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    Asked to use my dog to breed with

    Went to Wales for a dog walk on Saturday around a forest. On the way in met a lovely lurcher (lab/greyhound) and her owner. He was really excited to see my 2 dogs - both lurchers - 1 is greyhound/lab and is entire. He asked if I'd consider letting the 2 dogs mate - he's always wanted a litter...
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    Vet visit today - not what I expected

    So had the vet out today. Just noting this down so I remember what's happened and can keep track of what I'm now worried might be a drawn out process. I own 2 mares, 26 year old ID/conn with PPID/EMS and arthritis and a 15 year old QH/TB who's had SI issues in the past, she's always been sharp...
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    Training - rearing/nappy mare in Somerset

    Hi - does anyone have any recommendations for someone to work with a sharp half TB mare who is now needing a more confident rider than me to get her moving without the rearing she throws in on occasion ? I'm Somerset / Wiltshire borders. I think I'd prefer someone to come to the yard to work...
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    Making horse boots fit

    My mare (ID/Conn) has mahoosive feet and I have the one pair of boots that are made that come anywhere near fitting her - Trelawne Easyboots, in a 6. She's been barefoot years and has a lot of underlying issues that seriously affect the quality of her feet. She's on a track for turnout. Fed a...
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    Adjustable shimmable saddle pads

    Hi - for one horse i use a Mattes pad with inbuilt rear riser, I love it, it's lasted years and really works for this horse. For the other horse I need to find a pad that minimises saddle roll and can be shimmed front / side and rear, as she grows she's changing shape - any one have any...
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    I'm cackhanded, horse is clipper phobic and has PPID what to buy

    As title, I'm not very coordinated and horse is absolutely clipper phobic, even fights clipping through sedation. She has PPID but her coat isn't too thick and is Irish Draught. I was thinking Moser Horseline Askar, Moser Avalon Cordless, Liveryman Whisper, Harmony Plus - any comments ?
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    Non horsey oh and trekking

    OH announced last night that he wanted to go on a day trek with me this summer, no particular tie to any location, although he does want to see a beach if possible and we live in Somerset so SW - Devon/Cornwall/New Forest would probably be most practical. He's walked before and done minimal...
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    JEAN PAPIN LABAZORDIERE - anyone had lessons with him ?

    Question's in the title really. I've got a mare who's had mostly interrupted education, she's been trained recently using Classical Dressage with success and I've just found this guy, who also uses Classical Dressage - and was wondering if anyone has any experience of him ? Thanks
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    What do you do if your bitch is on heat ?

    I'm just wondering do people avoid busy areas where dogs may be ? Do you let your bitch run around off lead ? Locally people seem irresponsible and it's dogs that bear the brunt of their stupidity - last night someone went to kick my dog - their bitch was running around loose on heat but he...
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    When to castrate and what should I expect ?

    I have a 6 month old whippet/lab dog who is beginning to hump his bed, he's not displaying any aggressive signs and doesn't try and mark territory or anything. I am planning to have him castrated at some point but was wondering if I could have advice/opinions on the best time / age ? Vet...
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    Wet/messy mare - pellets not working - what next ?

    I have 2 mares and have been using LWP on rubber mats since April this year. They work really well for 1 mare but I seem to be using a bag every 3 days for the wet/messy mare. Part of the bed is always soaked through in the morning, I have tried a deep base to soak the wet up but it just means...
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    Yards near Frome / Bruton / Trowbridge / Westbury

    I've got a big feeling of deja vu but I need to move yards again, I don't want to have to move again next autumn so a yard with a lit school (or one very very close that I can get to winter nights with out trouble), good hacking, sensible people who know how to look after their horses so you...
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    Yards around Frome / Longleat / Warminster - watch out, 2 recent attempts

    A friend's got a yard in Longleat Forest. She works shifts, came back to the yard at 2am last week to find someone breaking into her tack room. And my yard's in that area too, we had a Halflinger let out of his field (luckily all turnout fields are in a bigger field so he was just loose in...
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    Dogless and hating it, what breed next ?

    Had my dog pts 30 December 2010 and am now over the guilty feeling and most of the emotional upset but the house still feels far too empty and I still look for him. Anyway - the next dog - OH wanted to get one immediately but I couldn't face it. Now I'm ready but OH's not too sure although...
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    Dog still coughing - any ideas

    Posted this in May He's still coughing. He's now been scoped, had multiple sets of x rays, urine tests, blood, liver & kidney function tests and the vet still hasn't got a clue. All the tests came back clear apart from the...
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    Would people loan/share a young horse ?

    Having this conversation on the yard the other day. A few of us have young horses and were discussing loaning / sharing them. I wasn't sure anyone would be interested but the others thought they would be, perhaps A level students going off to uni in a year or so. The youngsters on the...
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    Salisbury Plain - anyone near there ?

    I'm looking at a yard tonight close to Salisbury Plain and I guess I'm asking how do you know you're not going to get blown up ? :) How much of it is actually open to riders and not closed because it's military only ? Is it as good as it would appear for riding ? I'd be Westbury end but guess...
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    Coughing advice - alternative to steroids ?

    I've got a terrier cross who's probably 14 at our best guess (rescue dog). He's been coughing for a while now and we can't find a reason. He's recently been xrayed to check his lungs and all came back clear, well nothing abnormal for an older dog. His larynx was fine too, no blockages or...
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    Are all YO's mad ?

    Had to leave my last yard as the YO (unhorsey) thought that he could turn one horse out one night, who'd been left in in her Thermatex as she was hot after riding. He then decided that, when I was on the yard - actually gone back to barn to get headcollars - that chasing 2 youngster (1 mine)...
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    Would either of these be attractive to loaners ?

    Following on from a conversation at the yard last night would a loaner want either of these horses : A - 16 yr old id/conn mare, genuine & safe allrounder, strong and forward going, 15.2. Loves to jump but can turn her hoof to anything. B - 5 yr old QH/TB mare, currently being rebacked...
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    I know they're popular but how much is my young mare worth please ?

    I may have to sell her and was hoping to canvas some opinions. She's QH/TB, about 14.3/15hh, rising 5. She was backed last summer and it was all going very well until I fell off and injured myself (my fault totally, not hers). She's seen all sorts of traffic as has been regularly walked...
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    Mini update

    Just a quick update. One of my first posts on here was asking for advice about my youngster, who'd got quite uncontrollable. Her behaviour didn't get much better over the last few months and she became impossible to catch. Now I've had difficult to catch horses before but she was truly...
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    Hay suppliers near Frome ?

    I've moved yards and now need to buy my own hay. Does anyone know of any decent hay suppliers (hay being decent, not necessarily the supplier ) near Frome ?
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    Livery yards around Frome ? - diy

    I think i'm looking for a new yard, I've got 2 mares and would want turnout through winter (overnight stabling's fine), 24/7 turnout in summer would be great. I also want a school to ride in and some great hacking nearby. I live in Frome and work in Trowbridge. Anyone got any ideas ? I work...
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    Starting/restarting places - Somerset / Dorset / Wiltshire area

    Hi, I'm thinking of sending my 4 year old away after winter (will it ever end ?) to be restarted. Does anyone have any recommendations for places around Somerset/Dorset/Wiltshire ?
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    Horse version of compare the

    Is there a horse equivalent of for horse insurance ?
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    Advice on what to do with youngster

    I know I'm v new here but am hoping that I'll get some opinions based on fact on this. I lost my confidence totally when 17 gave up for 13 years, came back to riding at 30 and 4 years later bought my first horse, an ID/conn mare, aged 10 at the time. I then lost my confidence on her - lots of...
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    Hi - newbie - quick intro post

    Hi I'm new I own 2 mares, a 15 year old ID/Conn and a 4 year old QH/TB. I backed the youngster this May and a few weeks after managed to fall off, injuring my cocyx so she's had some time off - could hardly walk, nevermind ride ! I'm concentrating on groundwork, lots of in hand hacks and...
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    Self drive horse transport hire - Somerset/Wiltshire

    Hi - can anyone recommend any self drive horse transport companies around Bath / Warminster / Westbury / Shepton Mallet way ? Thanks