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  1. Dipsy83

    Livery yards or field with stables Banbury

    Hi On the search again for a friend, looking for a livery yard or fields with stables to rent for 2 mares and 1 gelding close to Banbury.. if you could help or point me in the right direction that will be great x
  2. Dipsy83

    Allergy to tree sap!

    Has anyone else experienced their ponios having an allergy to tree sap? my mare has come in from the field with what looks like tree sap on her face, also a few bold patches and she seems itchy. Another mare has some of this sap like stuff on her face but does not seem to be bothered by it. any...
  3. Dipsy83

    Farrier recommendation's please

    Hi can anyone recommended a farrier for the banburyshire area? must have a calm manner with OTTTB and also do a good barefoot trim for my ponio :D
  4. Dipsy83

    Livery Yard Banbury

    Hi can anyone recommend any livery yards, private yards or grazing with shelters around the banbury area? cup of tea and biscuits for any help :D