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    When did your Traditional Cobs finish growing?

    Hi, I know this has been asked previously, but I am a first-time youngster owner! I have only had adult horses, I now have a baby pony! He is 14.2hh currently, and has grown about a hand in the last 18 months. He is still bum high, and still not very filled out although you can tell he will...
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    Your 'swear by' grooming products and potions

    What are your 'swear by' products for grooming, bathing, show prep, on the day touch ups? Mainly looking for amazing shampoo's for grey horses, the best dazzling coat shine for show days, stain removers and anything else you LOVE and have in your grooming bag/lorry/show basket. I am really...
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    Ashby Show!

    This weekend is Ashby Show! This will be my first big (ish) show, as opposed to local level, and I am already having restless nights. I am taking my cob in CHAPS class and TGCA class, in hand as he is just turn 4yrs. We are aiming for ridden next year. I have been to the show a few times...
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    Your advice and experiences with cold splints (false splints)

    Hi All. As above really. My horse is 14.2hh and 4yrs old. He has 2 splints, a smaller and a slightly larger. Both between 12 and 24 month old splints which he picked up whilst in the field before he started any work. They were incurred from just titting about and catching himself, and no...
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    Keeping a horse clean after bathing - hot weather!!

    Hi, After a bit of advice/your tips please! I have been showing my trad cob this year in hand (he is only 4 yrs) and he has been doing extremely well. We have a show this Sunday, it is the first one we have done since he has been living out. The weather this weekend in the West Mids is...
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    Jodhpurs/yard trousers for pregnant horse ladies?

    Im 6 months pregnant, and although my riding is now resticted to occasional light hacking with OH walking beside me, I live in jods normally. I am still at the yard and around our horses all the time but am struggling trouser wise! Jeans are not fitting and none of my jods are either! Im a size...
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    Fit vs fat for showing

    I currently show my trad boy inhand, aiming for ridden at the start of next season when he is a 5 yr old. I have seen lots of different horses and ponies in shows, ridden and in hand, who do awfully well, but to me the look fat? My boy isn't fat, I am actually super pleased with his weight at...
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    Spirulina - have you used it and what are your thoughts?

    As above really.. It was recommended to me by my esmt for help with muscle development along side a correct work regime. Upon reading, I can see it supposedly has many health benefits especially with seasonal allergies and itchiness. What have been your results, and if you did have good...
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    General advice and grooming tips and help for greys/coloureds?!

    Hi All, I have a 14.2hh traditional tri-coloured cob. We did a few young stock classes last year as a three year old and we didn't do well at all, but he was very well behaved and we enjoyed it never the less! So this season, as a 4 year old, we are going to have another go! My local show...
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    How to not loose the easy marks in a walk trot test?

    I have a (just turned) 4yr old pony. Very mature and level headed. We are going to a local dressage comp this week to just get some experience of being out and about! Obviously, we are not yet in an outline, but I am just looking for tips on how to not loose the easy marks (or pick them up) in...
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    When will he mature? Growth?

    Hiya! My question is, when do traditional cobs mature growth wise - both up and out? He is 3 1/2 yrs old and not hugely wide but not narrow either. He is 14.2hh and I hope to show and do RC activities. I know this has been asked a million times on here! I am not asking as I am trying to...
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    Close gate behind, rubbing out feathers

    Hi, I have a 3 1/2 year old cob who was lightly beoken last year and is now in his winter off. Ever since I have owned him he has had a close gait behind and rubs the inside of his back feathers off. He doesnt cut or nick himself and he isnt shod.. yet. He is a little show cob however and the...
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    Already formed splint

    Hi I have a 3.5yr old traditional cob. He threw a splint sometime in the early part of this year, before he was even backed. It caused him no lameness at all and he is 100 percent sound. He is now lightly backed and turned away for winter. The lump is still there. Firstly, I was...
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    Best tips, products and ideas for woolies!!

    As above!! Mane is currently about 9 inches long on my cob as when he came it was in such poor condition it had to go short to grow back. Doing OK now but the ends are still wispy and a bit thin I plan to grow it long and traditional, along with his tail and feathers. Those who have...
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    How big may he grow?

    As above! I know the answer could be ANYTHING but I would just like to hear you experiences, I don't know his parents. Traditional coloured cob. 3yrs old, 4 at some point next year but he doesn't have a month of birth in his passport, we guess about June. He is Just over 14.1hh at withers...
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    Coloured Native/Cob/Traditional Ridden Classes

    Hi all, I am new to showing! I've spent this year doing a bit of in hand with my youngster locally, but over the next few years I would really like to start taking it a little more seriously as I have really really enjoyed it, and I think he has too! Especially as he is just back from...
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    I know this question is asked all too frequently, but I need reasurrance! Im worrying like mad over a horse I love so much and I want to be able to ride him. Im and between 9 and 10 stone (I fluctuate!) and ponio is currently 14.1hh but only 3yrs and bum high! He is a traditional cob...
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    Chiro/Oesteo West Mids

    Hi, Looking for a Chiropractor or Oesteo (sp?) for my horses as an alternative to sports massage or phsio as I already have those. I am based in Tamworth, West Midlands. Thanks
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    Disunited strike off

    Advice for a very young, rarely schooled 5yr old. Walk and trot now balanced and becomimg soft. When asking for canter he strikes off correct in front and (more so on right rein) bunny hops/is disunited behind. By the time we reach the next corner, he has usually rectified this. He usually...
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    'Cold Backed'

    I'm not over keen on the term 'cold backed' but I'm using it! I would like advice on my new 5yr old please. He is 5yrs old, unknown breed, probably Irish kind I think. 15.2hh dun and white. Not much of his history is known, other that he has been passed about a fair bit in that last few years...
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    Butt Muscles!

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice. I have a 16.2hh rising 7yr old ex racehorse. He has been out of racing a year this month, and in retraining for about 8 months with me. His overall condition has improved and I am pleased with his weight. His ribs are able to be felt, but not visible and...
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    Show name ideas?

    Hi, plain and simply looking for show name ideas for my almost 3yr old cob. He is tricoloured and very feathery. A lovely cheeky dopey boy. His passported name is 'Garrix'. I call him Gary. It would be nice to have 'Garrix' in his show name but it doesn't have to. I know you lot are very...
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    Saddles - West Midlands

    Hi, looking for recommendations or advice regarding where to buy a second hand saddle from locally. I have a coming 7 year old ex racer who I had straight from racing last August. I was lucky enough to have a friend who sold me their old saddle and I had it reflocked by my saddler to fit...
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    First bit?

    Which bit to use for the first bit on my 2 1/2 year old cob to yet him used to mouthing and to do inhand showing? Thanks
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    How to bridge reins?

    Can someone please explain to me in very, very simple terms, how to bridge reins? Thank you
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    Ripping reins from hands - advise please

    Looking for some advice 😊 I have a rising 7 year old ex racehorse, who I have owned since August last year. He hacks well alone and in company, has begun schooling well and has been introduced to poles and a small cross jump. He has a bad habit of head shaking and pulling his head...
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    Cob final height?

    I know a lot of people post this, I'm just curious and would like to know what your cobbies final heights were? I'm not fussed but thought it may be fun ☺️ Garrix is a 2.5yr old tricoloured gelding, currently just under 14.1hh and bum high. I have no idea of him history or...
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    Psychological or physical?

    Hi all. I have a rising 6 sports horse X section D. He is an all rounder, we do a bit of everything together. I have owned him for almost a year now. So, Monty came with a saddle, which as a youngster fitted him. As he lost fat and gained muscle with myself it began to fit less well...
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    Walsall - Wintec Saddle Fitter

    Hi, Looking to get a wintec cob saddle for my 5 year old sports horse X sec D, or a good quality leather one, second hand. I want either a wintec or second hand leather as he has lots of shape changing left to do. Could anyone please advise or recommend?
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    Someone Please Explain: Nelson Full Cheek Gag

    Hi! I've been doing some research into different types of bits, and I was wondering if someone could please explain or show me some photos of how the nelson works and how it is attached to the bridle and put in the horses mouth with the runners and two reins? Any opinions in this bit would...