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    Blair Europeans Mike tucker needs to retire!

    Although he is frustrating at times (especially when I, at home watching the same feed, seem to have more of a clue of what's going on than he does), his mistakes are getting to become somewhat legendary and he would be greatly missed if he were to retire, his voice is synonymous with eventing...
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    Burghley - discuss

    I enjoyed this year's Burghley. The track rode well, better than expected back to front actually. Jonelle Price and Classic Moet were also for me the pair of the weekend, as was Chris Burton and his two rides. Georgie Spence and Wii Limbo also a wonderful performance - if my memory serves...
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    Schoolmaster lesson, Talland?

    Did your friend pay for a senior instructor? I would expect similar from a couple of the student instructors but not the ones you pay extra for. I have had a couple of schoolmaster lessons at Talland, one with Pammy (who is not for the faint-hearted but is excellent) and have been happy both...
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    Eventing europeans - who will be on the team?

    William Nicola Gemma then I'm torn between Pippa and Francis. Easy Target can do a dressage to compete with the Germans but speed XC may not be the best. Tough decision for Yogi!
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    Gatcombe CIC 3* withdrawals

    Ground was hard and (unlike some of the NZ/Aus riders) many have to save them for the Euros so don't take the risk in running.
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    How do you tie up in a horsebox?

    I don't use bungees for the reason you mentioned, I'm worried they'd take an eye out if they snap back under pressure! I use lorry ties with a quick release clip but not bungee version, you can get plastic coated chains etc.
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    relocating! livery options near Tetbury, Oaksey, Nailsworth!

    There is a nice yard in Hankerton which is minutes from Oaksey, I can't recall the name but they are often advertising spaces, don't think its DIY though. Hacking around there is great (only small lanes, lots of bridlepaths). Likewise you have a couple of yards in Minety and towards Ashton...
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    Are free jump stirrups BE legal

    Pretty sure I've seen all the pros riding in them! Ben Hobday comes to mind with bright blue ones? I love my bow balance but haven't tried the free jump, everyone is raving about them though!
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    Oliver Townend

    AN did it to WFP at Badminton show jumping a couple of years ago, so yep people do it! But in response to the topic, I don't think that would be OT's reason here, I can imagine its quite nice just to have the crowd cheering you after you've done a good test and its nice to make the most of the...
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    So what do we think of the Badminton Cross Country Course?

    'nicer' than last years and ground will be better so I don't think it will be as influential, course flows better. But its still Badminton, its still big and different to what we have seen before. The fences in the middle of the long gallops (e.g Huntsmans -> Lake) are different to normal so...
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    FEI TV and Badminton coverage... available in the UK or not?

    Use it with Chrome browser not Safari
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    Rolex Kentucky 2015

    I'm using Hola, a google chrome extension and its working perfectly! FEI TV also have a live stream but I didn't particularly want to pay again as their service is never that reliable!
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    Rolex Kentucky 2015

    Who is following? I've had the dressage live stream on all day (yep - no work has been done), no surprise Michael Jung has just wiped the floor with everyone else and gone sub-40. Very much looking forward to Francis and Easy Target's test, hopeful for something special.
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    Tail swishing and dressage

    It can be a sign of tension, discomfort or anger. Some judges may pick up on it in a test if it's noticeable. I have never had one that swished normally, but I vaguely remember Mary King mentioning one of her old horses swished his tail purely out of habit throughout his dressage tests and...
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    Paying for a new pony

    I would take cash. Bank transfers appear to leave your account immediately but not end up in the recipient's account for a few hours/next day especially if the amount is large. You'll have evidence of it leaving your account on your online banking page but they won't see it whilst you're there...
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    When did Oliver take over Emily King's horse?

    Pretty sure it was Brookleigh at Blenheim, fell at the second fence XC. her fall at Bishop Burton was also Brookleigh. She was having issues in the show jumping with Mr Hiho, I know Mary took him on for a couple of events but she's very honest when it comes to realising a horse isn't going to...
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    Your Standards........for fun only!!!!

    Any nastiness I hate, I will not tolerate a horse biting or kicking or barging. I also expect all of mine to stand in the stable when I'm in there. I should be able to leave the door ajar and not have them trotting off to the next county when I turn my back. Pawing the floor is a bug bear...
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    The 'Grand' National?

    Jesus! I see they've failed to actually research and think that policy through (like the majority of their policies, but lets not get political). Whether people like the GN or not the racing industry is such a huge economic earner that without it we'd be stuffed. If anyone wants to do...
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    Good and Bad days at the stressage office

    Well done! I'm another who originally thought Hunters would be quiet on Wednesdays!
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    Seeing A Stirde

    You want an active canter with impulsion not speed. I recommend getting lessons from a good instructor if you aren't sure what you're looking for. If you have the good canter the fence is just an obstacle in the way of you cantering from one end of the school to the other, lets say. Treat it as...
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    Advise needed ,

    Sounds like the decrease in workload and lack of turnout has made him a bit more energetic. I doubt its anything malicious or anything to be worried about, but if you're nervous maybe try hack out with someone else (either on a horse or can someone come on a bike?). The more nervous you get the...
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    Standards Slipping

    I think its rude not to make an effort, when judges/hunt/volunteers give you their (often unpaid or poorly paid) time to make sure you have a good day, or give you good feedback, or help you etc etc then its surely courteous to come smartly dressed and have made the effort. Through a PC...
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    Going to two riding schools?

    This! Its not rude to stop going. Hopefully if they realise they aren't offering an acceptable service they may up their game in the future!
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    stupid driver

    Horses reactions to the car weren't even that bad... I've had much worse with mine spooking at a cow popping up out of nowhere at a gate and mine are all very very good to hack. The reaction of the horses was likely more due to the rider flapping and spinning around when shouting at the driver...
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    Nervous novice, scared of riding my horse

    Get her back checked ASAP by a well reputed chiro/physio, your sister in law should be able to recommend someone. She could be in pain and its how you are getting on her (rather than the way your SIL mounts) that causes the pain, hence she only does it for you. The saddle change coinciding...
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    Modern livery - adequate?

    If you can't afford to keep a horse in suitable conditions then you can't afford to own a horse and therefore shouldn't do, IMO. I know 'suitable conditions' is very subjective for each person though, and I'm only really referring to the extremes as if the horse is happy/healthy I've no place to...
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    How to get my lazy pony in front of my leg?

    Agree with this. On top of this if you need that bit extra try using a schooling stick, each time he doesn't listen to your leg aid give him a quick tap with the stick. Use it to back up your leg aid only, if you don't get the reaction desired with the leg don't let him get away with it. Make...
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    Safety Stirrups and Hats

    Tina Cook pretty much only uses bent legs.... they are definitely BE legal! I'd go for Sprenger stirrups, and hat-wise go to a shop and try them all on and see which fits you best. Each hat is different!
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    Tally goes show jumping (and behaves)

    He looks like the happiest horse in the world!
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    Horse and Hound website - VIP section

    I can also view the articles without having to subscribe, it only blocks the top image! (I'm on Safari on a mac) I wouldn't pay for it anyway but certainly no point now...