most reasonably priced. Thanks in advance.
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    Mud Rash - bit of a moan

    Poor little (or not so little) Molly has mud rash I think we've caught it early. She's got a couple of sores/scabs on all of her legs just below the fetlock, one on each hind leg at the front. Her right hind leg is very sore though and it's still growing. The field she is in at the moment...
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    Bridle Recommendations?

    Hi everyone Well my mare has had a growth spurt this week. Her Full sized bridle where one week ago I could fasten the throat last on the first hole and have the hands width clearance now only gives two fingers!! And the noseband which fastened on the third hole now will only fasten on the...
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    Show Name suggestions

    After seeing the other thread asking for name suggestions, I'm registering Molly with CHAPS and also getting her passport from there. We need two show names. A little about Molly, she's 16.3 (nearly 17hh), rising 5, a skewbald and such a lovely natured cuddly thing. I've put a couple of...